Yeah, I got a thing for blonde beards!

Lately I’ve been fascinated with Levi Michaels. My favourite gay porn actor is still Colby Keller, but Levi is kind of my gay porn actor of the momentum. And what do they both have in common? They’re blond! And they exhibit their shinny golden blonde beards!

Badass bearded men make me so horny!

I already posted about other men with blonde beard that I find very attractive, like Eric Paul Leue and Steffen Norgaard. But only this week I stopped to realise that I have a thing for blonde beards.

I don’t know what he’s scared about, but he’s got a gorgeous blonde beard!


Sometimes when Rob and I are looking for other guys on Grindr, Rob says something like “this one is your type”. And I answer something like “how do you know that? I don’t even know how’s my type of guy”. And that’s true, I can’t really say that I have a “type”, I’m attracted by different kind of men.

For example, blonde beards excite me. But Rob, who’s the most handsome and attractive guy in the world for me, isn’t blond.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


I feel different things when I see a hot blond bearded guy. For example, I can feel like kissing him and bite his bearded cheek (I love doing this, whether it’s a dark a blonde beard). Or I can feel like rubbing my cock all over his face and giving him a nice facial.

This said, I don’t remember ever having something, from innocent kisses to hardcore sex, with a blonde bearded guy! Rob, we need to fix this!

Guess I could fuck that ass and pull his long hair at the same time.
Blonde hair is so hot. Whether it’s face or body hair.
G O D!
This guy could do whatever he wanted from me!
Wouldn’t you all love to kiss his mouth and feel that blonde beard scratching your lips?
Want me to lick your blond armpits? Okay, let’s do it!

So if you’re a hot gay guy with a hot blonde beard that loves threesomes, send us an email =)

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