Before starting to write this post I had to google “fetish definition”. Whenever I think about the word fetish the things that come to my mind are leather, fisting, bondage, etc… Enjoying men armpits seems so soft to me compared to those other things that I had to make sure I could call it Armpit Fetish.

Accordingly to google (I always believe in whatever google says) fetish means “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” I don’t like the word “abnormal” there because to me there is nothing more normal or natural than sticking my nose in Rob’s armpits in the morning. But that’s ok… I assume I can title this post Armpit Fetish!

Level 1 of Armpit Fetish: adoring the pits

So I have identified 3 different levels of Armpit Fetish, from light to more intense. I think this first level should be very common to many of us gay guys, lovers of the male body, which is the level in which we think armpits are a very sexy part of the male body.

Maybe our eyes still target primarily their cocks when we go through endless tumblr blogs at night (and sometimes at work too), but we always look and appreciate their armpits. Which explains why in so many of the naked men pics they have their arms raised to show their armpits.

Hairy but not too much: is this the perfect armpit to lick?
Typical “I’m just protecting my eyes from the light and accidentally showing off my hot armpit”.
Which one would you prefer to lick? “Both” is an acceptable answer.
Again, which one would you prefer to lick?
Sweaty armpit….
Hairy god!

Level 2 of Armpit Fetish: licking the pits

I put this at level 2 because I’m sure many of you out there who can appreciate this part of the male body might not really like to lick them (which is ok. Really. I mean, you have no idea what you’re losing but it’s up to you).

I have to confess that I can’t conceive foreplay without licking the guy’s hairy armpit. And the armpit is such an erogenous zone of the male body that any guy just explodes of pleasure when you pass your tongue there. Actually I don’t even know if I like more to lick Rob’s armpits or to hear him moan when I do it!

Fuck, that’s a lucky bastard!
Lick daddy!
On my way!
This is how it’s done properly: you stick your nose in his armpit.
Man, I want him to lick me like that!
Love his face.
This is exactly how I lick Rob’s armpits 90% of the times.


I could take care of their dicks in the meanwhile…
One of our favs: Jake Bass.
Should be nice to play with that pierced nipple too.
Oh yeah!

Level 3 of Armpit Fetish: smelling and licking your own armpits

I haven’t reached this level. At least not yet. Neither have I personally seen anyone doing this. But again, just tumblr for a couple of hours and you will see some guys doing it. Smelling their own pits, possibly after gym, and even licking them. Can’t elaborate much on this as it’s not my thing. But hey, maybe that’s because I have a pair of nice hairy armpits to lick everyday that not mine!

Even though I don’t do it myself, I think this is hot!
Post-workout armpit check?

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