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It’s Monday morning. We need a cup of strong coffee today more than any other morning in the week. Our weekend was quite calm and relaxed, still we could use one or two more days off before another sizzling week of hard work. But what can wake us up and give us more energy than coffee itself? I have an idea:

Gay Coffee

It doesn’t matter if the coffee comes from Brazil, Africa, or wherever, gay coffee is not about the product itself. It is about how it’s done, or better, how it’s served. Or even better, who is serving it! Gay coffee is about having a hot, half of fully naked guy serving it to you.

Even better: gay coffee is a coffee served by a guy with a hard cock ready to pour some cream into your cup!

Here’s a few examples of hot gay guys (let’s imagine they’re gay) preparing your monday morning gay coffee. Would there be a better way to start your week?

We can play with his nipples while sipping our coffee.


Seems like the typical dumb but hot guy who has no idea how to prepare coffee. It will probably taste like shit. But it won’t matter…
Man, we appreciate your effort, but please be careful not to burn your dick, ok?


Gay coffee can be elegantly served in a tiny cup…

Better for expressos, which is the only coffee both Rob and I drink.

His curly hair is so fucking sexy!


This guy has really just woke up! Morning sex anyone? Let him drink his coffee first.


It’s a hairy expresso for us, please!


Do you like daddies? Do you like coffee? Do you like big boners? Do you like men in suits? Then you probably like this one.


This seems such a perfect morning…


But we’re ok with having gay coffee in a mug, too.

With these guys we would have any type of coffee served in any type of recipient…


Nice cup. And nice V shape!


Wonder if he would be ok with me sucking his dick while he drinks his morning coffee.


Queen Bee and Master Cock! Is that a morning wood?



Oh, and, of course, gay coffee will always taste better in bed.

Suddenly I wanna go surfin’.. in his bedsheets.


A cup of coffee, a book and a hot guy in his briefs. This is what I’m talking about!




Good morning, handsome! Your briefs are ugly but I like the volume.


He seems sad. Maybe we should go there, talk to him, take off his shirt…



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Well, I’ve been sleeping only for the last couple of days because I got sick. And the weeks before I just got so much to do that didn’t have any time to come here and update this (yeah, running the web for porn and hot guys to get some pictures and put together some words that make the minimum sense takes time…).

But I’m back on track – I hope! – and I decided to bring you a few horny guys sleeping.


With their butts begging to be fucked. Or rimmed. Or rimmed and fucked 😉










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Max Ryder and Jake Bass


It´s a bit late, we know. But it’s still Christmas, right?  So we wish you a MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!

These last days have been overwhelming, just like this year. We don’t share much of our personal lives here outside the sexual and kinky part of it. But 2014 has been a year of change and many things happened in our lives. So we’re taking this Christmas season to stop and think about all of this. And to enjoy our families too, which is why I haven’t posted lately, I don’t want any member of my family to enter the room and see me working with porn images!

But today I got an hour to get together some kinky Christmas stuff for you! Santa’s already gone so let’s be naughty!

Love these vintage christmas stuff







Christmas trees!






Christmas lights!







Hope many of you got nice dildos for Christmas ;)


Hot Santas!








And… Christmas sex!



How was it? Cold but nice.


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This website/blog was down for almost two days this weekend. Sometimes it goes down for a few minutes, I’ve already got used to it. But two days?!?!?!

Anyway, amidst all the stress of trying to figure out what the problem was with the website’s host provider, I got to stop and think a little better about what I’m (or “we’re” because Rob is also in this, even though not in such an active way) doing here.

And I decided that it’t time to change things at T(w)o Horny Guys. This is supposed to be a blog about our life as a gay couple, focused on our sexual adventures and desires. But I feel like sometimes – many times! – I lose that focus. I planned to dedicate myself to T(w)o Horny Guys this year, and looking back at 2014 I think I accomplished that. So, for 2015, my plan is to keep dedicating myself to this website but make it better and focus more on me and Rob. For example, to start finally showing some pictures of us 😉

Oh, and last but not the least, there’s one new project/website is coming soon! Hope to launch it in January :)

This said, the frequency of posts will decrease a bit from now on as I work on the new website and think how to improve this one.

But first… I need a cigaret after all the stress with the host provider!

















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You can wake up by our side (or in the middle of us) like that any time!

Our category “Horny Guys to Follow” is back after a while. I know I promised to show you these hot guys more often, but I keep focused on all the dirty porn stuff that I post you here. I won’t promise more frequent updates on this category this time, but I will promise you that every single post will introduce you a guy that’s really, really, really worth to follow. And this one today is no exception.

Let’s travel to Copenhagen and meet this cute, hot, stylish and (very important) gay danish boy called Andree Hoxfeldt.

God bless selfies, they bring us so much joy!
He’s hot shirtless, and he’s hot with a shirt on.

Wish I could write here that we met Andree in some bar, at the beach, at the gym, or at least on grindr. But no, we never met him. But we got to know him through another app: he’s entree on Instagram. From there we got to know a little more about him, and we can tell you that’s he’s much more than a hot guy with hot pictures on instagram – even though, I must confess, I had to stop myself from watching his pics or I could spend an entire day looking at them.

“nineteeneightyseven”: guess that´s his birthday year, right?
Are all danish boys this good looking? Maybe we should visit Copenhagen soon!
So damn hot!
Am I a weirdo if I say that I don´t know if I fancy more Andree or his iphone case?
Good morning, handsome! 


Andree is, among other things, but we’ll get there soon, a blogger at Very Communities. And right now he’s giving away some really cool Tom of Finland bedsheets there! Click here to read about it and see how you can try your luck. And once you’re there read some other posts from Andree and also the LGBT section, you’ll find nice stuff there.

Really cook Tom of Finland bedsheets.
The holiday selfies, of course!
The swimming pool + speedos selfies! They´re here too!
The beach pictures… do you understand now how important it is for you to follow this guy? :p


I already wrote that Andree is a blogger. But he’s much more than just that – almost anyone is just a blogger, right? So, what does he do? The awesome shirt he’s wearing in this next pic gives you the answer.

The answer to the question “who is Andree Hoxfeldt”.


Andree does many things! Visit Entree’s soundcloud to hear some of his mixes. I’m listening to I don’t wanna fall in love while writing this post and I’m enjoying it a lot. The boy is talented!

Andree working on his music, probably.
Seems like he also enjoys playing videogames!
Gotta keep my eyes on danish boys to check if they´re all this hot! Guess that´s a nice excuse to visit Copenhagen.


Last but not the least, I leave you with a link to Andree’s facebook page and some hot pics of his hot tattoos. I really love the one’s in his legs. So damn sexy!


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Yeah, I got a thing for blonde beards!

Lately I’ve been fascinated with Levi Michaels. My favourite gay porn actor is still Colby Keller, but Levi is kind of my gay porn actor of the momentum. And what do they both have in common? They’re blond! And they exhibit their shinny golden blonde beards!

Badass bearded men make me so horny!

I already posted about other men with blonde beard that I find very attractive, like Eric Paul Leue and Steffen Norgaard. But only this week I stopped to realise that I have a thing for blonde beards.

I don’t know what he’s scared about, but he’s got a gorgeous blonde beard!


Sometimes when Rob and I are looking for other guys on Grindr, Rob says something like “this one is your type”. And I answer something like “how do you know that? I don’t even know how’s my type of guy”. And that’s true, I can’t really say that I have a “type”, I’m attracted by different kind of men.

For example, blonde beards excite me. But Rob, who’s the most handsome and attractive guy in the world for me, isn’t blond.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


I feel different things when I see a hot blond bearded guy. For example, I can feel like kissing him and bite his bearded cheek (I love doing this, whether it’s a dark a blonde beard). Or I can feel like rubbing my cock all over his face and giving him a nice facial.

This said, I don’t remember ever having something, from innocent kisses to hardcore sex, with a blonde bearded guy! Rob, we need to fix this!

Guess I could fuck that ass and pull his long hair at the same time.
Blonde hair is so hot. Whether it’s face or body hair.
G O D!
This guy could do whatever he wanted from me!
Wouldn’t you all love to kiss his mouth and feel that blonde beard scratching your lips?
Want me to lick your blond armpits? Okay, let’s do it!

So if you’re a hot gay guy with a hot blonde beard that loves threesomes, send us an email =)

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It’s not only about the hair colour: ginger guys seem to have a beautiful white skin too.

Gay ginger

seems to be a king of “exotic” category in the gay world. There are no official statistics on how many “redheads” live in this planet, but the percentage of ginger people is said to be between 1% and 2% only.

Everything about this guy is amazing but have you noticed the freckles? Aren’t they hot?

I know that the terms “ginger people” or “ginger guys” sound weird, like they were ginger cookies getting out of the oven. But I don’t like the term “redheads” either because I’m not only interested about their hair. Actually, I’m much more fascinated by their pubes… It’s only good if the carpet matches the drapes!

We would bite those nipples, oh we would!

I never had sex – or anything else – with a gay ginger guy. I haven’t even met many ginger people to be honest. I remember having a philosophy teacher who was very ginger! He was ugly and boring, so it wasn’t one of my student-teacher crushes. But in fact, because he was redhead, everybody knew who he was and respected him more because he was “different”. It’s stupid but that’s how the world works. And maybe that’s way it is so fascinating to see these pictures of naked gay ginger guys – no, I have no idea if they are really gay, but I write it like that to help us all believe in it!

It’s funny that I used to be more attracted by dark skin guys (like latinos) but lately I feel that white skin guys are more sexy.


I don’t even know what to say about this guy’s beard… I think that if i saw him on the street I would kidnap him….


What about a blowjob by the sea?


I would pay my entire salary to lick his ginger armpits! I really would!

Ginger armpits… and everything else!


The qualities of a ginger guy are many go beyond the colour of his hair (and his pubic hair).  Ginger guys usually have an amazing skin, very white and clear. And they have… freckles! Which is a very cute and sexy thing to have.

Freckles! Freckles! Freckles!


Be careful with that tongue…


Anyone knows the name of this next guy? I know his famous, probably a porn star. Would love to know more about him.

Damn, look at those orange pubes!
Amazing sexy beard!


I’m not sure if he’s a ginger or a blond… but when in doubt…


Those pink nipples are so hot!


Ginger hairy chest.


That tan like kind of says “Bottom here!”.


Freckled arms.


Oh, that beard! Oh, that cock!


Time to go fishing for some hot gay ginger guys, don’t you think Rob?

I think Rob and I should try to get some gay ginger guy to have a threesome with us. Or… have you already fucked a ginger guy before we met, Rob?

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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, just announced today that he’s gay. In an article written for Bloomberg Businessweek, Tim Cook publicly talks about the importance of being homosexual for his life.

My first thought when I heard about this was “what the hell do I have to do with that?”. But you know what? I read the article and yes, I have to do with that. I’ll quote and you’ll understand why:

“I don’t consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I’ve benefited from the sacrifice of others. So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.”

Whenever I see an image of a hot guy with a Macbook I save it to my computer (which is … a Macbook!). I do this because I love to create these meaningless categories for this blog. I already made a post with those pics before, and decided that some others could be good to illustrate this one.

Macbook, iPhone and a cigarette. This could be me! (but I don’t smoke in bed).


Tim Cook’s article really touched me. It’s absolutely well written and the words he wrote are powerful. This post is nothing more than a homage to him, a big “thank you”. Not for me but for everyone else who is fighting against prejudice and that gained some comfort today.

This is my exact position when I’m working on this blog!


This next lines are the ones that I most relate with. It’s so true:

“Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry.”

I wonder why the macbook is on… pornography or skype?




Macbooks give me a boner!
My first Macbook was like this one! White. So sexy, isn’t it? Now I’m talking about the guy.


I swear I don’t get commissions by Apple, but I hope this post convinces you to buy a Macbook in case you don’t have one.  Both for Tim Cook’s example and for the horny guys in the pictures!

I’ll leave you with the last sentence of Tim Cook’s article:

“We pave the sunlit path toward justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick.”

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Alex Libby naked pictures

seem to be everywhere around the web! But don’t be foolish like I was: most of them are fake. The good thing is: some are not! How many real models can we actually see frontal nudity from? Not that many. But Alex Libby seems to have done some kinky photo shootings before becoming famous. Good for us!

Alex, why don’t you start by introducing yourself?



Alex Libby naked fake pics

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here called “Naked Guys: pick one for me, Rob!” which was basically about posting 14 photos of hot guys and ask Rob to pick the one he would most love to watch me having sex with. And – for my surprise – Rob picked this next one.

Alex Libby fake nude picture: I don’t even know why someone did this, Alex’s real body is already so hot!

I posted this on our tumblr account and someone (an anonymous reader) sent a message saying it was a fake image of Alex Libby’s face in someone else’s body. So thank you very much anonymous reader, thanks to you I got the chance to know more about this sexy british model! And after a quick research I knew that I wanted to make a post about him, because he’s possibly one of the sexiest men on earth.

Oh, and let’s be honest, it’s easy to notice that is a fake picture, the light is so artificial. My bad, my bad.


Is this a fake picture too? I think so.

Before getting into the real pictures, let me tell you why I think this one above is also fake: because in the real Alex Libby naked pictures (we’ll get there!) we can see his cock is uncut, he usually has his hair chest shaved but in some real pics we can see some hair and it seems different; if we zoom in his neck we can easily figure out that the face was just put there.

Anyway… it’s still a hot image to see, don’t you agree?

 Alex Libby: the real stuff

I don’t think there’s anything to blame for the guys who make this kind of fake pictures. Specially here. Alex Libby has an amazing face, he’s so beautiful, so no wonder people want to match it with their particular male body preferences.

So let’s take some time to look at this handsome face framed by a sexy curly hair.

Don’t you just wanna lick the screen right now?
Let’s talk about those eyes?
Alex, let me be your pig!

Before getting to the real Alex Libby naked pictures, let me tell you a bit more about this british model: he’s 21 (oh, youth!), and has became a regular presence at, which basically turned him famous. He’s a surfer, loves pizza and Guiness bear and exercises with chin ups and push ups. As I wrote, he’s 21, so there’s not much more to say. But keep an eye on him by following his Twitter account: WhoisLib. Or read his model page.

Alex says his favourite movie is “Surf’s Up”. I find that so cute!
So many things going through my mind right now…
Why go fake when he has a such amazing body?
My couch, now!


Ok, and here we are! We got to what you all want to see: the real pictures of Alex Libby naked!  These next 3 pictures are among a set featured at FitYoungMen in February 2012. Why is Alex Libby featured in such a website? My guess is that he did these pics for some easy money before his modelling career exploded. Even because his name is feature as Alex Beach, and not Libby. Anyway, I don’t think he’s much worried about it since these are not necessarily porn pictures, just nude.

Yup, this is a real Alex Libby naked picture.
Uncut, see?
My favourite one. That’s a boner, right?


Now, is anyone asking “is Alex Libby gay?”. I have no idea of what the answer would be, but one thing is certain: he likes to play a little bit with that idea!

We “likes boys” too. Very much.





What do you think of these last gifs? Boys being boys? Or something more than that?


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Pumpkins and skulls. Maybe that’s all you need for a decent Halloween costume.

Gay Halloween Costumes

are a tricky thing! Because it’s Halloween so we must dress up to be as scary as possible, right? – Please don’t come with funny costumes, Halloween is about monsters, zombies, blood, not childish or cartoonish costumes.

Butt… we want to be sexy at the same time! To get some vampire bites on our necks, or to bring back some hot zombies to life. We may not be children anymore but we sure deserve our candies!

Vampire costume: you will not stand out by your originality but you can always use the “what a lovely neck” pick up line.


I’ve been talking to Rob about Halloween costumes this week and it’s really not easy to get something that makes you sexy, scary and original at the same time. That’s not a problem for us, since we won’t have any Halloween gay party (only office parties, and we don’t need to be sexy for that). But maybe some of our readers are looking for a hot outfit and who knows you may find some help here.

If you’re a stud with a large muscled body, this can be your Halloween costume! Just rip off some old jeans, get some white powder, fake blood and you’re ready to go! Suggestion: don’t wear any underwear.


Now… let’s imagine that you’re heading to some kinky, nasty, sex Halloween party! Oh, I wish we had one of those to go. If that’s your case, I leave you with three good suggestions:

Get someone who can do a nice paint work in your face. Get it like it’s some mexican voodoo thing or whatever. And leave your body free to have some fun!
Take the chance to get a full body painting! Everybody will want to touch you! Problem is that nobody will dare to suck you our anything… so let your dick undone.
As I wrote before, Halloween should be scary! This is not the perfect option, but in case you’re lacking time to dress up… just undress!


If you don’t have any plans or simply don’t like Halloween and all the costume stuff, there’s another kind of gay halloween costumes that you can wear without feeling like a kid: go BDSM! Really, Halloween is about letting come out your fantasies, fears, even emotions. Isn’t it just one massive role-playing evening? Which makes it the perfect night for some hot BDSM. Light up some candles, get some ropes, blinds, leather accessories and play dick or treat with your man (or some guy you pick up on Grindr).





Here are a few more sexy pics to inspire you for your gay halloween costume. These next ones apply specially if you decide to stay at home and have a little nasty party there.

Ok, this is not a costume. But it’s damn hot! And t here’s a pumpkin there, so it’s about Halloween.
Oh Freddy Kruger, you sure know how to pick your victims!
The best gay halloween costume. And it’s so simple to do!


Have fun guys! I’ll let you with one of my favourite Halloween things:


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