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I’ve been a bit disconnected from tumblr lately, which explains why only yesterday I tumbled across the best tumblr of the moment! Things My Dick Does is, first of all, very very very funny. Created by an anonymous guy who takes pics of his dick (a very nice one) and brings it to life by adding some drawings on the pics.





Now, calm down guys. Have to tell you that this is a straight dick. At least that’s what the creator of this tumblr says on an interview for the Huffington Post that you can listen here. He doesn’t reveal his identity, but from the interview we can learn that he’s a 34 year old straight guy (better repeat this to make sure you won’t fill his tumblr inbox with filthy messages) who’s a photographer and lives in San Francisco.

We also learn that one of his ex-girlfriends used to call his dick “The Dark Tower”. It’s a weird nickname, but we agree that it makes sense. In the interview he also gives somes tips on how to take nice pics of your dick, even though he basically says the lighting is very important, which is not really helpful.


Even though this is only a guy having fun by working some pics of his dick, it’s interesting in a way that this tumblr can also be seen as an objectification of the male body in world where everyone is talking about how we objectify the woman’s body only (being gay we know it’s not exactly true).

But, hey, let’s not go too deep into that. Go to Things My Dick Does and check it out because it’s worth it. You all are going to find it very funny. And some of you will, for sure, find it horny and get a boner. I did!


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



Brazil may have just lose the world cup in a quite shameful game against Germany. I’m not happy with that as I was cheering for Brazil. But this game can’t make us forget one simple and plain truth: the best “bratwurts” in the world are Brazilian!

And Antonio da Silva has just released a new film to show us that. It is called “CARIOCAS”, which is the name given to people living in Rio de Janeiro. It’s so fucking hot and so beautifully filmed and edited!




CARIOCAS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a voyeuristic hunt during my trip to Rio de Janeiro with lots of sea, sun, sweat and sexual encounters. Brazilian men care about their physique and they freely allow admiration of their sculpted bodies. The sensuality of those men creates blurry sexual identities.

An outdoors gym in the Arpoador area unveiled to me the vibrancy of the country and the diversity of men. Just behind the gym there is a gay cruising park. The gym crowd training during the day is very different from the one training at night. The film is a portrait of this shift while adding more Brazilian testosterone to this Summer’s football excitement in the country!





Click here to watch the explicit trailer and support Antonio da Silva’s great work by donating 6$ to see the entire film.


We’ve known about Antonio da Silva’s work for a while, but it’s the first time we actually see a complete film. And it’s really worth it! No, it’s not pornography. Yes, it’s very erotic and there may be a 75% change you get an erection. So, what’s “Dancers” about?

Thirty five Portuguese dancers undress to full nudity in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude.



Go to Antonio da Silva’s website and support this filmmaker by donating 1$ to watch his movies. Please do this, because we need him to keep this wonderful work.



Studio Dronio is a “place” composed by two italian guys from Bologna: Jacopo Dronio and Marco B Bucci.

Their graphic work is amazing and very wide: comics, illustration, character design, fine arts, and so on. Many of the works have a high dose of homoeroticism, featuring hot male bodies. Very sexy indeed, we almost want to bring those characters into real life, more precisely into our bed!

These are some of the works from Jacopo. Some were made for magazines, festivals, etc. Hope you enjoy them, Rob!

PS: they also have really nice photos. See their Flickr page here.









It’s not very hard to guess who this guy is, right? Love the bulge detail.


And this is Jacopo:


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Charles-Antoine has a photographic work which I find very erotic. I’m certain that his point is not to be homoerotic or something like that, but it ends up being that. First of all, because he’s very cute (and I’m assuming here that “Charles-Antoine” is the name of the artist who is the same guy that appears in most of the pictures), but also because there’s a bit of male body (not nude) is many pictures and there are 2 guys in some of them. Anyway, this is just to justify why I chose to post these pictures here.

What I most like about Charles-Antoine’s photographs is the way he plays with the colours, whether they’re vivid or faded. All I got from this artist is his Tumblr, which doesn’t link anywhere else. It’s a pity because I would like to know more about him and his work.

The last picture is an animated GIF. Click it to see it.

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

Horny artist: charles-antoine

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header Linus & The Feel Good Factory

Linus & The Feel Good Factory

I’m not sure that we can say this is homoerotic art, but  Linus ends up using his own body for his photographs, many times being naked, some times using nothing but briefs and the funny stuff which he makes out of paper . And I believe some of you may agree with me that some of these pictures are sexually appealing…

Don’t you agree Rob?

See Linus work here. It’s worth it!

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 1

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 12

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 11

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 10

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 9

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 8

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 7

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 6

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 5

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 4

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 3

Linus & The Feel Good Factory 2

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ABOUT ART AND ARTHUR, by Carl Vanassche

I love this set of pictures and it was really hard for me to select just a few to post here. I will not describe this guy (named Arthur, probably) as sexy, but rather as sensual, because I don’t feel any will to go there and fuck him or anything when I see these pictures. I just contemplate his body as the beautiful male body it is: I like the whiteness and smoothness of his skin, his sensual eyes and lips, his peaceful expressions and the sexual vibe that comes from his hairy armpits and ass.

Anyway, I would cut off his beard a bit…

See more of Carl Vanassche’s work here.











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