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Candy Ass

I just got to know Venfield 8 through Sissydude. I found his work very interesting, specially the Candy Ass series, particularly because of this text about it:

“The reaction to my shot Essence Masculine #1 was great – but there were people (idiots) who were like” ewww… why does it have to be a gross hairy ass?” I thought it was beautiful – I adore a hairy ass, so, I figured, in order to make it more “acceptable” I would sugar coat them… and the Candy Ass series was born. I am in talks right now for a gallery show of all the Candy Asses, so I hope you like them and can share them with your readers….” – Venfield 8

Candy Ass #1, Venfield 8
Candy Ass #2, Venfield 8
Candy Ass #3 (Two scoops), Venfield 8
Candy Ass #4 (Goofy Grape), Venfield 8
Candy Ass #5 (Brown Sundae), Venfield 8

Now… Rob, the thing is: I think we should make our own version of Candy Ass. What do you think? :p

Posted by Peter.