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So here we are with the final post about our last foursome. As we wrote before, this foursome was quite unique as it included a couple with feet fetish and because I was restrained (tied) and kind of became a slave to the three guys.

But the best part was the one… Not going to make much suspense because you already got it from the title of this post: BUKAKE! I had my first bukake! Yes, Rob and the other guys came all over my face, one by one, rubbing and spreading their spunk with their cocks.

Bukake was a fantasy stuck in my head for a long time. But once what was stuck in my all over my head was the cum of Rob and the other two guys, I was a happy slut with a fulfilled fantasy. Just one problem though: I liked it so much that now I want more!

One thing about bukake is that might be hard to keep your eyes open… it’s a pity because I love to see so many cocks right in front of my face.
It looks like he’s not satisfied yet…
Oh boy, I remember smiling at the end of my bukake too…
Lucky boy, so many big dicks full of juice.
That feeling of having cum dripping down your face… and still more to cum!
One eye is still open, not bad!
“Now who’s gonna kiss me?”
That’s his playground. Such a happy slutty face!
Not sure how it feels to have all the guys coming at the same time, but what I enjoyed the most in our bukake was seeing the guys taking their time and coming one by one.
Rob, let’s repeat any time soon? Please!?
The bukake felt even better following the way they treated me during sex before: restraining and blinding me, making me submissive, etc.
They didn’t aim to my mouth, and I honestly prefer to feel the warm cum on my face, but this is also hot!
Tongues out? Damn, gonna do this in our next bukake. Guess the guys will love it.
Having a bukake with black guys? Love the idea. Except that Rob must be there too!
I wish I could have seen myself covered in cum. Gotta have the phone close by next time!

And that’s it guys and girls. Hope very soon we have new sexual adventures to tell you about. Wouldn’t mind writing about bukake again soon ūüėČ

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


As I wrote¬†in the previous post, there’s a lot to tell about our last foursome. Here’s the second post about that sexual encounter and how I turned out to become submissive to Rob and the other two guys.

So basically Rob was the one chatting with the other couple on Grindr. He showed me their pictures, told me they were visiting and asked if I wanted to meet them the next night at their hotel. I said “ok”. Of course, I said ok!

When we got to their hotel I was pleased to find them both quite attractive. They were a bit younger than us, in their late 20’s I guess, both pretty and different from each other. One of them had dark short hair and pale skin, the other one was more latino with big hair and beard. Both hot!

We like to chat a bit before starting the party but, as usual, the conversation lasted more than it should because no one wants to give the first step. This time it was one of the guys who suddenly turned off the lights and we all got the hint and started to kiss. It was funny that while Rob and the short hair guy spent some time kissing, me and the long hair guy were naked and sucking each other off in just a minute.

Anyway, it all went really sexy and horny¬†and maybe after 20 minutes or so both guys start being a bit more “rough” on me. Grabbing¬†my hands behind my head while fucking my mouth, hitting my face with their hard dicks (oh man, the short hair guy had a fucking huge dick!), and looking at me with a very intense expression. They had a feet fetish and would lick and suck my feet from time to time. It always tickled and I would pull my feet away but they would grab my ankles and hold me still.

A couple more minutes and I see one of them bringing a restraint and placing it on my feet… It was then that I looked at Rob and realised what was going on: Rob planned this with them! He knows about my submissive fantasies and he always said he wanted to see me being submissive to other guys. So he made it come true and, smartly, didn’t tell me.

I will let your imagination tell you the details what happened next. But let me just say that at some point later I also had my eyes blinded and my hands tied with a rope. And this foursome also had a perfect ending, but that I will tell you in the next post!

Not sure I looked as sexy as this guy, but I felt really sexy in a slutty way.
I was so excited to be a “toy” for these three hot guys to play with.
They didn’t “put” me in this position, but maybe next time… It’s up to you, Rob!
“I’m a slave for you…”, suddenly Britney Spears came to my mind…
Sexy, man…
I can’t see you, but my hole can feel your thick cock!
My cock was hard as a rock all time!
Later Rob told me the guys bought the restraint specially for our foursome… so sweet. Hope they keep using it and making other guys happy!
Another thing that made me horny was to know that Rob was watching me like this.
We all know how a blowjob feels much better when we’re blindfolded, right?
This was me! Tasting dick without seeing them. So hot.
I kind of like the idea of having something like that in my mouth… but I prefer to keep it free to suck!
Oh man, feels so good to be fucked like this!
The restraint they put on my feet was sexy but the rope they used to tie my hands… way more erotic!
Handcuffs is also sexy. Want to arrest me, sir? I’ve been a bad boy…
I want to be restrained like this!
Or restrained like this… sexy position.
And next time I wanna be using my jockstraps!

How do you guys feel about being restrained? Ever tried it? And what about having your boyfriend restrained and “used” by you and other guys?

In case you feel like trying it after reading this post, and if you don’t have the restraints yet, get this cool one from Forttroff.


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Guys (and girls and all in between), we haven’t been having many sexual adventures lately but we had a foursome about 3 weeks ago that deserves to be told! It’s too much to talk about in only one post so I will write at least 3 about it. The first one is about feet fetish!

It’s not “our thing” to be honest. I have licked and sucked Rob’s feet before, but none of us is finds feed a sexy part of a man’s body. Anyway, Rob engaged in a conversation with this other couple on Grindr who had a nice feet picture as their profile pic. That picture basically depicted their feet fetish.

Looking at this gif, I’d be horny if the guy told me to suck his feet while he jerked…
But honestly, while I think these feet are nice, I’d much rather focus m attention in his ass!
This is one of the asian guys from last post! Hot dude!
Oh… it tickles!!! (sweet, sweet image though)

After a couple of days chatting with them, Rob asked me if I wanted to go to their hotel (they were in town for work). We decided to go but I was a bit unsure because of this fetish… Would they be waiting for us to lick or suck their feet? Would they to that to my feet? Uuurgh, I don’t feel very comfortable with people touching my feet. Also I don’t think my feet are very beautiful…

I will tell you more about this foursome in other posts, but to the point of this post: it was actually nice to have some feet play with that couple!

Because we got some footjobs and it felt good! Maybe the guys were skilled with the way they use their feet. I’m not sure I can use my feet so gracious…

I actually remember doing this to Rob… in a bathtub. Anyway, I don’t think I’m very skilled with my feet…
And sure, I touch Rob’s cock with my feet a lot when we’re kissing in this position!

One of the guys licked my feet a lot! It tickled too much, so I can’t really tell I enjoyed it. But I laughed! The best part was that I was actually tied, so couldn’t take my feet away… (but about that I’ll tell you in another post!)

I get it if licking feet is associated with a form of submission… that’s hot!

They also sucked my feet and I got to suck theirs. I prefer to have my feet sucked because it doesn’t tickle. But to be honest, also doesn’t feel good. Or bad. Guess it’s not about how it physically, but mentally. Have to agree the image is hot!

Man, next time maybe they can suck my feet with their cock inside me?!
Really, put your dick inside of me and you can suck whatever you want.
Again, it’s hot as a form of submission.
“Suck my feet, bitch!”
Dude, you can do whatever you want to my feet! Or to any part of my body!
That’s a good pedicure…
Submission… fuck I want to be him!

In the end nobody came to nobody’s feet… it was much better! But that, I’ll tell you in another post ūüėČ

Wanna lick my feet now?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Glory hole sluts are those guys who, on a saturday or sunday, decide to spend their day on their knees by a glory hole waiting for countless cocks to pop out and then suck them dry. I could very well be one of these glory hole sluts.

Well, we only had one glory hole experience, and it wasn’t like I got there on my knees the entire day. But it was amazing and since then I watch glory hole porn movies often and they get me excited as hell. I never imagine myself in the place of the guy who sticks his dick inside the glory hole, but rather in the place of one of those glory hole sluts who welcome their dicks in their mouth.

So, even though I cannot consider myself a glory hole slut, because willing is not enough and one needs the experience too, I’m glad to enumerate some of the qualities of glory hole sluts that I believe I could strongly possess (just tell me where there’s a fucking glory hole place near our house):

1) Glory hole sluts wait patiently

And so would I! If you tell me to sit and a nice cock will pop-out I will sit there waiting for as long as it takes…

He even got a nice chair to sit and wait.
I guess this hungry guy is willing to give more than his mouth in these glory holes…

2) Glory hole sluts know how to hold a dick

I’m the master of holding dicks! Actually, I’m good at anything that has to do it dicks…

Hungry boy…
Damn, that’s a nice dick!
Those boots were made for staying and sucking.


3) Glory hole sluts know how to tease

Just ask Rob how good I am at teasing him…

Hmmm…. I love to lick a cock head like this!
Oh boy, you better open that mouth really well!
Nice cock head sucking.
Not sure where he’s looking at, but it’s such a tease!


4) But glory hole sluts also know how to keep their mouthes full! 

And I can do much better than any of these following guys…

You can go deeper, boy. Let your nose hit the wall!
Nice image!

5) And glory hole sluts know how to take it all the way…¬†

Talking about it, I didn’t have my daily dose of cum today. Rob, where are you?!

Slutty! Delicious too.
A glory hole slut is always happy to give you some relief after a hard day at work.


6) Some glory hole sluts actually need more than one cock to be satisfied

Even though Rob’s cock is more than enough for me, I never say no to another one joining in.

Let me start with the smallest one first…
Blowjob, handjob. And his father still complains he ain’t got a job!


7) Other glory hole sluts like to have company on their side of the wall too

I’m all in for¬†getting my head pushed by one guy while I suck another!

I envy him…
Lucky boy!
And lucky man!

8) And finally, some some glory hole sluts the more the better!

This is kind of my dream, actually…

I like how he pretends to be shocked… ūüėČ
Why so bored? Jesus… get out of there and let me replace you!

Should we just move to some city with a nice glory hole place so that I could spend my weekends there? I really think I could make many guys happy!

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Gay men in suits,

here is something I have to confess I never paid much attention to. When I crawl through tube porn thumbnails to check what I’m gonna watch (I hate myself for spending more time choosing the videos than jerking off) I never stop at porn videos featuring gay men in suits.

But, not so long ago, Rob was¬†approached by this guy on Grindr¬†who had a suit fetish (is there any specific name for this?). Judging by his profile pic, where he was wearing a suit, he seemed really hot. Rob sent me the pic and told me about their talk and the guy’s fetish. I asked him if the guy would want to be in a suit or want us to be wearing it. Rob didn’t know, but I guess the idea would be for all of us to be wearing a nice suit.

Nothing happened, at least yet. But got me thinking that this could be a nice theme for a post. I’m pretty sure many of you out there will have this fetish!

Gay men in suits … with their hot cocks out!

Would suck this cock, no matter what he’s wearing.
White colar men work so hard, they deserve a good blowjob to relax.
Oh boy… (and let’s ignore that blond girl who has been cropped), this is gay men in suits, not straight boys.
That tie goes well with his dick.


It’s photoshop but it’s damn hot!


By the way, that guy on Grindr reminded me one great fuck Rob and I had a few years ago. Only us, we were not into threesomes at the time. We were out of our town for a party and staying at a friend’s house who wasn’t there at the moment. We had to wear suits for the party. And when we got back to our friend’s place we were so fucking horny that we couldn’t wait. Couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, so we fucked (Rob fucked me) right in the hole. Couldn’t wait to take of our clothes so we just unzipped our suit pants. Couldn’t wait to lay down so I got fucked standing against the wall. Damn, it was great!

Looking at these two guys I remember that hall where Rob fucked me and can only wish these two they may have such a nice time as we did.
Classic underwear for a classic suit.


Gay men in suits… sucking dick!

Never break the eye contact rule, not even wearing a suit.
“Sorry for missing the deadline, boss. What can I do to compensate you?”
Now I start to get the suit fetish. Ok.. this guy would make me get any fetish!

Gay men in suits… getting it done!

I like to lick a cock from outside the underwear. But this is a new level. Interesting, though.
It was something like this when Rob fucked me in a suit. Except there were no urinals (which is another fetish I don’t get… I get golden shower or water sports, but fucking against a urinal… nope!).

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.