Hey boys and girls,

Haven’t been posting here on the blog for the past couples of weeks and there’s a ( good) reason for that.

Two weeks ago I bought myself an iPad so that I could work more comfortably on this blog from anywhere. But just like Alannis sings, isn’t it ironic that I ended up not paying attention to the blog at all? That’s because I also got an Apple Pencil with my iPad and, of course, the first thing I did was to use the pencil to draw hot naked guys… I did it just for fun as I’m really bad at drawing…. but it turned out that the results were actually quite better than I’d ever thought! And I have so much fun drawing these things!!!

So, basically, I became addicted!

And made an Instagram account to publish these drawings. Please follow (or just check it out if you don’t want your friends to know you like this stuff) the Instagram IdrawGaylines.

Here are just a few of the drawings:

Do you like these? Let me know if you have anything hot that I can draw!

Besides the Instagram account I’m planning to have a website soon for this project. And maybe a tumblr account. That way I could add some more “porny” drawings that I’m afraid Instagram wouldn’t allow.

And I promise to post here again very soon!



Hey guys and girls!

I’m super excited with this post today for two reasons. First, because I’m telling you about our first interracial threesome! Yeah, finally we tried black dick. And yes, it was as good as we expected.

Second reason why I’m so excited is that this is the first post where, besides using pictures we get online to show our sexual adventures, we are also using a drawing!

Sometimes it’s really hard to find pictures that illustrate how our threesomes went. So I decided to draw it. Because I’m not very good at drawing, it took me some time to come up with one illustration. Would like to draw all the positions in which Rob fucked the guy, but then you’d have to wait months for this post to be concluded. Maybe later on I can speed up and start showing more.

Here it is, the illustration of my favourite part of our first interracial threesome. When the black guy was sucking my dick while Rob fucked him from behind!

Maaaaybe my dick is a bit shorter and thicker. But I really like how I illustrated Rob’s body. It’s so hot to see him fucking another guy in that position!

But let me use pictures now to talk more about our first interracial threesome.

There’s something really hot about seeing different skin tones together, don’t you think?
The guy was a great kisser! His fleshy lips were so soft to kiss, his mouth was warm…

Omg, this post is also about my first big black cock! 

Call me naive, but when we were chatting on Grindr with the guy he asked: do you like bbc? And my first thought was: oh shit, another careless guy who wants bareback. But I still asked what bbc means. And then he clarified: big black cock!

And I had an instant boner and I decided we had to get this guy in our bed no matter what! After a little bit more of chat there he was, knocking at out door.

He was more of a bottom, though. And he was damn horny for dick. So after coming in we offered a beer but he said that he couldn’t because he was driving and he went straight to the bedroom where he started to unbutton our belts and getting our dicks out. He was a good cock sucker but all I could think about was reversing the roles and getting his dick in my mouth. Which I did after a while. My first big black cock. I didn’t want to let it go…

This is a fair illustration of the size of his dick. But his dick head was darker, almost the same colour as the skin.
Yeah, more like this colour with a big head that I loved to sucked.
Such a masterpiece of a dick!
At some point I was laying down and he placed his heavy balls on my mouth with his dick resting on my forehead. I felt so slutty, so horny…
Too sad the guy as much into sucking dick as into getting sucked. I would have enjoyed spending more time with his cock in my mouth.
But I guess there’s a good solution for that: getting another big black cock in our bed!
Let’s not forget the most exciting part of it all: Rob was watching my while I sucked my first black dick! That made it even more special.
This didn’t happen… I wasn’t capable of deep throating that huge dick. Need more practice!
Oh fuck, so hot!
Can’t wait for my next black cock!

Now the threesome itself.

I have sucked two dicks at the same time before. But never different colours. It’s nicer, I have to confess.
Also loved sharing with Rob our first black cock. Almost felt as exciting as the first time we ever shared a dick.
Did I tell you the guy was a talented cock sucker?!
Very talented!
And he was so hungry for dick!

Let’s not forget his delicious ass!

Rob could tell you more about this because he was the one fucking him. And fucked him in different positions and for a long time.

But I fingered him and rimmed his ass as to prepare it for Rob’s dick. I always do that. Guess I’m a nice person!
The guy was moaning so loud every time Rob thrusted him!

And now one word to define my state of mind during this threesome:


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We recently got a message from a reader of this blog asking for suggestions of other gay couples to follow online. I wrote back with a few twitter accounts of hot couples who often share kinky pics. And then I remembered… what about my favourite gay porn couple of all time?! I’ve been wanting to post about them for years. Literally, years!

Oh well, guess today is the day!

Gentlemen and not so gentle men, most of you must already know them, but in case you don’t, here’s our favourite gay porn couple: Cole and Hunter aka Maverickmen!

[Click the images or here to access their videos]

Cole and Hunter love to share ass. We’re happy that they also love to share it with us!

Cole and Hunter are a kind of role model for us. Not that we aspire to be like them in the sense of having a website where we show ourselves having fun with other guys. But they are truly an inspiration to couples like us who made the decision to bring other guys into their bed.

I call them a “gay porn couple” because they run a porn website which is Maverickmen. But the porn they make is entirely different from the mainstream gay porn that studies make. It’s more an amateur type of porn, where Cole is handing the camera himself many times, but where the “actors” are really good. Because they are not acting at all!

Oh, and the guys they bring to their bed – or wherever they fuck them – are always so hot! It’s a very diversified range of guys, mostly young, but not the boring typical type of muscled shaved porn star. Actually, they are not even porn stars! Just boys who want to have fun with this couple. Because who doesn’t?!

Love how they always have a good laugh with their boys before, during and after sex.
Many of the guys they fuck are the “twink” type. Even though we prefer older hairy men, seeing these two fucking lovely boys is so hot!
I guess “fun” is the keyword here. Not that the videos are funny, but the fun they have makes their videos so much better than average gay porn.
Like I wrote, their range of “boys” is so diverse: black, white, shaved, bearded… you never get bored watching their videos because it’s always a new thing.
Cole (on the left) and Hunter (on the right). Cole is the dominant top but Hunter also has a dominant attitude and also fucks the guys most of the times.
They also do intellectuals.

There are not the only gay porn couple out there. But as far as I know, I can only recall other gay couple running a porn business by themselves. And it’s a thing much more similar with regular gay porn studios.

What Cole and Hunter do is different and unique. They started with Xtube, where they became the most popular gay couple, and then followed up with their own website. But they keep the same style as they had in Xtube, filming the sex by themselves with no special lights or effects.

Most of us have tried to film themselves having sex, right? So we know how difficult it is to get a good shooting. But Cole has experience and is really good using the camera while getting sucked. It’s a good skill, man!

Cole’s getting his cock wrapped by some amazing lips but still capturing Hunter’s pleasure face rimming the other guy.
69 + 69 = 138.
Everything that matters in one shot.
Hunter sharing Cole’s dick with another guy… I know how it feels to share your man’s dick with another man… wonderful!
I love how they enjoy watching each other having some fun with other guys… such a marvellous complicity.
Cole is an ass man! Sometimes he fucks Hunter too. I love when it happens!

What’s your favourite gay porn couple, guys? In case you didn’t know Cole and Hunter before, I hope you shoot many happy loads watching them.

Posted by Peter.


So the title of this post is totally misleading! No, we haven’t been away from this blog because we’ve been busy having beach sex every day. Unfortunately, we haven’t had beach sex this summer. Even though we had it before. Once of twice. Amazing experience!

But for the last couple of weeks we were finally enjoying our summer, swimming in really nice beaches, snorkelling and getting ourselves some sexy tan lines. No gay beaches or desert beaches where we went to, so there was no opportunity to have beach sex.

Butt… during these holidays one of my biggest unfulfilled fantasies has finally become real! Guess what? We had a threesome with a black guy! I finally sucked a big black dick! But that story needs to be told with more details in another post.

Let’s stick to the theme here: beach sex!

Beach sex doesn’t equal beach on the sand… have you ever give head in the sea? Salty dick… yumi!
Who said sex and romance are different things? Not beach sex!
Let’s be honest here: the beach is not the most comfortable place to fuck. But isn’t that why they invented beach chairs?
Come to the nature!
2 in 1: fucking and getting tanned.
Damn… I really wanna have sex with Rob in the sea!
Maybe we should have taken more walks by the rocks…
Fucking romantic!
That would be a nice day at the beach… you’re laying there getting vitamin D and a muscled tattooed guy comes and asks “can I sit on your face, sir?”
I love to sleep hearing the sound of the waves. I’m sure would be a great soundtrack to getting hammered too.
Not beach sex… but almost the same thing!
Someone’s gonna get sand on his tongue…
… digging for the gold!
“Let me check if the sunscreen is well spread”
“Hey guys, just came here to remember to be careful with the sun. Take special care of the most sensitive skin parts, like your butt. Want me to cover them for a while?”
Beach sports.
We should find out where this beach is… nice scenery”
“Oh fuck, sand!”
When you realise you forgot to bring the sunscreen”
My second favourite thing to do at the beach is to read. First one is to have beach sex, sure.

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It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last, that we see Colby Keller fingering a hot guy. But this time… wow, it’s so fucking hot!

While Colby Keller is not new to this blog (he’s my favourite porn actor), the guy that Colby Keller fingers – and rims and sucks and fucks – is a new addition: Sean Ford. It’s true that Sean doesn’t fit into the pattern of the type of men we prefer, but he’s so damn cute and sexy that it’s impossible not to be teased by him.

Colby surely was…

[Click on the images below, or here, to watch the entire video]


Fucking love this image. What a great pit. Oh Colby, I’d die and go to heaven if you’d open my ass like that!

Camp Cockyboys! 

Camp Cockyboys is a new series by Cockyboys – duh! – that basically gets together very cute and sexy male porn stars doing boys stuff like swimming, campfire, etc. And sex, of course. Lots of sex.

I think that Cockyboys is at its best when they do these type of series. And judging by how the first episode made me leak so much precum, I’m looking forward for the entire series!

Camp Cockyboys is all about boys doing boys stuff… but mostly naked.
First one to cross the swimming pool gets a free blowjob! But anyway… everyone does.


And now what really  matters… Colby Keller fingering Sean Ford! 

I won’t describe in much detail this awesome porn movie. When it comes to porn, one gif is worth a thousand moans.

Speaking about words, Sean Ford knows what to say to tease a man like Colby Keller. Unfortunately gifs don’t have sound but I managed to put on some subtitles… Check the entire video because it’s worth to hear this boy moan with pleasure!

Those red lips… Sean Ford is sexy as hell!
Colby agrees with us! Love the lust in his eyes… and how he grabs Sean by the neck…
… yeah, Colby sucks on the boy’s neck… somebody’s going home with some hickeys!
What’s better than a cute boy with nice lips? That same cute boy sucking your cock with those same lips.
Yeah Sean, we believe you! We would love that too, for sure!
Who’s teasing who now?

And now… the FINGERING! 

Fingering is one of the sex acts that turns me on the most. You must have noted by now that it’s a repetitive theme in our blog. You also must have noted that I really like Colby Keller. So it’s a no brainer that watching Colby Keller fingering another guy makes my dick hard in one second.

But I’ve never seen Colby Keller fingering like this… really, the way the thrusts his fingers deep in Sean Ford’s ass is amazing. And I know that nobody cares about the technical aspects of porn, but let me congratulate Jake Jaxson for, once again, being so good at filming porn. Oh, and Sean, of course. Colby does a wonderful job with his fingers but this is hot also because of how Sean positions his ass, how he moans and how he expresses pleasure with his face and entire body.

Colby Keller fingering Sean Ford is the best fingering scene ever! Don’t you agree?
B e a u t i f u l !
Love when you can see that the actor is really, but really, enjoying those fingers coming in and out of his ass.


But there’s more, much more!

Colby rims, sucks and fucks Sean too. In different positions.

This is my favourite!
And a peek into Colby’s pink asshole is always a good thing to see!
Colby is suck a considerate power top. Fucking his boy but making sure he’s enjoying as much as him.
Now… can you notice the hickeys! Hot!

So guys, what did you think of Colby Keller fingering Sean Ford? Isn’t it amazing?

Posted by Peter.

Quick note: there’s some controversy going on because of the fact that Colby Keller declared he was voting for Trump prior to the elections. When I read about it I felt so fucking disappointed… but then I decided to be smart and try to understand him. You see, one of the reasons I like Colby Keller is that, besides being hot and a great porn star, he’s a smart, artsy, sensitive guy too. And I find out that no, Colby is not a bigot, not a racist, not a sexist, not stupid. Even though I cannot agree with the reasons why he voted for Trump, the truth his that his reasons are far from being stupid. So I encourage you to read Colby’s words and understand him here.


Let me start by confessing that I’m not sure if “oral gangbang” is the correct designation for what I will describe here, but the term makes sense to me and I think it’s pretty clear: it’s just like a gangbang but without the anal sex, just a dude on his knees sucking all the guys around him. And that’s exactly what we experienced recently!

And you know the best part? I was the one on my knees!

Oral gangbang: let those dudes fuck your mouth as they please!

So how did I end up on my knees in an oral gangbang?

What if I start by telling you that it was our anniversary? Yes! We travelled for the weekend and spent the day together doing some sightseeing and had a lovely dinner in a place with a great view while the sun was setting. It was really romantic. And I guess all that romance was slowly making us getting horny…

On our way to the hotel we passed by a gay fetish bar that was really close to the hotel. One of those closed door bars where you know there’s kinky stuff happening inside. We commented on it but kept walking.

When we got to the hotel we undressed and started kissing and so on… I quickly had Rob’s dick in my mouth and we had some dirty talk. I asked him if he would like to go to a bar just like the one nearby and see me sucking all the guys inside. I swear that I was just having dirty talk and far from actually suggesting we’d go there. After all, we were already making love. But to my surprise, Rob said “Wanna go?”

The idea of being on my knees sucking a group of guys has always been present in our dirty talks while we have sex.

Before we decided to put our clothes back on and go, we checked the website of the bar and found out it was “underwear night”, which mean that we could choose between wearing only underwear or nothing at all!

I confess I was too comfortable with the idea but thought “what the fuck, let’s go!”. Worse case scenario we would have a beer and leave.


The hardest part is to know when to move on to the next dick!

The place was smaller than I expected. Right after the entrance there were some lockers where we put out clothes and then we got in wearing just out underwear. The place was dark and kind of divided in two parts. In one there was the bar, which had a bit more of light. On the other side it was a darker area with some mattresses on the floor. The “play area”, of course.

There were about 8 guys inside, almost everyone in underwear with the exception of the bartender and another guy that looked creepy. They were both totally naked.

We got a beer for each one and stayed around the for a while observing the guys. To be honest, at that time there was no one super hot or cute. Most guys were slightly older but decent looking with the exception of the creepy guy that looked like a zombie walking around chasing other guys.

It was fun to have an oral gangbang with naked men. But next time we might try with suited guys!

Afterwards we moved into the darker area. There was an asian guy being fucked in a sling and a group of guys around watching. But soon everyone dispersed and kept walking around cruising.

An older guy was sitting in one of the mattresses and sucking another guy. Rob and I stood next to them for a while and then I decided it was time for some action. So I sat on the mattress next to the older guy, pulled Rob underwear down and started to suck him. I was so excited to give Rob a blowjob in front of all those guys!

Oh yeah, pull my head, dude!

My idea was just to suck Rob and have the other guys watching but guess what… it didn’t take too long until another guy was standing next to Rob and pointing his hard cock in my direction. He was a hairy hunk wearing white briefs. His cock wasn’t long but was thick. I was already in heaven.

Also loved when the guys that I was sucking would interact with each other, touching their dicks, nipples, etc.

From there there were other guys coming and going. Rob was the only one always there. I never really got to be in the middle of a circle of cocks, actually. But it can still be considered an oral gangbang, right? I sucked at least 5 dicks other than Rob’s.

That feeling of knowing other guys are watching you serving like a slut… so horny!

My favourite guy to suck was a dark skin, hairy, short and muscled dude. He has a very masculine attitude and a great big cock! Not sure if he always does what he did, or if he simply understood what I wanted, but he fucked my mouth so good! Pulling my head and thrusting his dick down my throat at the same time. Fuck, he was hot!

Only got to stick two cocks at the same time… but one day they will be three!
I guess that’s how I looked, a hungry sucker with his tongue out!
Damn, it feels so good to be in his place!
Would love to suck multiple dicks outdoors too.
Can you imagine how it feels? Having a dick in your mouth, other one resting in your forehead, a couple more around you waiting for their turn?
I prefer to keep my eyes open so I can see all those other dicks waiting in line.
One cock in your mouth, another one in your hand, your other hand might pinch a nipple…. being in the middle of an oral gangbang is so hard!
Buried in cocks!
Suited to serve.
Mouthful boy.
That’s the easy version of an oral gangbang… but on your knees is much more fun!
Don’t you think?
Lucky slut!
He’s enjoying it so much…
Please, do pull my head!
Where are you looking at? Focus at the job you have at hands! Or in your mouth…
“Am I doing it right, daddy?”

Sorry if the description of our adventure is a bit messy. But the night was messy to be honest. Too many guys in the dark and too many cocks to suck.

Hope something similar happens soon so that I can write another post about it!

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I think it’s time to talk about bareback sex.

We have never made a post specifically about bareback even tough you can find plenty of bareback images in this blog. And I guess the reason why we never wrote about it is because we have some concerns about the possibility to encourage people to go out there and have unprotected sex.

To be clear: Rob and I don’t wear a condom with each other and I think that’s the “normal” among couples. I love to feel my bare dick squeezed inside his butt or his dick bursting inside of me. But whenever we are with other guys we do! We don’t care if the guy is on PrEP because there are other diseases out there other than HIV.

Would we prefer not to use a condom when we’re with other guys? Absolutely. Even because sometimes condoms make my dick go soft for whatever reason. But we never go unprotected and we still have tones of fun!

But that’s enough talk about bareback! Let’s go to the images:

Isn’t it beautiful to watch a nice dick heading to a shaved hole? You can always do this and even slap your dick in that hole but put a condom when it’s time to drill!
That feeling of an ass slowly sitting on your cock…
Fooling around… condom can come next.
That moment when the head of your cock pops in… wow!
“Oh baby, you’re so tight”, he whispered.
This one looks really tight, though!
Milkshake, anyone?
Not a fan of watching cum dripping out of a man’s ass… but I understand that most of you get turned on by this. In that case you can’t get there without bareback sex. But please find someone you can trust!
But I love to see a bubble butt covered with cum!
Confess this turns me on: coming inside, getting my dick out and then stick it in again!
Nice, huh?
If Rob and I ever find someone who we trust enough to have bareback sex with, one thing I’d love to do is having Rob and the guy like this and then go there and lick it!

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There’s something quite exciting about the idea of having sex with a “daddy”. Might it be the fact that I never really had sex with a much older man? Maybe. At some point the things we haven’t done yet are the ones that excite us the most.

But let’s talk about age: for me, a so-called “daddy” is a good looking man older than 45 but not much older than that. Otherwise would be a grandaddy and that idea does the opposite of exciting me.

I’ll probably have to wait a few years until Rob’s hair becomes grey and he looks like a hot daddy to be able to fulfil this fantasy. I don’t think he feels attracted by older men at all, so a threesome with a daddy is out of picture.

But just in case… let me post some hot daddies here. Might be that these daddies drive Rob’s interest… or at least curiosity …

Holy fuck… nice beard, daddy!
That cock is ageing pretty well…
Daddies threesome! So hot.
A bit too hairy of a daddy… but sexy!
Daddy is ready to be abused…
So the pubes don’t get grey when the hair does… interesting.
Oh daddy… don’t look at me like that…
Not sure if he’s old enough to be considered a daddy… but let’s guess he looks younger than he really is.
Daddies have the most sexy hairy chests!
Jockstraped daddy… I want him!
“Oh, these kids and their selfies…”
“Don’t take too long, kid… daddy is waiting for you”
Don’t we all wanna say the sentence “Fuck me daddy!” ?
Like I wrote before: daddies have great hairy chests!
These two would make a hot hot son…
Sugar daddy, for sure.
He’s young… but what the hell, the picture is hot!
Why so serious, daddy? Let me help you relaxing…
Daddy gym selfie… hot tattoos!
Can we fuck him while he sucks you, daddy? Please, please, please!

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Always have your breakfast cereals…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… or at least that’s what they say. But the important thing is that you never forget to have your breakfast cereals before getting out of home…

Breakfast cereals are best served on his ass!


Running out of time in the morning? Have bath and breakfast together!
Breakfast in bed is so sexy…


Having his cereals and watching the morning cartoons.


Love to eat at this Tiffany’s!


I confess… I’m more into having sausage than cereals for breakfast…


Is it morning yet?!


If that milk is not enough… I can try to milk you.


Good morning!


Mind I give you head while you have your breakfast?


Oh that ass…!

But then… we’re not into having cereals for breakfast. We like to start the day with more more nutritive food…

I like to start the day with Rob’s dick!
And milk, of course.

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I always feel that we need to start these posts with a big disclaimer like: WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO SMOKE, SMOKING KILLS (and makes you impotent, darken your teeth and ruins your skin… these might be more alarming to most of us).

Ok, now that the disclaimer is done, let’s talk about how fucking hot it is the image of a guy smoking with his cock out…

I always like to get my briefs down when I have a cigarette…
Thick cigar, thicker cock.
Nice leather jacket, such a badass!
Beautiful eyes… can I suck your dick?
What a nice thick piece of meat!
Hey baby, let me light your fire…
Oh boy, let me see if I can make some smoke out of your dick…
That forest is soon gonna be on fire.
Fucking sexy!
What’s better than a guy smoking with his cock out? A hung guy smoking with his huge cock out!
Beautiful, isn’t it?
Wanna lick those balls.
Oh those armpits!
Such a tease!
Can I get on my knees now?

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