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Pierre Fitch videos are always a pleasure to watch.

Literally, a pleasure. We’ve posted quite a few times about him before (see here), but it’s been a while since he’s been featured at T(w)o Horny Guys. And this website needs Pierre Fitch!

So nothing better then sharing with you one of his latest videos for Cockyboys (you should know how much I adore Cockyboys, right?). The video features Pierre Fitch and Colby Chambers – a new Cockyboys performer, welcome! – who’s been a fan of Pierre for quite a while. How many of us wouldn’t love to, someday, have the chance to fuck with our favorite pornstar? Well, very few will see that dream coming true, but Colby did!

Finally, the (big and fat) cock that Colby Chambers has seen so many times in Pierre Fitch videos is there, hard and ready for him!
We can tell, by the way he sucks, that he’s been waiting for that dick his all life! By the way, Pierre Fitch definitely has one of the most beautiful cocks in gay porn.
One of the many reasons why Pierre Fitch videos never disappoint, is because he’s always just as keen to be sucked or fuck as he is to suck of be fucked.
Pierre gently caressing Colby’s dick.
“This ass is mine now!”
I prefer Pierre Fitch videos where he plays a more top role (I think it matches better his attitude) but I loved to see Colby rimming Pierre’s sexy ass!
My tongue is out right now.
Love the way Colby looks Pierre in the eyes while drilling his ass.
Colby Chambers is a nice fucker. I believe attitude is 90% for a good top, and Colby has it.
Colby Chambers has been dreaming of this moment for so long that he better enjoy it as much as he can!

Another reason why we love Pierre Fitch videos… they always end very well!

My favourite part of the video!

Oh, and by the way, Pierre Fitch has his own website where he films porn with himself and others. Totally worth checking it out here.



Pierre Fitch – there’s something about this guy, isn’t it?

Yeah, something besides his thick dick and delicious ass. I guess it’s his all body: muscled but just enough, fit but with that 0,1% fat that makes you want to bit all of his body parts. Oh, and the tattoos, of course.

I love all of Pierre Fitch’s gay porn movies – yes, because there is also a documentary about his career as a dj pornstar. He’s one of the few gay porn stars who can actually sometimes act like he just doesn’t care. Which is not the case in this video!

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 Yeah, Pierre is an ass boy. I always prefer to see him topping, but here he pairs with Jaxon Radoc for some flip-fucking (i.e., they fuck each other, both are top and bottom). These boys love to play, one can easily tell that. And for them play is work, so they seriously considered the mojo “work hard, play harder” and went to have some playground fun.



No, this isn’t a real playground. It’s an outdoor gym (it seems that Pierre Fitch loves to exercise outdoors…).



I did not choose any anal/penetration parts of the movie to create the gifs for this post. Not that those are not hot, because they are. But what I really enjoy about this video is to watch Pierre Fitch and Jaxon Radoc finding ways to have fun around the place. They sure got imagination and also a good physical shape which helps to take the most out of the machinery around.


Really wanna know why Pierre Fitch turns me on so much? Just look at the next gif…



As for Jaxon Radoc, he’s the regular blond sexy twink. Don’t get me wrong, he’s hot and I’d love him to suck my cock, but I’m not much into twinks. That’s more of Rob’s department. He’s out for the week and I can’t wait to see this again with him by my side. I’m sure we’ll take many ideas out of here!


This pic is so fucking hot!





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Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 1


My favorite gay porn star, Colby Keller, is back with a video that makes me wonder if I’m not a 100% bottom… because all I can think about, while watching this video, is being at Pierre Fitch’s place while he takes with Colby’s first class meat!

(Click the images or here to watch the trailer of this video)

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 2


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 3


I love this next picture. Pierre Fitch is a very cute guy. But I think he should calm down a bit… he’s like “oh fuck me! harder! deeper!” all the time in this video. And I prefer to see a more submissive bottom. Although Colby gets very cute with that, because he’s very shy. Well, at least in the beginning…

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 4


Pierre sucks Colby’s cock like we all wish we could do. But Colby also gets a taste of Pierre’s cock and ass. This rimjob includes some hot spitting, which makes me so horny!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 5


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 6

And then we go to the real deal… with Colby fucking Pierre in many different ways. At this point of the movie I was envying Pierre so much. I wish I could take it like he does!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 7 Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 8


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 9


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 10


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 11


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 12


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 13

At the end, there’s a great cumshot scene. Colby Keller drops a massive load on Pierre Fitch, leaving him even more handsome than he is!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 14


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 15

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 16



PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs
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Today is the day to look back at 2014 and give it some serious thoughts. For us, this year as a roller-coaster. We had some tough days, even weeks and months. But we also had great adventures, moments of pure happiness and discovery.

I had more time to work in this blog and to see it grow. Not only we saw the number of viewers growing but we also started to get emails from readers with all kind of feedback. And it’s such a joy every time that happens! This was one of the things I wished for 2014, and it came true 🙂

In 2015 we want to take this blog further. We will probably post less, but post better. And start to show you more pics of ourselves. Maybe not already in January, but soon – please let me have some post-christmas diet!

The next 12 pics represent the best gay pics of this blog in 2014. The choices are based on their popularity on Tumblr, each picture was the one with more “<3” on each month.

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The only pics that we did include in this website. It was a repost from other blog on tumblr.



2015 could bring this guy to our bed!




I’m a happy man if I can kiss Rob like this everyday of 2015!



This one is the winner with 8657 like on tumblr so far!



Our reader love “gay fingering” pics as much as we do!



2014 was the year when Apple’s CEO came out for all of us!



This GIF is really amazing!



Underwear is something that our readers like a lot too!



Gay fingering gifs were the top category in 2014!



Pierre Fitch and Jaxon Radoc playing was a hit! Definitely one of the best gay porn videos of 2014! Click on the image to watch it.



Cockyboys ruled 2014! And this threesome is a good example of why that happened. Click the GIF to watch the video.



Are beards here to stay? May 2015 give us the answer.


 Wish you all a great 2015! Full of Love, Sex and all kind of good things!

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Yeah, I got a thing for blonde beards!

Lately I’ve been fascinated with Levi Michaels. My favourite gay porn actor is still Colby Keller, but Levi is kind of my gay porn actor of the momentum. And what do they both have in common? They’re blond! And they exhibit their shinny golden blonde beards!

Badass bearded men make me so horny!

I already posted about other men with blonde beard that I find very attractive, like Eric Paul Leue and Steffen Norgaard. But only this week I stopped to realise that I have a thing for blonde beards.

I don’t know what he’s scared about, but he’s got a gorgeous blonde beard!


Sometimes when Rob and I are looking for other guys on Grindr, Rob says something like “this one is your type”. And I answer something like “how do you know that? I don’t even know how’s my type of guy”. And that’s true, I can’t really say that I have a “type”, I’m attracted by different kind of men.

For example, blonde beards excite me. But Rob, who’s the most handsome and attractive guy in the world for me, isn’t blond.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


I feel different things when I see a hot blond bearded guy. For example, I can feel like kissing him and bite his bearded cheek (I love doing this, whether it’s a dark a blonde beard). Or I can feel like rubbing my cock all over his face and giving him a nice facial.

This said, I don’t remember ever having something, from innocent kisses to hardcore sex, with a blonde bearded guy! Rob, we need to fix this!

Guess I could fuck that ass and pull his long hair at the same time.
Blonde hair is so hot. Whether it’s face or body hair.
G O D!
This guy could do whatever he wanted from me!
Wouldn’t you all love to kiss his mouth and feel that blonde beard scratching your lips?
Want me to lick your blond armpits? Okay, let’s do it!

So if you’re a hot gay guy with a hot blonde beard that loves threesomes, send us an email =)

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


We told you before about this guy. And now he’s back in a hot Cockyboys video to show us that we were not wrong! (Ok, many of you must be thinking about how you know him for a long time, but we only started memorising gay porn actor a few time ago).

Duncan Black

[click here or the pictures to watch this video]

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black

In this video he has the pleasure of swallowing (both through his mouth and ass) Pierre Fitch‘s thick and horny dick. We’re focusing on Duncan Black here, but let me say that Pierre is the kind of guy I would love to suck, he’s got a great cock and a hot tattooed body.

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


Back to Duncan Black, my first thought is that I would pay my entire salary just to watch him suck Rob’s dick like he’s doing here to Pierre Fitch. Ok, and after that he could suck my dick too.

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


Is he crying? OMFG he’s crying! Should I find this hot? Because it is fucking hot!

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


And that’s how you prepare the ass you’re about to hammer.

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


HIS FACE! His fucking horny laugh. He’s loving being fucked and his face says it all.

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


Duncan Black has go the moves! He’s got it all!

Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


Pierre Fitch fucks Duncan Black


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs

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Hello beloved kinky-horny-pervert readers of this wonderful NSFW blog. Today we’re going to talk about rimjobs (or rim jobs, or rim-jobs, have no clue how to write this properly). Because who doesn’t love to lick a sweet ass before sticking your cock inside of it? Those who don’t love this will probably be the ones who pretty much enjoy the feeling or a wet warm tongue playing around their horny hole. So everyone loves a good rimjob!

Now, my favourite way to lick ass – but also to be licked – is with the bottom laying on his chest, legs and ass wide open, his waist slightly lifted (let’s assume the person who gets licked is the bottom, even though that’s totally inaccurate as many tops also like to get rimmed).

And let’s be honest here, this is how most of the times we do rimjobs, isn’t that right? Butt… let me tell you one thing: having the bottom on top when you’re rimming/getting rimmed is amazing! And there are so many ways you can actually do it! To give you some examples, I divided the next examples into different areas: hallway, living room, bedroom and wherever. Hope it inspires you to try rimming with the bottom on top!

1)  Hallway

“Why the fuck are you starting with the hallway?”, you ask. Well, let’s simply say that the hallway here is just a reference for any place where there’s no comfy couch or bed to fuck on. It might really be the hallway when you’re so desperate to have sex that you can’t even wait to move to another room, or might be any other place just because you have no other option.

This is the type of place where actually it’s much better for the bottom to be on top, meaning that he should be standing while the other guy gets on his knees and reaches with his tongue in between his buttocks. Easy and tasty, hun?

This positions allows the bottom to stroke his own dick while feeling the pleasures of a warm tongue in is ass.
Or place your hand on the wall (for support) and reach to his head with the other hand. You know, to push it further into your ass!
Who says hallways also says porches…
Damn, with that long cock he better moist that hole before fucking it!

2)  Sofa

When it comes to sex, the advantages of a sofa compared to a bed are obviously in the fact that it’s easy to take advantage of different parts of the sofa, like the back and the arms, in a comfortable way. So it’s kind of the perfect place to be when the bottoms want to be on top!

Just check how Levi Karter uses the back of the sofa to open up his ass and sit on that face! Delicious for sure.

More on Levi Karter here.

Perfect position if your sofa is agains the wall. You get rimmed and jerked at the same time. Ready to cum?
The top on the floor and bottom on top using the sofa as his support. Nice for the bottom to control how deep he wants that tongue up his ass!
Oh yeah, shove his face against you ass! Fucking amazing!
Now if you want it licked nice and slowly, let your top relax on the couch and just sit like this on top of him.

3)  Bed

The bed is by nature the sacred place of sex. Good whether for bottoms on the bottom or bottoms on top. It’s comfy and big enough (well, most of times) for whatever you want to do.

Great position for the guy who rims. He gets to lay comfortable while you sit your ass on his face.
Best way to wake up your man?
Beds agains windows… oh yeah! Nice way to use the bed!
Classic rimjob position. And a great one!
Squatting over your man’s face is one of the best ways for the bottom to stay on top. Gotta workout those legs though if you want to enjoy it for a while.
I like this one. Standing on the side, with one foot over his chest. Hot!


4)  Wherever!

Bottoms on top where? Wherever! Use your imagination. Not only to get a nice rimjob done, but for everything sex related.

Nice example of a creative use of stairs! He seems to be really comfortable while getting his ass licked.
Chairs are for sitting… on his face!
Forget the sofa, let’s do it on the floor!
Carpeted floors are such an invitation to have sex there. Spread those buttcheeks!
Have no clue where this is taking place but… it’s fucking Colby Keller and it’s and AWESOME RIMJOB position!

(more on Colby Keller here)

Pretty sure you guys have tried most of this positions whether to rim or get rimmed. But anyway, hopeful there is something new here for you to try later! 🙂

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.