Despite the pun in the title, we’re not showing you 50 different hairy chests in this post. That would be way too many. We just got 24 for you. But we promise each of them is hot as hell!

We prefer hairy guys as we’ve mentioned countless times here. Of course we won’t say not to hot smooth or shaved stud, specially if we have the opportunity to lick a nice hairless ass. But in general we are much more attracted by guys with body hair. So… “how much hair?”, you ask. Well, that depends. Too much hair can definitely be a turn-off for us. And some guys are better trimmed while other are hot exactly because they are all natural.

But then, it also depends on which part(s) of the body we are talking about. Pubes are one thing, hairy ass is another, etc. So let us starting to be more specific here. And today we talk a bit about the chest… the hairy chest! No place for shaved/smooth chests in this post (maybe in another one, who knows) but we will try to grade them from the less hairy chest to the most hairy chest. Hope the title makes more sense now!

1) That chest with some hair between the pectorals

Wanna know why I love this type of hairy chest so much? Easy: because Rob’s chest is like this. It looks really well in guys who have their chest just a little bit muscled. Don’t you think?

Also love that very few hair around his nipples.
C’mon, we’re not talking about this pubes. Take your eyes out of there!
Really like the kind of triangle his hairy chest forms. Oh, and his huge dick of course. Love it.

2) That hairy chest that’s followed by a smooth stomach

Hair trails are sexy. Not only the one leading to a guy’s cock area, but also the one between the chest and the stomach. That said, a guy with a well worked out chest and smooth belly can be so damn sexy!

Just see how the hair helps defining even more his chest. Doesn’t make you wanna suck his nipples?
Would love to pass my hand over his chest. And stomach. And dick.

3) That blond lightly hairy chest

Ok guys, I only have one example of this type of hairy chest for this post. But is it the best example of what?!

Fucking great gif!


4) That hairy guy with naturally hairy chest

Those guys who are hairy but not excessively so they just to all natural. And natural is good 😉

Damn, those pits!
A big fat cock goes very well with hairy guys (it goes well with any type of guy, actually!)
Handsome body. I know this post is about hairy chests but I cannot stop looking at this armpits.
Oh boy, those nipples!
Nice beard, man!
Funny how the hair on his chest covers his tattoo. Most of the guys with tattoos shave.
Pity that we won’t be able to see your hot chest when we fuck you in that position…


5) That guy who likes to be hairy but smartly trims 

We love hairy men but we’re all in for trimming too. Sometimes when it’s too much hair it is better to take care of it. These are good examples of that.

Still a sexy hairy hunk, right? Actually I cannot be 100% sure he’s not naturally like that, but guess that he trims his hairy chest.
Hey, sexy…


6) Those hairy guys 

Men who are proud of their hair! We are!

Fuck… isn’t this a gorgeous body?
Dude.. with that big dick I don’t care if you’re hairy, if you shave… anything goes with that!
If you look closely you will notice his nipple piercings… hot!


7) And finally, those really really hairy guys! 

They’re hot but we confess that it’s a problem when too much hair starts to get inside our mouths.

Not sure if I’d like to lick his nipples because of all the hair. But he’s damn hot!
Wet hairy chest! Love it.
Would need a closer look to check how hairy it is. From here looks like a pretty hairy chest. But really would like to have a much closer look.
Cannot write anything else other than… F U C K !


8) One more: that hairy chest in a white shirt

This is a completely different category and would even deserve a post of its own: guys with hairy chests and white shirts! Won’t write much more about it, I think the following image is pretty explanatory.


What about you guys? How’s your chest and which type do you prefer?

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