I know the title of this post is very suggestive, but I need to write about something else first. Actually, one things leads to the other.

So… after almost 10 years together, Rob and I decided to open the relationship. Just a little bit, though. What this means is that no, we don’t have an open relationship in the sense of dating or having sex with other people whenever. But we agreed that it would be ok, since we are living in different cities right now, to have sex with other persons as long as the other one approves it first and that some pictures/videos are taken to show to the other. This way, both of us are still somehow involved and can take pleasure out of it.

Yesterday that happened for the first time. I met a guy on Grindr, he was cute, hairy, kinky, seemed nice and had a 9inch/23cm dick… So off I go to meet him at his hotel.

Now, let me tell you about…

… the biggest dick I ever had!

The guy was horny as hell, and as soon as I got inside his room he took his pants off. Oh boy, I didn’t need to wait for him to get hard, it was already the biggest dick I ever seen.

The biggest dick I ever seen was almost exactly like this one. Except the guy was more latino and hairy.
This cock is already a bit hard, but you can tell that it’s quite long even soft.
I honestly wonder how these guys can keep it all inside their underwear… I should have asked him.
The weight of that on your face… so good!

He sent pics before on Grindr – and that was already the biggest dick someone ever sent me pics of – but seeing it live was another thing! I tried to look cool when saying “that’s big man” so it wouldn’t sound like “that’s the biggest cock I ever had inside my mouth!”.

The guy wanted some kinky stuff like golden shower. I never tried it before but was keen to. So we went straight to the shower, I had been drinking water and needed to piss. Once in the shower his dick got hard. Now, one thing we need to know, is that when a cock is that big even soft, won’t grow much more. Just comes up and gets hard, and maybe a bit thicker sure.

Can you imagine having suck a big dick near your face? Or have you had one already?
This is big. But trust me, the one I’m talking about was even bigger!

Because he was hard, he ended up not pissing, but I did. Must say wasn’t that interesting. Maybe because all I could think about at the moment was to get on my knees and suck him!

Started to rub his dick, which felt great. And he made me lick his armpits next, making me even more horny. Then he told me to put on my knees and suck him. I was in heaven…

The only problem is that I like to have it all inside my mouth…

Now, if I compare the biggest dick I ever had with the best dick I ever had – which is Rob’s – I still prefer Rob’s cock. Because even though it’s not the biggest dick, it’s big. And I can stick it all in inside my mouth (not saying I don’t have to make an effort, but that’s part of the pleasure). He can fuck my mouth and have his balls hit my chin. A 9inch dick may be wonderful, but some possibilities are lost.

Yummi, right?
Can I get some milk with my coffee?

What about the rest? Well, this was the biggest dick I ever stroked, sucked, licked, got face fucked and he also had a nice ass to rim. Oh, and very important, this was the biggest dick to cum on my face – with an amount of cum that was proportional to the size!

Oh, and can’t forget the guy also licked my feet in the bathtub! Not my favourite thing, so I completely forgot about it.
Power bottoms to the front! I don’t think I’ll ever let such a big dick fuck me.
Big and beautiful.

I took some pics and made a video of the guy fucking my mouth. Sent to Rob, who loved it. Won’t be posting any of those pics or videos here, though. Some of them have my face on it and the others I won’t post because that would be disrespectful for the guy.

I’m curious to know if you guys had experiences with such big dicks. Or what was the biggest dick you ever sucked? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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