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Lars Von Trier is not in my “Best Directors alive” list, but I like his movies. And I like the great marketing ideas that promote his movies – you start to be thrilled about them a year or more before it’s out. After the polemics involving the Cannes Film Festival and Lars’ anti-semite comments, expectations about his next movie became higher than never. And that expectation just keeps on growing as we know more facts about Nymph()maniac: for example, that there will be an explicit version where Lars films porn actors and digitally inserts their genitals into the main actors bodies; or as we get to know the great cast of the movie.

The latest big happening was the release of a series of posters promoting the movie that feature the actors and actresses with orgasm expressions. They’re beautiful (and I’m referring to the posters, but could also be referring to the cast members), and the photographs and design are simple and of a great good taste!

Because this is a blog written by horny guys and dedicated to other horny guys, I’ll just post the posters featuring some hot members of the cast. And Uma Thurman… because I really like her and her picture is amazing!

Christian Slater
Jamie Bell
Shia LaBeouf
Uma Thurman

Click here to see all posters.

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This post is still an answer to Rob’s first challenge (the only one yet). There’s not much to say because the pictures already tell a lot and it make it pretty obvious to find out why I think Michael Fassbender is such a hot guy.

But I must say that the fact of him being such a good actor also helps. One must not only be cute, have a sexy smile and a hot body if one isn’t good at anything. And Michael Fassbender is all of that and also a great actor!

Michael Fassbender could sit on our kitchen balcony any time!
Is he wondering if it’s time to shave?
Ginger beard. Sexy or what?
We don’t even need to see his body. His smile is sexy enough!
Nice chest.
We want to see more, don’t we’
Take your pants off, Fassbender!

I want to say a very special thanks to everyone involved in “Shame”. It’s not only a great movie, but also allowed us to see images like these!

Michael Fassbender’s ass.
Michael Fassbender’s dick.


Were you expecting this answer to your challenge, Rob?

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Rob said “Ewan McGregor”. I say “Jude Law”!

I write this post again to answer Rob’s first challenge of defining our type of guy. I was trying to remember which celebs I find sexy but I was blocking. Suddenly, Rob answered the challenge with Ewan McGregor (who I don’t find much attractive, sorry!) and I remembered Jude Law! He’s gorgeous!

Jude Law

Horny guy: Jude Law
Jude Law has always been a sexy guy. And though he’s losing hair and getting old as we all are, he’s getting better everyday.
Horny guy: Jude Law
He’s not that kind of actor who’s always showing his body in movies (because he’s a good actor and directors don’t call him for his body). But he should show a bit more. It’s nice.
Horny guy: Jude Law
Jude Law could wander around our house like this, don’t you think, Rob?

But, Rob, I think I got the perfect solution for us. What about a swing session?


Horny Guys: Jude Law and Ewan Mcgregor 1
Horny (im)possible couple: Jude Law and Ewan McGregor
Horny Guys: Jude Law and Ewan Mcgregor 1
Horny (im)possible couple: Jude Law and Ewan McGregor


This post is an answer to Rob’s 1st challenge and it has been written by Peter.