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We recently got a message from a reader of this blog asking for suggestions of other gay couples to follow online. I wrote back with a few twitter accounts of hot couples who often share kinky pics. And then I remembered… what about my favourite gay porn couple of all time?! I’ve been wanting to post about them for years. Literally, years!

Oh well, guess today is the day!

Gentlemen and not so gentle men, most of you must already know them, but in case you don’t, here’s our favourite gay porn couple: Cole and Hunter aka Maverickmen!

[Click the images or here to access their videos]

Cole and Hunter love to share ass. We’re happy that they also love to share it with us!

Cole and Hunter are a kind of role model for us. Not that we aspire to be like them in the sense of having a website where we show ourselves having fun with other guys. But they are truly an inspiration to couples like us who made the decision to bring other guys into their bed.

I call them a “gay porn couple” because they run a porn website which is Maverickmen. But the porn they make is entirely different from the mainstream gay porn that studies make. It’s more an amateur type of porn, where Cole is handing the camera himself many times, but where the “actors” are really good. Because they are not acting at all!

Oh, and the guys they bring to their bed – or wherever they fuck them – are always so hot! It’s a very diversified range of guys, mostly young, but not the boring typical type of muscled shaved porn star. Actually, they are not even porn stars! Just boys who want to have fun with this couple. Because who doesn’t?!

Love how they always have a good laugh with their boys before, during and after sex.
Many of the guys they fuck are the “twink” type. Even though we prefer older hairy men, seeing these two fucking lovely boys is so hot!
I guess “fun” is the keyword here. Not that the videos are funny, but the fun they have makes their videos so much better than average gay porn.
Like I wrote, their range of “boys” is so diverse: black, white, shaved, bearded… you never get bored watching their videos because it’s always a new thing.
Cole (on the left) and Hunter (on the right). Cole is the dominant top but Hunter also has a dominant attitude and also fucks the guys most of the times.
They also do intellectuals.

There are not the only gay porn couple out there. But as far as I know, I can only recall other gay couple running a porn business by themselves. And it’s a thing much more similar with regular gay porn studios.

What Cole and Hunter do is different and unique. They started with Xtube, where they became the most popular gay couple, and then followed up with their own website. But they keep the same style as they had in Xtube, filming the sex by themselves with no special lights or effects.

Most of us have tried to film themselves having sex, right? So we know how difficult it is to get a good shooting. But Cole has experience and is really good using the camera while getting sucked. It’s a good skill, man!

Cole’s getting his cock wrapped by some amazing lips but still capturing Hunter’s pleasure face rimming the other guy.
69 + 69 = 138.
Everything that matters in one shot.
Hunter sharing Cole’s dick with another guy… I know how it feels to share your man’s dick with another man… wonderful!
I love how they enjoy watching each other having some fun with other guys… such a marvellous complicity.
Cole is an ass man! Sometimes he fucks Hunter too. I love when it happens!

What’s your favourite gay porn couple, guys? In case you didn’t know Cole and Hunter before, I hope you shoot many happy loads watching them.

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A few super horny guys kissing.

We realised this blog is lacking some romance lately. It’s been all about dirty sex and fetishes lately. But this has always meant to be a space where a gay couple talks about not only their sex life and fantasies but also about the love, romanticism and joy of being a gay couple.

So I decided to make a post with lovely pictures of guys kissing. But instead, when I was selecting the images, I ended up selecting not so “lovely” pictures. But hey, is there anything better than kissing your man during sex?

How I love to lick Rob’s beard… and bite his chin! He doesn’t like that much when I bite though.
Two things I like to feel from behind: warm lips and a hard cock.
Wanna kiss them both, they’re so hot!
So much passion in there.
Fucking romantic!
Wild! Love this picture.
Oh boy, that guy could do anything to me from behind… I mean ANYTHING!
It’s not fun without a good dosage of tongue.
F U C K I N G H O T !
Man… enough to make me hard!
So beautiful, isn’t it?
Daddies like to kiss too 😉
They’re just getting started…
Legs wide open, lips very shut.
Anyone else gets instantly hard with a kiss or is it just me?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Happy Valentine’s gay, everyone! No matter if you’re married, have a boyfriend or if you’re single, let us celebrate love today. And here we celebrate love by sharing with you some of our favourite real boyfriends in gay porn! Yesterday we already showed you Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, and today we’re gonna talk about:

 Ricky Roman and Michael Milano

[Click the images or here to watch the trailer for this video]

Ricky Roman and Michael Milano
Ricky Roman (left) and Michael Milano (right)

Ricky Roman is not a stranger to most of gay porn fans, and we have already made a post with him before entitled “Sex Attitude” (promising title, right?). The first amazing thing about this next porn video we are going to show you is that it is the first time that Michael Milano makes porn. Yes, his first porn movie is/was – not sure he’s done more – with the man he loves. There’s something beautiful about this, don’t you agree?

Well, let’s be fair, Michael was a cam-boy, so he was used “perform” on camera. But that’s different. And I’m glad that not only he did his first porn with his boyfriend, but also with Cockyboys, which is a guarantee of quality and good taste.

Before the action starts, Ricky and Michael open up to us, the viewers, about their relationship. It’s very beautiful as they share how they deal with a long distance relationship and how hard it was when Michael moved to LA (Ricky Roman cries some tears and I must confess I almost did too…). They also share some images of their skype talks which is really sweet.

All of this happens in the forest, by the lake, but as Ricky points out, not too far from the road. These boys like to do it outdoors and the sensation of being caught up at any moment! Or as Michael puts it:

“I’m very classical, I like bedroom and candles.. but he’s OPENING me up.”

The OPENING in caps was just me playing with words…

But now, let’s go to the forest!

boyfriends of porn gif 20
Michael is so sweet… And they are both so cute together, moaning all the time.
boyfriends of porn gif 22
Jerking off each other… because even boyfriends do some warm up.
boyfriends of porn gif 23
Michael starts by doing a great blowjob to Ricky.
boyfriends of porn gif 21
Ricky Roman tasting his own dick on Michael’s mouth. I love this!
boyfriends of porn gif 24
Please look at me while I dick slap you!
boyfriends of porn gif 25
Now it’s time for Ricky to repay the blowjob to Michael. Look at that ass! At this point we understand who the bottom is. It’s always the one who points his ass up like that while sucking dick.
boyfriends of porn gif 26
Ricky Roman takes it like a man and moans like a boy who’s being fucked by his lover.
boyfriends of porn gif 27
Who’s there? Oh, it’s Ricky Roman!
boyfriends of porn gif 28
I love this part when Ricky slides Michael’s dick up his ass.
boyfriends of porn gif 29
They are unstoppable!
boyfriends of porn gif 30
Third position…
boyfriends of porn gif 31
My favourite shot of this video is this close up of Ricky Roman’s dick dropping amounts of precum on the grass!
boyfriends of porn gif 33
Classical cumshot with a romantic kiss.
boyfriends of porn gif 34
Oh boy, Michael uses his own cum to jerk Ricky’s dick… Rob, we need to try this tonight!
boyfriends of porn gif 35
Ricky’s cumshot on his own tattoo is so hot.
boyfriends of porn gif 36
And the cherry in the top of the cake: cumswapping!

We want more of these two! A threesome with another hot guy would be amazing. Please Cockyboys, please, please, please.

Hope these gifs have given you some ideas for Valentine’s night… Meanwhile, catch up with Ricky Roman on his Twitter page.

Along the week more boyfriends of gay porn will come!

Posted by Peter.


It’s that time of the year: Valentines day! Or, as I like to call it, Valentine’s Gay. As a couple, we don’t pay much attention to this day. We prefer to focus our romantic celebrations in other occasions like anniversaries. But if everybody is celebrating love, we want to celebrate it too and that’s what we will do here at T(w)o Horny Guys. In the best way we can: by showing you real boyfriends of gay porn… in action! So let’s start…

Meet Colby and Mickey, our first boyfriends of gay porn

[click on the images/gifs to see the trailer of their video for Cockyboys]

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox
Mickey Knox (left) twisting Colby Chamber’s nipple (right). How cute is this?

Colby and Mickey met around 7 years ago when they were working at the same restaurant. Back there, Mickey was not out and lacking in confidence as normal of a country side boy who has troubles coming to terms with his sexuality. Colby´s confidence encouraged Mickey to be who he really was – I think this is a very common story within gay couples, when one helps the other to feel confident and comfortable with his sexuality.

The story of how Mickey told Colby he was gay (well, bisexual according to his own words) is so funny. Mickey tell us about it in this Cockyboys’ video:

“At the time I was so scared that the way I told him I was bisexual, was I had to write it down on a piece of paper and I left it on a table that he was gonna clean, and he picked it up and it was a website. And when he went home and looked it up it was gay porn.”

But only when Colby decided to leave the job at the restaurant, Mickey realised that he couldn’t miss the chance to see how things could go with them… so one night before Colby left he followed him to the restroom and stand at the urinal next to him… and they hook up right there. Damn, urinals can be romantic after all!

But do real boyfriends make better gay porn? Let´s check it out.

Better is a very relative concept. But one thing I’m sure: best gay porn is done when there’s chemistry between the porn stars. Therefore, real boyfriends of gay porn never fail to give us what we want! And Colby and Mickey are the perfect example of that.

To start, Mickey takes his time teasing and exploring Colby’s dick. After all, he knows that cock very well and is not eager to take it out to see it.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 1
Mickey unveiling Colby’s cock. Such a tease!
boyfriends of gay porn gif 2
This is love: worshipping your man’s dick as if it was the first time you saw it.

Sure, soon Colby decides it’s time to start being a bit rough and starts pushing Mickey’s head while he sucks his dick.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 3
“C’mon boy, go deeper, you can do it”

Now, this a video of two boyfriends making love/having sex. But it’s still a porn video, so it’s made for us! And this is one of my favourite parts: when Mickey sucks Colby with his ass turned to the camera (to us!). I can always relate to this because I instantly imagine that the guy is sucking Rob and giving me his ass to lick.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 4
Micky Knox, what an amazing ass!

In no time, Colby is rimming his boyfriend’s horny ass. You’re so lucky, Colby!

boyfriends of gay porn gif 5
I have to repeat myself here: what an amazing ass!
boyfriends of gay porn gif 6
Some light spanking… that butt was asking for it!

At this point we are all very clear about their roles in bed and we know we will see Colby drilling his boyfriend’s hole. But before that, Colby pushes Mickey and give him a wonderful blowjob.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 7
This is so fucking sexy.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 8
I like those moves.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 9
That must feel good…

Then we have Colby banging Mickey for a long time, in different positions, always with passion and dominance. It’s really horny to see these real boyfriends of gay porn in action, because you can easily see that what’s going on there can only be possible with two guys who are intimate and know each other very well. But at the same time, Colby is rough and hard on Mickey, fucking his ass merciless as he would do to any other strange guy. That mix is what makes this awesome!

boyfriends of gay porn gif 10
Let’s get it started?
boyfriends of gay porn gif 11
Kiss and fuck.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 12
Love how Mickey gets submissive here.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 13
Mickey is enjoying that dick up his ass. Look at his face!

I love to watch porn where guys do things with cum, I really do. But when it comes to “real life” sex, I can only play with Rob’s cum. I think swallowing or even just having cum in your mouth is such an intimate thing… I don’t know if Colby and Mickey play with other guy’s cum, but I love what Mickey does here when he cums on Colby’s chest and then goes there and lick it…

boyfriends of gay porn gif 14
Mickey cumming on Colby’s chest…
boyfriends of gay porn gif 15
… and then licking his own cum from… damn!

How do you know your bottom really loves you? When he offers his ass to you once more even after he cums! That’s exactly what Mickey does, letting Colby fuck him a bit more… lovely, right?

boyfriends of gay porn gif 16
Such a lovely bottom.

To finish, I have to show you something that really fascinated me about this video… Colby’s face/body reaction when he explodes just outside of Mickey’s ass. Hard to put in words, so here’s some gifs and a close up on his face.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 17

boyfriends of gay porn gif 18

boyfriends of gay porn gif 19

For more on these amazing boyfriends of gay porn visit their twitter pages: Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox.

And we will be back to show you more real boyfriends of gay porn as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I hope these two can inspire you to have fun on Valentine’s day!

Posted by Rob


Michele (on the right) and Leo (left) must be the hottest italian gay couple! If there’s another even hotter, please let us know!

An italian gay couple that we all must follow!

If you don’t do that already, of course. These two guys are pretty popular, I have come across their pictures (specially Leo’s) many times without knowing the source. But now I found it, and I’m so fucking happy to follow these guys!

They’re both so hot! Look at those perfect butts! I prefer Leo, I think it’s because he has more hair. But I guess that they work perfectly if we get them as a package.
Yeah, Michele, Leo’s butt must be a great pillow!
Amazingly beautiful picture. Sometimes it’s nice to look at pictures like this and know that they are two boyfriends who love each other and not just two porn actors with hot bodies. Even though I have nothing against that.


Leo aka BAHAMVT: hot legs, hot ass, hot bulge, this guy has got everything!

If you take a look at out last post “Gay Coffee” you will see Leo at the last two pictures. It was a reader of this blog, who asked for anonymity, that sent us Leo’s instagram’s account link. Thank you! I come across many different pictures of hot guys everyday, sometimes I look at some of them and know that I’ve seem other pictures of those guys before, but this is internet and finding the source is not always easy. So please, if you see yourself or other hot guy here and know the source just email it to We will be very pleased 🙂

Now, back to Leo, here’s how you can follow him and drool over his sexy underwear pics, among other stuff:

Instagram: leotakespix

Tumblr: bahamvt

Now… let’s talk about Leo’s bulge?

Best bulge pic!


Legs… Wow!


Sexy underwear, sad he shaved his legs for this one 🙁
Yeah, he looks much better with some hair on his legs!


Is this possibly the best male ass on instagram? If there was a competition on this, I would vote for him!


This italian guy is the type of guy who can turn anyone into a power top…


That tan line there is just perfect!


What do I need to do to have an ass like this?!


Wish he would take a pic fully naked… or maybe it’s even sexier like this.


Power butt!


So many dirty thoughts going through my mind right now…


This is not all about Leo’s body, even though it’s much about it. It’s also about him being very cute (I and Rob kind of disagree here, but this is my post).


Need a hand washing your back, Leo?


Again, shaved… 🙁 And thinner. If you look through Leo’s instagram posts through time you will check him getting more muscle, it’s actually very inspiring for those looking to do the same with their own bodies.


Before going to Michele’s pics, I have to note that Leo is a videogamer and a fan of Super Mario, just like me. Extra points for that, ragazzo!

Who wants to play games with Leo?


Leo and a friend as Mario and Luigi. If you take your eyes off their bulges you may actually see that.


Michele: the hot italian dancer

Michele is a dancer (not a go-go boy or anything like that, a real dancer), shaves is body (or is naturally hairless, I can never tell) which is a turn-off most of the times for us, but we still would… if you know what I mean.

Some of his instagram pics show a little bit more skin than Leo’s pics (i.e., a bit of his ass). He wears underwear as well as his boyfriend. Check his last summer photos when he had blond hair, quite hot.

Follow Michele’s instagram acccount:  mikelecascarano.

Where are you staring at: his abs or his bulge?


Perfect abs.


Michele’s got sexy armpits and he knows it! That nipple piercing is also so hot. My tongue would be so happy there.


Like this picture but totally disagree with it.


Here he is, showing a bit more of skin.


Mr. wet shirt!




I believe in Santa Klaus!


We are!


I’m wondering if all italian gay couples are like them… If so we may consider moving to Rome soon.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



Nude gay holidays ,

a strange but very appealing combination of words that could really rescue me right now.  I feel tired, so I need some holidays. I feel horny, so I need them to be gay, if you know what I mean. And I feel white, therefore I would like to get some tan in my ass.

A warm weather weekend at some lake where Rob and I could swim naked would already be excellent!


I think Rob would prefer to go on holidays to a place where only us two would be naked. But I must admit that every time I see pictures of a gay nude beach, or read about gay cruises or some sort of gay travel I think it would be fun for us to engage in that sort of sex tourism one time.

You know, getting some sun, swimming naked and also meeting other guys, having some threesome and orgies… we had sex once at the beach, it was awesome! I don’t know why it happened only once… damn, Rob, we gotta take care of this!

Let’s start thinking about our next holidays?



















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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Last week we published the first part of our interview with the hot, sexy and very cute couple Larrend & Karl. Today we’re publishing the second part. And yes, all the horny questions are here!

Once again, thank you very much Larrend & Karl for answering our questions, specially these ones which are so intimate!

Larrend & Karl: this sexy couple is answering some horny questions.

Can each of you tell us which is your favorite body part of the other?

Larrend: I’m an ass man!

Karl: Larrend’s pink nipples and hairy armpits. I could bury my face there for long!


Do you have defined sexual roles? 

Larrend: I am a top! Fuck yeah!

Karl: I’m the bottom baby.

Larrend says he’s an “ass man”. And he got so lucky with Karl’s lovely sexy ass!


Do you play with sexual accessories / toys? 

Larrend: Karl plays with my dick using a stroker once in a while and I sometimes use a vibrating cock ring during our intercourse.

Karl: Larrend gave me his vibrating cock ring. It felt good!
Which kind of underwear do you use? Any brands you prefer?

Larrend: Karl loves to see me wearing a pair of tight white briefs. I am not fussy with brands and style as long as it fits my waist.

Karl: something tight to accentuate my bum. I love plain no fuss undies.

We love Larrend’s bulge in this pic!


Do you find western or asian men more attractive?

Larrend: Western and western-looking asian men, if that makes sense.

Karl: I really admire the beauty of all but I have to say the westerners’ features are effortless and eye-catching.
How often do you have sex?

Larrend: Whenever we are together physically, we at least do it once a day, and thrice when we think we really need it.

Karl: the fact that we are in a LDR, we enjoy doing it more than once in a day. We are always passionate and hungry for it. We keep the steamy memories so it could be of use when Larrend goes back to Australia once again.

Larrend’s ass is very yummi either…


What’s your favourite sexual position?

Larrend: The missionary is always on the top list!

Karl: same! It’s a sacred position.
Do you watch porn? Individually or together? What kind of porn?

Larrend: I watch straight porn and gay porn depending on my mood but I would not watch any without his permission.

Karl: I’ve grown tired of it I guess. We watched straight porn together once just to kill time haha.


Best part of the day to have sex?

Larrend: I’d say anytime.

Karl: I’m a morning person . The hormones and pheromones are alive in the morning.



And where was the most strange place where you had sex?

Larrend: We never done it in any strange place yet. A handjob on the bus and in the cinema, if you’d like to consider.

Karl: it was a quick one because I’m always scared and nervous. We will have lots soon when we move in together I assure you that.
Do you have an open relationship?

Larrend: No

Karl: Exclusively his and nothing more.


And do you have threesomes with other guys or think that can happen in the future?

Larrend: Threesomes are alright but it is our personal choice to keep our sexual activities between the two of us until we get old.

Karl: i have never imagined myself in threesomes because sex for me is a sacred thing. Friends told me their experiences about it but i am really contented and happy with making love only to the guy i love.

They don’t even need to take off their cloths to make us horny!

We loved all their answers. Better only if they had said “yes” to the threesomes question and invited us to join them some day haha.

We would like to get to know more couples. So if you’re in a relationship and would like to talk a bit about you just send us an email to !


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


We introduced this lovely and sexy gay couple here almost one year ago (see it here) and since then we have been following them and their beautiful love story through their blogs (Ninthsheep / Inkarlcerating) and Flickr account.

We find them so hot and lovely that we decided to invite them to ask some questions for us. And they said yes and answered. Now we find them even more lovely than we did before! One of the things we would like to do with this blog is to explore the stories and adventures of other gay couples. Guess this is the beginning of it.

We are dividing this into two parts: the first one is in this post and we focus on their story and routines together, the second part will be published in the next days and will focus on more horny details of their sex life. Here it goes:

When and where did you meet?

Larrend: We met physically May 9th last year on my vacation in the Philippines.

Picture of the day Larrend & Karl met. Oh we’re jealous that we don’t have such a nice pic from the day we met! (Karl on the left, Larrend on the right)

Did you have sex on the first date?

Larrend: Yes! I never had any experience before i met him.

Karl: Yes! I’ve waited for months to make love with him on our first meeting day. It was a very special moment.


You don’t live together, right? How does that work?

Larrend: Yes, I live in Australia while Karl lives in the Philippines. I travelled to see him 4 times already within one year. His Australian visa is currently on progress and soon enough we will live together permanently here in Australia.

Karl: It will be hard if I will think that it’s hard. But even Larrend and I were surprised to know that we handle this LDR thing well. We don’t just talk, we communicate. I am so lucky that Larrend is very sweet to travel here in Manila once in a while to spend a week with me.


Do you often feel jealously? How do you deal with that?

Larrend: Yes especially during our first 6 months together. I still feel jealous up to now but very rarely.

Karl: i got jealous when he posted a Matt Bomer photo on his facebook wall a month ago. I have always told myself not to be jealous but you will still feel it in some situations unexpectedly. You have to be cute when you get jealous. It’s supposed to be.


Can you talk a bit about your tattoos? Do they mean something special?

Larrend: I got my tattoos when I was 18 when my parents left for their holidays. I drew all my tattoos myself, no special meaning behind them except for the script tattoo on my left leg, “home is wherever I’m with you” – a phrase from an old song that reminds me of contentment and happiness, though I was single when I got it done.



Reading your blogs it’s easy to guess that you love fashion. Who’s your favorite fashion designer?

Larrend: Karl is my favorite fashion designer!

Karl: I admire Rad Hourani’s designs so much.


What’s your favorite piece of cloth that you own?

Larrend: My favorites are the ones he made for me because they are very sentimental.

Karl: I wouldn’t expect it but our matching sweaters and shirts became my favorite. When your loved one gives you something, it easily becomes a favorite.

Matching shirts. And their hot legs are a match too!


Who cooks? 

Larrend: I cook! It’s my hobby and I know a lot of recipes. Karl knows how to eat. lol

Karl: I love watching him cook because he does it flawlessly. Sometimes we help each other. There’s one time when we cooked 20 burgers and it was fun!

Larrend is quite a sexy cook!\
Guess these are part of the 20 burgers Karl’s talking about!

Do you think of getting married someday?

Larrend: I wanna marry Karl.

Karl: I believe in marriage. Larrend will be my husband until I die.

Love Karl’s face in this pic. We’re not much into asian guys but these two are handsome!


For us this pic synthesises the power of LOVE!




The second part of the interview will come in the next few days and will include all the kinky questions we asked them about their sex life! Some answers are really hot!

We would like to get to know more couples. So if you’re in a relationship and would like to talk a bit about you just send us an email to !


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