About Us

We are two. We are guys. And yes, we are horny all the time.

And we are also in love with each other for more than 8 years already. This blog/website/whatever is intended to share our sexual adventures, fantasies and desires with anyone interested in knowing how’s the sexual life of a gay couple. But don’t get us wrong: we’re not here to represent gay couples. Every person is a different person and every gay couple are two different persons.

We’re Peter (left one) and Rob (right).

We will, ocasionally, post pictures of ourselves here. But we won’t show our face. We believe that this option will allow us to feel more free about what we write and the personal stories we tell. You can know more about us by reading our posts, but let us give you just a small introduction:

We are (very much) into threesomes.

We are also into foursomes, orgies, group sex, and so on.

We are both versatile but play more as top, therefore we prefer to have fun with bottoms.

We like to watch gay porn. Together or individually.

We don’t like porn made in studies that recreate tacky hotel rooms with ugly paintings on the wall. Well, some of them may be worth it.

We think that toilets spoil many pictures that otherwise could be hot.

We prefer hairy guys. But there are (many) exceptions to this.


Enjoy. And don’t hesitate to say hi (hornytwoguys@gmail.com)!


  1. Michael Oller

    interested in hearing from a Long term gay couple ? We were “open” both HIV- then
    one converted and now we’re “closed” but still enjoy each other sexually
    HIV- is on PreP
    both fit masculine hariy ( one hung πŸ™‚ other average grower
    ? Michael

    • 2hornyguys

      Hey Michael! You posted this so long ago.. sorry for getting back only now. We get so much spam in the comments that it’s hard to follow. Your story is interesting and yeah, would like to hear (or even see) more of you πŸ˜‰

  2. chris

    I love this website. Would you say that both of you are equally horny and excited about threesomes? I noticed that peter is always the one posting and you reference to Rob.

    My boyfriend and I started experimenting with threesomes and orgies, but I always feel that I am the hornier of the two and the one who is more proactive of getting us into group sex.

    Also, do you play separately? Or do you always play together? How do you deal with situations where one of you is really into a third that the other is not into.

    Lastly, if you are ever in Los Angeles, I’d love to grab a drink. πŸ˜€

    • 2hornyguys

      Hey Chris!
      Yeah, we are both equally excited about threesomes, but I’m less shy in sharing our experiences, that’s why I always write in the blog πŸ™‚
      It sucks to feel like that. Of course that sometimes one of us is really horny for some group sex and the other one isn’t. We try to respect that and only play when both are very excited. It may happen that, during the moment, one of us feel more attracted or have more chemistry with the third guy and yeah, that can become a bit uncomfortable. But when you’re there you need to be able to distribute your attention equally between your boyfriend and the other guy(s). If you are doing it together, and not separately, it’s because the fun is in making it together, an experience that you both share, right? It should be like that, otherwise just play separately.
      Which we don’t. We always play together, at least for now. In the future we’ll see πŸ˜‰
      Would love to grab that drink with you. And maybe grab something else too haha

  3. Larry Kaplan

    I am a gay man in his 60s, who has often encountered couples such as yourselves. Are both of you aware that you want to have everything only for yourselves and that you represent the majority? By that I mean is that there are men out there who are deprived of sexual partners because couples like you dominate the gay scene — in other words, you want the safety of a committed relationship while wanting to have other sexual partners. I would suggest that for other gay men, we can do better than perpetuating the stereotypes that your relationship promotes. And it hurts people like me who are wired to be monogamous. Of course, our gay culture promotes your behavior which is tragic for people like myself. So for the moment, both of you have won, and people like me lose. Whether gay culture will evolve beyond this point, is open to debate.

    • 2hornyguys

      Hey Larry. Thank you for your comment but I have to say that I can’t disagree more with you. Our behavior hurts no one, and certainly doesn’t hurt you or affect your life in anyway. If we follow your logic, straight guys and straight couples (so, women too) are seriously affecting your life. That’s basically the entire world population. I can understand your frustration, and see some interesting points in what you are trying to say. But the way you put things is just not true and is close to be offensive. Thank you.

    • I have two husbands

      I’m sorry but it sounds like you’re trying to blame other people for your issues. I myself had three ways, gangbangs, orgies and also 3way relationships. It’s MY life and I choice to so how I want with it because at the end of the day we are only on this earth for so long and might as well enjoy it. You basically are saying gay men who are exploring their sexuality hurts people like you… in actuality you are the one who is hurting yourself by not accepting there is more than one type of relationship dynamics. Hey I hope you find what you’re looking for, however from how you’re thinking negatively only will set yourself for failure.

  4. Kristian Johnsen

    Good evening Guys,

    Evening because I live in Oslo, Norway. I really have to say I really love this blog/website. I’m a 22 year old gay Norwegian/Colombian young man who study and work, and love having sex. I thought I had a lot of ‘knowledge’ about these things but after reading and watching everything you have posted and written, I’ve learned so much and got many tips how to do things better. An example is how to rim. A few simple changes may do the sex even better. There is so much more but I’m not going further. Sorry about the not so good English πŸ˜‰
    I wish I’d found your website earlier!
    Keep on! You are doing a great, great job!

    IG @johnsen_kristian

  5. Din

    I follow you! And i like you sooo much! πŸ™‚
    Sorry for my english!
    It would be nice to see more about you!
    I’m 27 y o guy from Italy.

  6. Garen

    I’m a gay man, and recently I finally ended a relationship of 11years because I just cannot comprehend how two people who claim that love each other can get into sexual relationships with other men and continue loving each other.
    When I’m with somebody and I love him, I’m with him, only with him, and my love grows with every passing day.
    You two say that you are in love but are open to threesomea or even orgies. Then I wonder what do you mean by ‘love’ how you two can share someone you love with others?

  7. Guy North

    Great Guys, your site makes me feel good, I rather like the discussion about “deep-throating, huge thick cock”, I thought you were talking directly to me. I truly adore a huge thick meaty cock, just to see it hanging on a guy, Rocks my World; should he nod at me, it takes my breath away. I’ve long ago managed the gag-reflex, I love sending my huge dick buddy to a realm of homo-erotic pleasure, he may had never quite known before. I Suck Cock for my pleasure, and that can make a partner wild, which turns me on more. Yes, you guys are cool, glad you appreciate Thick Cock. Threesomes depend on the couple, it can be exciting and invigorating.

  8. Leo

    Hi Peter, hi Rob.
    Great that I found your blog.
    We’re also a couple, living together for more than 20 year and we recently discovered threessomes and loved it.
    Check our tumblr and feel free to send an email. I love to chat.

  9. tom

    So HOT
    Nothing i like more than a sweaty hairy pit
    except when it is dripping with cum…
    Im in London and it is hot right now
    ; )


  10. Rob Aizenev

    I enjoyed your site (found today by accident!) very much.Β  In my slutty days I met many guys; the largest cocks I’ve ever had are several at 11 inches a few 10 inchers, 9 inches andΒ 9 1/2 inches.Β  The last was fat but the guy was old and couldn’t get an erection!Β  I would love to have seen it real hard!Β  No such luck though!
    keep it up guys!

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