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Hey guys and girls!

I’m super excited with this post today for two reasons. First, because I’m telling you about our first interracial threesome! Yeah, finally we tried black dick. And yes, it was as good as we expected.

Second reason why I’m so excited is that this is the first post where, besides using pictures we get online to show our sexual adventures, we are also using a drawing!

Sometimes it’s really hard to find pictures that illustrate how our threesomes went. So I decided to draw it. Because I’m not very good at drawing, it took me some time to come up with one illustration. Would like to draw all the positions in which Rob fucked the guy, but then you’d have to wait months for this post to be concluded. Maybe later on I can speed up and start showing more.

Here it is, the illustration of my favourite part of our first interracial threesome. When the black guy was sucking my dick while Rob fucked him from behind!

Maaaaybe my dick is a bit shorter and thicker. But I really like how I illustrated Rob’s body. It’s so hot to see him fucking another guy in that position!

But let me use pictures now to talk more about our first interracial threesome.

There’s something really hot about seeing different skin tones together, don’t you think?
The guy was a great kisser! His fleshy lips were so soft to kiss, his mouth was warm…

Omg, this post is also about my first big black cock! 

Call me naive, but when we were chatting on Grindr with the guy he asked: do you like bbc? And my first thought was: oh shit, another careless guy who wants bareback. But I still asked what bbc means. And then he clarified: big black cock!

And I had an instant boner and I decided we had to get this guy in our bed no matter what! After a little bit more of chat there he was, knocking at out door.

He was more of a bottom, though. And he was damn horny for dick. So after coming in we offered a beer but he said that he couldn’t because he was driving and he went straight to the bedroom where he started to unbutton our belts and getting our dicks out. He was a good cock sucker but all I could think about was reversing the roles and getting his dick in my mouth. Which I did after a while. My first big black cock. I didn’t want to let it go…

This is a fair illustration of the size of his dick. But his dick head was darker, almost the same colour as the skin.
Yeah, more like this colour with a big head that I loved to sucked.
Such a masterpiece of a dick!
At some point I was laying down and he placed his heavy balls on my mouth with his dick resting on my forehead. I felt so slutty, so horny…
Too sad the guy as much into sucking dick as into getting sucked. I would have enjoyed spending more time with his cock in my mouth.
But I guess there’s a good solution for that: getting another big black cock in our bed!
Let’s not forget the most exciting part of it all: Rob was watching my while I sucked my first black dick! That made it even more special.
This didn’t happen… I wasn’t capable of deep throating that huge dick. Need more practice!
Oh fuck, so hot!
Can’t wait for my next black cock!

Now the threesome itself.

I have sucked two dicks at the same time before. But never different colours. It’s nicer, I have to confess.
Also loved sharing with Rob our first black cock. Almost felt as exciting as the first time we ever shared a dick.
Did I tell you the guy was a talented cock sucker?!
Very talented!
And he was so hungry for dick!

Let’s not forget his delicious ass!

Rob could tell you more about this because he was the one fucking him. And fucked him in different positions and for a long time.

But I fingered him and rimmed his ass as to prepare it for Rob’s dick. I always do that. Guess I’m a nice person!
The guy was moaning so loud every time Rob thrusted him!

And now one word to define my state of mind during this threesome:


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


One of our unfulfilled fantasies is to have a threesome with a black guy. I really want to share a black dick with Rob and let him share my ass with black men. I once even made Rob promise me that he would get us a hot black dude and surprise me. But that never happened… yet!

Now, let me very clear here: I hope this post doesn’t sound or look racist. Because it is not! Sexual attraction to black men is no different than sexual attraction for hairy men, tall men, bears, etc.

The thing is that I noticed that when I save the images I want to share in this blog, I always save the images of black men in the “black guys” or “interracial” folder. As a result, I never use those images and this blog becomes too white. So from now I on I will stop doing that! This means that you will start seeing more and more hot black men in this blog 🙂

To compensate, here are a few of then. Fucking hot!

Wanna lick him all! Those balls, that dick, those abs!
Fucking hot armpits, fucking hot shaved balls…
So sexy, don’t you think?
Handsome dude!
Love to see the bulge of a hot black guy.
Oh boy, tell me where that rooftop is!
So fucking CUTE!
Would love to lick those armpits!
Bounce! (damn, that’s huge!)
I mostly fantasise about sucking black men…
… but wouldn’t say no to rimming and eating this ass!
So it’s true what they say…
Man… beautiful!
Need a hand? Or two? What about four?
It’s kind of hot in here.
Let me hold it for you!
Nice… socks…
I’d be so happy sucking that dick.
I really, really, really want to suck a black cock!

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.

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Yup, after months of silence (sorry guys!) we’re back! Many things happened in our lives that made us pay less (or none) attention to this blog. Just to resume: we moved jobs and cities. Each one to a different city :-/

I’m not going to say that living apart is easy or good. It´s hard and sucks. The bad kind of hard and sucking, of course. Not being able to suck Rob´s dick every night is not the worst part, but it is pretty sad…

Anyway, we took this decision and will have to live with it for a few more months. Meanwhile, we see each other almost every weekend and share more about our “horny stuff” over the phone or e-mail. We even send our favourite porn videos to each other now 🙂

And sometimes our long-distance calls, or chats, get really horny. We have never shared as many fantasies as now! Which fantasies? That’s what I’m going to tell you about from now on! =D

Let’s start with Fantasy #1:

Big Black Cocks!

Oh boy… wanna suck that big black cock and lick all the rest of his body!

This is the sexual fantasy we’ve been talking about the most. Both Rob and I never had sex with a black guy before. But our fantasy goes beyond just having sex with a black guy… it’s about Rob watching me sucking a big black cock in front of him!


Lately, every once in a while while we’re having sex, just the two of us, Rob brings some dirty talk to the bed, which fucking turns me on! Specially while I’m sucking his dick. I’ll come back to this dirty talk in another post, for now let me just note how Rob likes to ask if would like to have a big black cock to suck after his. I always say yes (or I try to, as my mouth is full).

Man, that’s probably longer then my face! Not sure, though. Bring it here so we can compare.


I already suggested Rob to surprise me with a black guy one of the weekends I go to visit him. But, unfortunately, I don’t think he’s taken that seriously… This next guy would be perfect!

That looks heavy… let me hold it for you.


Brown sugar.


Blowjob by the window, anyone?


Now bounce it agains my face!


Too much? Too big?


It´s a shower!


Are you saying yes?

Sucking a big black cock

The effect of spit in a black dick is so hot!

Would sucking a big black cock be that different then sucking a big white cock? I don’t know, but that’s exactly why I have to try it, right? Looking at all these next guys I feel a bit envy of all of them…



F U C K !


Bet that’s your favourite one, right boy?


Wonder how it feels to be cock slapped with that one…


Open your mouth. Really, OPEN it!


What about two big black cocks?

I love to put two cocks in my mouth at the same time. I already wrote about it T(w)o Horny Guys: Two Cocks. And surely wouldn’t mind to have to black cocks to play with. But let’s take it step by step… only one first.

If you can handle two, try the next level which is to handle two black cocks!


Sharing a big black cock

Now, some of you may be wondering if Rob would just watch. Probably not, even though the core of the fantasy is the fact that he’s watching me blowing a black guy. But I guess at some point he would jump in to have a taste of it. And I wouldn’t mind sharing!

Just like we like to do: one sucks while the other one licks.


Next Steps?

Probably being gang banged from a group of black guys haha

I envy him so much!

Or… giving my ass to a big black cock… But that I’m sure it’s still going to take a looooong time 😉


That’s it guys! I promise I´ll try to get in the rythm and post frequently again 🙂 Thanks to all of you who sent emails asking for more. It´s so nice to read them. I will reply to each of you in the next couple of days.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to be racist or offensive. Even though we are objectifying the male body, we do it to express a fantasy, just like in any other post of this blog. If any, this post is a compliment as we try to show how hot these guys are!

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.