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Despite the pun in the title, we’re not showing you 50 different hairy chests in this post. That would be way too many. We just got 24 for you. But we promise each of them is hot as hell!

We prefer hairy guys as we’ve mentioned countless times here. Of course we won’t say not to hot smooth or shaved stud, specially if we have the opportunity to lick a nice hairless ass. But in general we are much more attracted by guys with body hair. So… “how much hair?”, you ask. Well, that depends. Too much hair can definitely be a turn-off for us. And some guys are better trimmed while other are hot exactly because they are all natural.

But then, it also depends on which part(s) of the body we are talking about. Pubes are one thing, hairy ass is another, etc. So let us starting to be more specific here. And today we talk a bit about the chest… the hairy chest! No place for shaved/smooth chests in this post (maybe in another one, who knows) but we will try to grade them from the less hairy chest to the most hairy chest. Hope the title makes more sense now!

1) That chest with some hair between the pectorals

Wanna know why I love this type of hairy chest so much? Easy: because Rob’s chest is like this. It looks really well in guys who have their chest just a little bit muscled. Don’t you think?

Also love that very few hair around his nipples.
C’mon, we’re not talking about this pubes. Take your eyes out of there!
Really like the kind of triangle his hairy chest forms. Oh, and his huge dick of course. Love it.

2) That hairy chest that’s followed by a smooth stomach

Hair trails are sexy. Not only the one leading to a guy’s cock area, but also the one between the chest and the stomach. That said, a guy with a well worked out chest and smooth belly can be so damn sexy!

Just see how the hair helps defining even more his chest. Doesn’t make you wanna suck his nipples?
Would love to pass my hand over his chest. And stomach. And dick.

3) That blond lightly hairy chest

Ok guys, I only have one example of this type of hairy chest for this post. But is it the best example of what?!

Fucking great gif!


4) That hairy guy with naturally hairy chest

Those guys who are hairy but not excessively so they just to all natural. And natural is good 😉

Damn, those pits!
A big fat cock goes very well with hairy guys (it goes well with any type of guy, actually!)
Handsome body. I know this post is about hairy chests but I cannot stop looking at this armpits.
Oh boy, those nipples!
Nice beard, man!
Funny how the hair on his chest covers his tattoo. Most of the guys with tattoos shave.
Pity that we won’t be able to see your hot chest when we fuck you in that position…


5) That guy who likes to be hairy but smartly trims 

We love hairy men but we’re all in for trimming too. Sometimes when it’s too much hair it is better to take care of it. These are good examples of that.

Still a sexy hairy hunk, right? Actually I cannot be 100% sure he’s not naturally like that, but guess that he trims his hairy chest.
Hey, sexy…


6) Those hairy guys 

Men who are proud of their hair! We are!

Fuck… isn’t this a gorgeous body?
Dude.. with that big dick I don’t care if you’re hairy, if you shave… anything goes with that!
If you look closely you will notice his nipple piercings… hot!


7) And finally, those really really hairy guys! 

They’re hot but we confess that it’s a problem when too much hair starts to get inside our mouths.

Not sure if I’d like to lick his nipples because of all the hair. But he’s damn hot!
Wet hairy chest! Love it.
Would need a closer look to check how hairy it is. From here looks like a pretty hairy chest. But really would like to have a much closer look.
Cannot write anything else other than… F U C K !


8) One more: that hairy chest in a white shirt

This is a completely different category and would even deserve a post of its own: guys with hairy chests and white shirts! Won’t write much more about it, I think the following image is pretty explanatory.


What about you guys? How’s your chest and which type do you prefer?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


I love to worship Rob’s armpits. And to be honest, I love to worship any hot (hairy!) armpit! And by worship I mean smell, sniff, lick, rub my face on them!

You don´t? Well, if not then I hope these next pics will change your mind about it!

Don’t we all want to be him with one guy licking his armpit and another sucking his nipple? Well, I wouldn’t mind but I I’d be happy being one of the other guys too.
I could spend hours licking those hairy armpits!
Beautiful blond hair.
Damn cute!
This pose is so “fake” but so sexy! Besides his armpit I also like his hair trail…
“Silence is a prayer”. So let me get down on my knees and pray in silence…
Fuck I wanna bury my nose there!
Same guy as previous picture… so hot!
Less hairy but fucking hot armpit! The nipple showing up only adds more sexiness here.
Not sure I want to lick his armpits or suck his dick first. But I definitely want both.
Amazing hairy body!
That could be me… Slurp!
Smells nice, huh?
Sweaty armpits… hot!
Let’s all worship his armpits before he wakes up!
Oh boy…
Trimmed armpit.. sexy enough!
He’s really begging for someone to go there and lick them.
Real blondie!
Don’t let his big cock distract you from his hairy armpits!

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Nipple play is by far one of the best ways to get me started. Rob knows that very well so whenever he wants some fun he just needs to bring his fingers – or his mouth – to my nipples and get an instant boner.

But for me nipple play is much more than just getting my nipples pinched or sucked. I also love to play with another guy’s nipples, feel them hard in my fingertips or biting and licking them.

And there are so many wonderful things you can do with yours – or another guy’s – nipples…

Self Nipple play

Exactly. Who hasn’t touched his own nipples while masturbating, hum? Well, I know there are some guys out there who are not sensitive – sorry for you, man – but everyone else has done it, I’m sure!

You don’t even need to point… I know where to put my mouth.
Pinch… pinch… pinch…
Nice hairy chest!


Nipple Play as foreplay

Well… is it still foreplay once you get to pinch the other guy’s nipples? I guess it depends on what else it’s going. But let’s assume dicks haven’t been rubbed, sucked or whatever yet. Then yes, nipple play is foreplay.

Pushing the right buttons.
Damn, love a good hairy chest being framed by an open shirt.
Just friends foolin’ around…
Handcuffs… naughty! (oh, and such nice nipples!)
Fucking hot!


Nipple play as an add-on to something else

Like for example…

When you pinch his nipples while he jerks off.
When you play with his nipple while he cums and during the aftermath.
When he’s just in the right position to be fucked and you just need to tease him a little more.
When you kiss.

And, of course, the classic nipple suck! 

I can’t imagine sex without some nipple sucking. Unless it’s a situation that requires that not to happen – for example, a glory hole where the nipples are out of reach – I can’t stop myself from nibbling and sucking on a guy’s nipples. Much less on Rob’s nipples… they are amazing. Really!

Man.. the feeling of two guys sucking both your nipples at the same time it’s just amazing!
Cumming at the same time you have your nipples sucked is just PERFECT!
Who doesn’t enjoy to suck on daddy’s nipples?
You can bite… just be careful!
Damn, he’s hungry!
Love this position.


PS: while writing this post I remembered to check on any nice toys to enhance nipple play. And found out these Nip Tuggers on Fort Troff…. Fuck! Will order now. Can’t wait to see how it feels and to see how I would look with my nipples pierced. Oh, and Rob is gonna be so hot with them on!


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I already wrote here before that I have an uncut cock – when I made a post about foreskin two years ago. Well, time has passed and that hasn’t change (sounds like a joke but actually it’s as simple as getting circumcised). But I still love my foreskin, and even more Rob’s uncut cock!

As I know that many of our readers, specially those living in the U.S., have a special curiosity or attraction for uncut dicks, I’ve been gathering a few hot images to make a post totally dedicated to the reasons why we should all, at least once, have fun with an uncut guy.

I’m calling it:

8 reasons to love uncut cock

And here they are:

1) A resting uncut cock is a beautiful thing to look at

If a cut cock, which is also beautiful and glorious showing off the crown, is basically always the same when it is resting, an uncut cock keeps changing whether the foreskin is up or down, folded or not. And it’s quite horny to see the cock head coated by the foreskin!






2) A hard uncut cock is a horny thing to look at

The same applies to a hard uncut cock. I specially like to appreciate Rob’s dick in the process of getting harder and see how his foreskin is slowly pulled and uncovers his delicious cock head.



3) Playing with your finger with the foreskin is really cool

And this applies to playing with your own foreskin or to other guy’s foreskin. It’s just really nice to play with your fingers between the skin and the crown.





4) Foreskin makes an exciting reservoir for pre-cum

Oh yeah! For those who have a lot of pre-cum and an uncut cock, the pre-cum will tend to stay inside the foreskin area. Meaning that if you like to taste pre-cum you will have a ball with one of these guys!


5) Jerking an uncut cock is AWESOME

Gotta face it, an uncut cock is more flexible to manage because you can push and pull and skin more than with a cut dick.




6) There’s this thing called “cock docking” that can only be done with an uncut cock

Cock docking is basically what you can see in this next image. You need two cocks, only one has to be uncut. The uncut cock guy pulls his foreskin covering the cock head of the other guy. Have to confess we never tried this… maybe tonight!


7) Pulling the foreskin with your mouth is a huge turn-on

But watch out not to hurt or damage anything! Foreskin may not be too sensitive, but it is still a part of a man’s body!



8) Sucking an uncut cock is just exhilarating! 

Finally, for those who love to suck cock – me! me! me! – playing with the foreskin with your tongue and lips is fucking great!!!


I promise that one day I will make a post about cut cocks and why I love them too. Hope you guys who have a cut dick don’t feel you’re being left out or that your cock is less good than these. All cocks are great! Trust me, I’d suck them all 😉

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Where would you put this thick cock: mouth or ass? What about both?

Today’s post is about size. Not about length but thickness! We love cocks and we love them every size and shape. Well, there’s no reason to be so diplomatic here. I actually prefer big cocks (Rob is ok with any size as he’s more of an ass man). That said, a big cock is worth nothing if the man cannot do good job with it. It’s always more about the attitude in sex than the size, but of course that a good attitude and good size together make it perfect.

Now… when it comes to size there are two different things to consider. One is length, the other is thickness. Some guys will have both and I guess that’s what we call a monster cock. Others have a long but thin tool. And others may have a short but thick cock. Because I like to swallow the entire thing, at least enough to touch the balls with my lips, I always prefer a thick cock!

Sure I get fucking scared to let a thick cock get inside my ass. Rob’s is thick but fortunately for my anus is not a monster dick. But when it comes to have a thick cock in my mouth… I love it! Love to open my mouth like a good boy and feel that massive piece of meat inside, touching every corner of my mouth and stretching my cheeks from the inside. I like to feel my mouth sore after 15 min of effort to pleasure that thick dick. And I like the challenge to keep it wet and move my tongue to give the guy the most pleasure I can…

Thick cock examples that I would love to suck

This one is exactly in of my favourite positions to suck them.
Don’t even know that that fits in those briefs.
Can I get on my knees now?
Short but thick cock. It’s a funny shape when the cock head is thin and them the cock enlarges. Guess is more suitable to fuck!
Thick cock and some killer abs!
I’d put it all in my mouth and still be able to lick those balls.
Face fuck position!
Ugly but horny thick cock!
This one is to start sucking while it’s still soft and let it get hard inside my mouth.
Also love to grab and jerk a thick cock!
So fucking yummi!
I would be so happy…
Nice foreskin.
Yeah, work it out, boy!
He’s happy. So would I!
“Are you gonna fuck me with that thick cock or what?”
Again, can I get on my knees?

What about you? What’s your favourite type of cock? Thick or long? Anyway, why chose when we can have it all!

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Before starting to write this post I had to google “fetish definition”. Whenever I think about the word fetish the things that come to my mind are leather, fisting, bondage, etc… Enjoying men armpits seems so soft to me compared to those other things that I had to make sure I could call it Armpit Fetish.

Accordingly to google (I always believe in whatever google says) fetish means “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” I don’t like the word “abnormal” there because to me there is nothing more normal or natural than sticking my nose in Rob’s armpits in the morning. But that’s ok… I assume I can title this post Armpit Fetish!

Level 1 of Armpit Fetish: adoring the pits

So I have identified 3 different levels of Armpit Fetish, from light to more intense. I think this first level should be very common to many of us gay guys, lovers of the male body, which is the level in which we think armpits are a very sexy part of the male body.

Maybe our eyes still target primarily their cocks when we go through endless tumblr blogs at night (and sometimes at work too), but we always look and appreciate their armpits. Which explains why in so many of the naked men pics they have their arms raised to show their armpits.

Hairy but not too much: is this the perfect armpit to lick?
Typical “I’m just protecting my eyes from the light and accidentally showing off my hot armpit”.
Which one would you prefer to lick? “Both” is an acceptable answer.
Again, which one would you prefer to lick?
Sweaty armpit….
Hairy god!

Level 2 of Armpit Fetish: licking the pits

I put this at level 2 because I’m sure many of you out there who can appreciate this part of the male body might not really like to lick them (which is ok. Really. I mean, you have no idea what you’re losing but it’s up to you).

I have to confess that I can’t conceive foreplay without licking the guy’s hairy armpit. And the armpit is such an erogenous zone of the male body that any guy just explodes of pleasure when you pass your tongue there. Actually I don’t even know if I like more to lick Rob’s armpits or to hear him moan when I do it!

Fuck, that’s a lucky bastard!
Lick daddy!
On my way!
This is how it’s done properly: you stick your nose in his armpit.
Man, I want him to lick me like that!
Love his face.
This is exactly how I lick Rob’s armpits 90% of the times.


I could take care of their dicks in the meanwhile…
One of our favs: Jake Bass.
Should be nice to play with that pierced nipple too.
Oh yeah!

Level 3 of Armpit Fetish: smelling and licking your own armpits

I haven’t reached this level. At least not yet. Neither have I personally seen anyone doing this. But again, just tumblr for a couple of hours and you will see some guys doing it. Smelling their own pits, possibly after gym, and even licking them. Can’t elaborate much on this as it’s not my thing. But hey, maybe that’s because I have a pair of nice hairy armpits to lick everyday that not mine!

Even though I don’t do it myself, I think this is hot!
Post-workout armpit check?

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Dick #1: the sporty boner.

I believe most of us have already seen some balls or even a dick hanging out of shorts. But most probably because the guy wearing the shorts was just too careless and didn’t even notice. While that’s funny thing to see, it’s hardly horny. I’d rather see a guy totally aware that he has his dick hanging, a guy making it on propose so I could see it and get excited to go there and suck him. Oh well, nice fantasy. While it doesn’t come true let me have some fun with these 16 guys who clear know they have their

Dick hanging out of shorts 

Dick #2: hanging dick with some nice hanging balls!
Dick #3: ok, just balls this one.
Dick #4: happy to be outside.
Dick #5: flirting for sure.
Dick #6: paid the ticket, gonna enjoy the ride!
Dick #7: peeking.
Dick #8: pink shaved balls.
Dick #9: resting head.
Dick #10: relaxed dude, relaxed dick.
Dick #11: posing to the picture.
Dick #12: he’s ready for the game!
Dick #13: hot summer.
Dick #14: impossible is nothing.
Dick #15: checking the hours.
Dick #16: Looking at you.


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I know the title of this post is very suggestive, but I need to write about something else first. Actually, one things leads to the other.

So… after almost 10 years together, Rob and I decided to open the relationship. Just a little bit, though. What this means is that no, we don’t have an open relationship in the sense of dating or having sex with other people whenever. But we agreed that it would be ok, since we are living in different cities right now, to have sex with other persons as long as the other one approves it first and that some pictures/videos are taken to show to the other. This way, both of us are still somehow involved and can take pleasure out of it.

Yesterday that happened for the first time. I met a guy on Grindr, he was cute, hairy, kinky, seemed nice and had a 9inch/23cm dick… So off I go to meet him at his hotel.

Now, let me tell you about…

… the biggest dick I ever had!

The guy was horny as hell, and as soon as I got inside his room he took his pants off. Oh boy, I didn’t need to wait for him to get hard, it was already the biggest dick I ever seen.

The biggest dick I ever seen was almost exactly like this one. Except the guy was more latino and hairy.
This cock is already a bit hard, but you can tell that it’s quite long even soft.
I honestly wonder how these guys can keep it all inside their underwear… I should have asked him.
The weight of that on your face… so good!

He sent pics before on Grindr – and that was already the biggest dick someone ever sent me pics of – but seeing it live was another thing! I tried to look cool when saying “that’s big man” so it wouldn’t sound like “that’s the biggest cock I ever had inside my mouth!”.

The guy wanted some kinky stuff like golden shower. I never tried it before but was keen to. So we went straight to the shower, I had been drinking water and needed to piss. Once in the shower his dick got hard. Now, one thing we need to know, is that when a cock is that big even soft, won’t grow much more. Just comes up and gets hard, and maybe a bit thicker sure.

Can you imagine having suck a big dick near your face? Or have you had one already?
This is big. But trust me, the one I’m talking about was even bigger!

Because he was hard, he ended up not pissing, but I did. Must say wasn’t that interesting. Maybe because all I could think about at the moment was to get on my knees and suck him!

Started to rub his dick, which felt great. And he made me lick his armpits next, making me even more horny. Then he told me to put on my knees and suck him. I was in heaven…

The only problem is that I like to have it all inside my mouth…

Now, if I compare the biggest dick I ever had with the best dick I ever had – which is Rob’s – I still prefer Rob’s cock. Because even though it’s not the biggest dick, it’s big. And I can stick it all in inside my mouth (not saying I don’t have to make an effort, but that’s part of the pleasure). He can fuck my mouth and have his balls hit my chin. A 9inch dick may be wonderful, but some possibilities are lost.

Yummi, right?
Can I get some milk with my coffee?

What about the rest? Well, this was the biggest dick I ever stroked, sucked, licked, got face fucked and he also had a nice ass to rim. Oh, and very important, this was the biggest dick to cum on my face – with an amount of cum that was proportional to the size!

Oh, and can’t forget the guy also licked my feet in the bathtub! Not my favourite thing, so I completely forgot about it.
Power bottoms to the front! I don’t think I’ll ever let such a big dick fuck me.
Big and beautiful.

I took some pics and made a video of the guy fucking my mouth. Sent to Rob, who loved it. Won’t be posting any of those pics or videos here, though. Some of them have my face on it and the others I won’t post because that would be disrespectful for the guy.

I’m curious to know if you guys had experiences with such big dicks. Or what was the biggest dick you ever sucked? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



A big dick in boxers is naturally comfortable. Not cosy as inside some tight briefs, but more free with enough space to more around a bit. But we all know that our dicks are always ready and willing to get out of our underwear so that they can get in somewhere else… And boxers (not brief boxers, ok?), the one’s who are not tight and have an opening in the middle, give them the chance to pop out every once in a while. And that’s… horny, or course!

A big dick in boxers likes come out and have some fresh hair in the morning

Try to buy boxers one or two sizes smaller than you actually wear (as long as you feel comfortable) and the opening of the underwear will stretch to provide your dick with space to pop out. Trust me, your man (or men, or one night stand, etc) won’t stay indifferent as you walk around in the house.

Not even going to mention his body because wouldn’t know where to start… Let’s just say his boxers are very hot.

If you’re more of a fan of boxer briefs (I’m not an underwear expert, but as far as I understand, boxer briefs are the one’s like this in the next pic, tight and covering less leg), but if you are and still want your dick to show up, there are many boxer briefs with openings on the front, but to the side. In this case, you will have to wear them really tight or have a really nice shower dick.

“Why would I want that?”, you ask? Well, one reason would be to tease your partner(s). Or the guys at the gym (in the locker room). Or just for when you get to look yourself in the mirror (c’mon, why not?).

These side openings can be very sexy too.


A big dick in boxers pops out just with a semi boner

Yeah, forget the tricks I talked about previously. It can all come down to getting a semi-erection and that will be enough for your big dick to pop out and find some other warm places explore (or your own hand).

Good example of a big dick in boxers who really wants to cum out and see the world.
Dicks are the their most beautiful when they are semi-hard. Who agrees?
Wouldn’t mind to see this one getting harder, though.
Nice foreskin!
He’s trying to say that it’s not his fault. His dick just insists to show up for the pictures.
Not my type of guy but my type of cock! Oh yeah!
Damn, his cock just can’t stand still!
A big dick in boxers to came out to say good morning.
Legs too thick. Dick just thick enough.
Who wants to take a closer look at Perry?

When a big dick in boxers gets bigger there’s nothing you can do

Set it free, man! Yes, you can take out your boxers and do what you gotta do. But I hope this post makes you see how horny it is to have a big dick popping out of your boxers. Both I and Rob used to wear these type of boxers many years ago when we met. But I don’t know why we both moved to boxer briefs and now I realise that I miss seeing his dick popping out. Maybe I just one of his christmas presents…

His balls decided to show up too.
Ugly boxers. But I would suck it anyway.
This is the “lick my balls” pic.
A wet big dick in boxers (also wet). So sexy!
Are you looking at me? Because I’m looking at your dick.
Not really sure of what happened with these boxers… too many holes on it.. but damn nice cock!

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Yup, after months of silence (sorry guys!) we’re back! Many things happened in our lives that made us pay less (or none) attention to this blog. Just to resume: we moved jobs and cities. Each one to a different city :-/

I’m not going to say that living apart is easy or good. It´s hard and sucks. The bad kind of hard and sucking, of course. Not being able to suck Rob´s dick every night is not the worst part, but it is pretty sad…

Anyway, we took this decision and will have to live with it for a few more months. Meanwhile, we see each other almost every weekend and share more about our “horny stuff” over the phone or e-mail. We even send our favourite porn videos to each other now 🙂

And sometimes our long-distance calls, or chats, get really horny. We have never shared as many fantasies as now! Which fantasies? That’s what I’m going to tell you about from now on! =D

Let’s start with Fantasy #1:

Big Black Cocks!

Oh boy… wanna suck that big black cock and lick all the rest of his body!

This is the sexual fantasy we’ve been talking about the most. Both Rob and I never had sex with a black guy before. But our fantasy goes beyond just having sex with a black guy… it’s about Rob watching me sucking a big black cock in front of him!


Lately, every once in a while while we’re having sex, just the two of us, Rob brings some dirty talk to the bed, which fucking turns me on! Specially while I’m sucking his dick. I’ll come back to this dirty talk in another post, for now let me just note how Rob likes to ask if would like to have a big black cock to suck after his. I always say yes (or I try to, as my mouth is full).

Man, that’s probably longer then my face! Not sure, though. Bring it here so we can compare.


I already suggested Rob to surprise me with a black guy one of the weekends I go to visit him. But, unfortunately, I don’t think he’s taken that seriously… This next guy would be perfect!

That looks heavy… let me hold it for you.


Brown sugar.


Blowjob by the window, anyone?


Now bounce it agains my face!


Too much? Too big?


It´s a shower!


Are you saying yes?

Sucking a big black cock

The effect of spit in a black dick is so hot!

Would sucking a big black cock be that different then sucking a big white cock? I don’t know, but that’s exactly why I have to try it, right? Looking at all these next guys I feel a bit envy of all of them…



F U C K !


Bet that’s your favourite one, right boy?


Wonder how it feels to be cock slapped with that one…


Open your mouth. Really, OPEN it!


What about two big black cocks?

I love to put two cocks in my mouth at the same time. I already wrote about it T(w)o Horny Guys: Two Cocks. And surely wouldn’t mind to have to black cocks to play with. But let’s take it step by step… only one first.

If you can handle two, try the next level which is to handle two black cocks!


Sharing a big black cock

Now, some of you may be wondering if Rob would just watch. Probably not, even though the core of the fantasy is the fact that he’s watching me blowing a black guy. But I guess at some point he would jump in to have a taste of it. And I wouldn’t mind sharing!

Just like we like to do: one sucks while the other one licks.


Next Steps?

Probably being gang banged from a group of black guys haha

I envy him so much!

Or… giving my ass to a big black cock… But that I’m sure it’s still going to take a looooong time 😉


That’s it guys! I promise I´ll try to get in the rythm and post frequently again 🙂 Thanks to all of you who sent emails asking for more. It´s so nice to read them. I will reply to each of you in the next couple of days.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to be racist or offensive. Even though we are objectifying the male body, we do it to express a fantasy, just like in any other post of this blog. If any, this post is a compliment as we try to show how hot these guys are!

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