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Hey guys and girls!

I’m super excited with this post today for two reasons. First, because I’m telling you about our first interracial threesome! Yeah, finally we tried black dick. And yes, it was as good as we expected.

Second reason why I’m so excited is that this is the first post where, besides using pictures we get online to show our sexual adventures, we are also using a drawing!

Sometimes it’s really hard to find pictures that illustrate how our threesomes went. So I decided to draw it. Because I’m not very good at drawing, it took me some time to come up with one illustration. Would like to draw all the positions in which Rob fucked the guy, but then you’d have to wait months for this post to be concluded. Maybe later on I can speed up and start showing more.

Here it is, the illustration of my favourite part of our first interracial threesome. When the black guy was sucking my dick while Rob fucked him from behind!

Maaaaybe my dick is a bit shorter and thicker. But I really like how I illustrated Rob’s body. It’s so hot to see him fucking another guy in that position!

But let me use pictures now to talk more about our first interracial threesome.

There’s something really hot about seeing different skin tones together, don’t you think?
The guy was a great kisser! His fleshy lips were so soft to kiss, his mouth was warm…

Omg, this post is also about my first big black cock! 

Call me naive, but when we were chatting on Grindr with the guy he asked: do you like bbc? And my first thought was: oh shit, another careless guy who wants bareback. But I still asked what bbc means. And then he clarified: big black cock!

And I had an instant boner and I decided we had to get this guy in our bed no matter what! After a little bit more of chat there he was, knocking at out door.

He was more of a bottom, though. And he was damn horny for dick. So after coming in we offered a beer but he said that he couldn’t because he was driving and he went straight to the bedroom where he started to unbutton our belts and getting our dicks out. He was a good cock sucker but all I could think about was reversing the roles and getting his dick in my mouth. Which I did after a while. My first big black cock. I didn’t want to let it go…

This is a fair illustration of the size of his dick. But his dick head was darker, almost the same colour as the skin.
Yeah, more like this colour with a big head that I loved to sucked.
Such a masterpiece of a dick!
At some point I was laying down and he placed his heavy balls on my mouth with his dick resting on my forehead. I felt so slutty, so horny…
Too sad the guy as much into sucking dick as into getting sucked. I would have enjoyed spending more time with his cock in my mouth.
But I guess there’s a good solution for that: getting another big black cock in our bed!
Let’s not forget the most exciting part of it all: Rob was watching my while I sucked my first black dick! That made it even more special.
This didn’t happen… I wasn’t capable of deep throating that huge dick. Need more practice!
Oh fuck, so hot!
Can’t wait for my next black cock!

Now the threesome itself.

I have sucked two dicks at the same time before. But never different colours. It’s nicer, I have to confess.
Also loved sharing with Rob our first black cock. Almost felt as exciting as the first time we ever shared a dick.
Did I tell you the guy was a talented cock sucker?!
Very talented!
And he was so hungry for dick!

Let’s not forget his delicious ass!

Rob could tell you more about this because he was the one fucking him. And fucked him in different positions and for a long time.

But I fingered him and rimmed his ass as to prepare it for Rob’s dick. I always do that. Guess I’m a nice person!
The guy was moaning so loud every time Rob thrusted him!

And now one word to define my state of mind during this threesome:


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Let me start by confessing that I’m not sure if “oral gangbang” is the correct designation for what I will describe here, but the term makes sense to me and I think it’s pretty clear: it’s just like a gangbang but without the anal sex, just a dude on his knees sucking all the guys around him. And that’s exactly what we experienced recently!

And you know the best part? I was the one on my knees!

Oral gangbang: let those dudes fuck your mouth as they please!

So how did I end up on my knees in an oral gangbang?

What if I start by telling you that it was our anniversary? Yes! We travelled for the weekend and spent the day together doing some sightseeing and had a lovely dinner in a place with a great view while the sun was setting. It was really romantic. And I guess all that romance was slowly making us getting horny…

On our way to the hotel we passed by a gay fetish bar that was really close to the hotel. One of those closed door bars where you know there’s kinky stuff happening inside. We commented on it but kept walking.

When we got to the hotel we undressed and started kissing and so on… I quickly had Rob’s dick in my mouth and we had some dirty talk. I asked him if he would like to go to a bar just like the one nearby and see me sucking all the guys inside. I swear that I was just having dirty talk and far from actually suggesting we’d go there. After all, we were already making love. But to my surprise, Rob said “Wanna go?”

The idea of being on my knees sucking a group of guys has always been present in our dirty talks while we have sex.

Before we decided to put our clothes back on and go, we checked the website of the bar and found out it was “underwear night”, which mean that we could choose between wearing only underwear or nothing at all!

I confess I was too comfortable with the idea but thought “what the fuck, let’s go!”. Worse case scenario we would have a beer and leave.


The hardest part is to know when to move on to the next dick!

The place was smaller than I expected. Right after the entrance there were some lockers where we put out clothes and then we got in wearing just out underwear. The place was dark and kind of divided in two parts. In one there was the bar, which had a bit more of light. On the other side it was a darker area with some mattresses on the floor. The “play area”, of course.

There were about 8 guys inside, almost everyone in underwear with the exception of the bartender and another guy that looked creepy. They were both totally naked.

We got a beer for each one and stayed around the for a while observing the guys. To be honest, at that time there was no one super hot or cute. Most guys were slightly older but decent looking with the exception of the creepy guy that looked like a zombie walking around chasing other guys.

It was fun to have an oral gangbang with naked men. But next time we might try with suited guys!

Afterwards we moved into the darker area. There was an asian guy being fucked in a sling and a group of guys around watching. But soon everyone dispersed and kept walking around cruising.

An older guy was sitting in one of the mattresses and sucking another guy. Rob and I stood next to them for a while and then I decided it was time for some action. So I sat on the mattress next to the older guy, pulled Rob underwear down and started to suck him. I was so excited to give Rob a blowjob in front of all those guys!

Oh yeah, pull my head, dude!

My idea was just to suck Rob and have the other guys watching but guess what… it didn’t take too long until another guy was standing next to Rob and pointing his hard cock in my direction. He was a hairy hunk wearing white briefs. His cock wasn’t long but was thick. I was already in heaven.

Also loved when the guys that I was sucking would interact with each other, touching their dicks, nipples, etc.

From there there were other guys coming and going. Rob was the only one always there. I never really got to be in the middle of a circle of cocks, actually. But it can still be considered an oral gangbang, right? I sucked at least 5 dicks other than Rob’s.

That feeling of knowing other guys are watching you serving like a slut… so horny!

My favourite guy to suck was a dark skin, hairy, short and muscled dude. He has a very masculine attitude and a great big cock! Not sure if he always does what he did, or if he simply understood what I wanted, but he fucked my mouth so good! Pulling my head and thrusting his dick down my throat at the same time. Fuck, he was hot!

Only got to stick two cocks at the same time… but one day they will be three!
I guess that’s how I looked, a hungry sucker with his tongue out!
Damn, it feels so good to be in his place!
Would love to suck multiple dicks outdoors too.
Can you imagine how it feels? Having a dick in your mouth, other one resting in your forehead, a couple more around you waiting for their turn?
I prefer to keep my eyes open so I can see all those other dicks waiting in line.
One cock in your mouth, another one in your hand, your other hand might pinch a nipple…. being in the middle of an oral gangbang is so hard!
Buried in cocks!
Suited to serve.
Mouthful boy.
That’s the easy version of an oral gangbang… but on your knees is much more fun!
Don’t you think?
Lucky slut!
He’s enjoying it so much…
Please, do pull my head!
Where are you looking at? Focus at the job you have at hands! Or in your mouth…
“Am I doing it right, daddy?”

Sorry if the description of our adventure is a bit messy. But the night was messy to be honest. Too many guys in the dark and too many cocks to suck.

Hope something similar happens soon so that I can write another post about it!

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Hot men in bath: we can’t see the man, but we can see the dick and looks hot.

20 hot men in bath …

+ 1 special one… Guess who that might be? Yes, the guy I’m lucky enough to suck whenever possible and to cuddle with at night, the one and only Rob! But I always save the best for last, so let’s first go through all the other 20 in the following order: those who don’t show their dicks, those who do and then Rob (showing his, of course).

Hot men in bath not showing their dicks

He’s too big for this bathtub … maybe he should join ours instead.
Foam and a cute hairy dude.
Foam is sexy but I hate when it covers what we really want to see.
Love wet underwear… specially white briefs.
Pure and hairy sexiness.
Hairy chest + beard … horny!
C’mon man, take your hands out of there.
Really? Can’t you put your left hand behind your head too?


Hot men in bath SHOWING their dicks

Just a little bit…
We can half of it man. And it looks promising!
You need more water. And some cum too.
Head out.
That’s a thick dick I’d like to sit in!
Looks so tasty…



Homo what?!
He’s waiting for a nice dick to fuck him in the bath. Oh yes he is!
Daddy’s waiting for you to wash his… back.
Floating boner.
Nice balls!


This picture was taken after a very hot session we had in the bathtub. We hadn’t seen each other for one week and met in this place we rented for the New Year’s Eve. The bathtub of the place was huge, so as soon as we got there we filled it with water, took our clothes off and stepped in. There was a lot of kissing, sucking, fingering and rimming in the bathtub and then we moved to the bed. But before I took the chance to take this picture of Rob and the cock that was about to cum in my mouth…


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Yes, finally a picture of Rob! This is the man I get to suck almost every day. Am I a lucky guy or what?


Naked men in socks

really turn me on! Can’t really explain why but I guess it’s one of those things that you don’t need to understand. You just let your cock grow hard while watching pictures of naked men in socks.

Maybe that’s why I offered these a-m-a-z-i-n-g pair of socks to Rob last Valentine’s day. It may not be the most romantic gift, but the intention behind this gift was surely very sexy! Or maybe I just offered them because Fight Club is such a great movie and these socks are pretty cool. Either way, after a few talks I convinced Rob to pose for some horny pics with nothing but these pink socks. He said a very reluctant “yes” and acted like he was doing it just because I asked a lot, but the truth is that the minute he was naked and ready to shoot he got a boner. Meaning he was really into it.

This is about the socks, but please take your take on Rob’s balls… let me tell you that they’re delicious.



No need to say that after shutting down my iphone’s camera I gave Rob some payment for his model services. You can imagine how…

So, basically this is my favourite position to suck Rob, just with his legs open so that my body can fit in the middle.


I really need to finish this post quick to blow this dick asap…



Other hot naked men in socks…

But neither their socks are as cool neither they are so hot as my man Rob!














So that I could work on this blog without feeling guilty of not spending that time sucking Rob’s cock.

Anyway, just to say that today I took some hot and horny pics of Rob that will be published here later this week!





We keep horny for threesomes! A few days ago we had another, making two in less than a week, and we are keep looking for more! This time, the guy was in town only for that night and I met him on Grindr. By the pics he sent, he didn’t look much of our type of guy, specially because he seemed to be all shaved. But he had a great ass and was very willing to bottom for both of us. Rob had a hard working day and we had to go to his hotel as soon as Rob got out of work.
As soon as he opened the door we had our first surprise: the guy had dark skin! He wasn’t black, more like a dark caramel colour (he was from Sri Lanka). The thing was that in the pictures he sent he seemed more of a latin guy, not so dark. But for me that was a major turn-on as we’ve never been with a dark skin guy before. And it’s fucking hot! Oh, and the guy was really nice and had a cute smile, which is very important for us.
Let’s call him “G”.



So… we were there and we had two cocks for him to play with…



But Rob had to shower before. And here was where Rob surprised me: as he was entering the bathroom he said “you guys can get started”. I really wasn’t expecting that. We never did that before, leaving the other guy alone with the third element. And as soon as Rob entered the bathroom, the guy came to kiss me. But the bathtub had a glass window to the bedroom, and even though it had curtains that were closed, I went inside the bathroom and opened them. So when I came back to G and we took off our clothes and kept kissing, we were also watching Rob taking his shower. And that was so fucking horny!


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After shower Rob came and joined us. We kissed a lot while both of us kept squeezing his ass and playing with his hole.






Then he got on his knees and sucked us both, which is a classic in our threesomes and probably all gay threesomes.



G. had a F A B U L O U S ass! And I had to lick it, of course… What a great rimjob I did to that guy! I kept rimming his delicious ass for hours while he sucked Rob’s cock.


 PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs




And then I had to fuck him. So I did it while he kept sucking Rob and then we changed. Rob came inside his ass (with a condo, always!) and I asked him to keep fucking him. Which he did! So horny! I ended cuming on myself and G. was very impressed with my load (yes, I cum a lot).


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G. did not cum. He’s a total bottom, and that was the thing I liked the less about him. But he was so nice! We stayed there in his hotel room a bit longer, naked, drinking white wine. It was very pleasant. He’s coming back next month, maybe we will meet again. And maybe I ask him if we can take some pictures to post here, so that all of you can see his delicious ass 😉

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



We should post more pictures of ourselves in here, and I promise that we’ll make an effort to do that more. But because we’re still far away, Rob and I, there was no way I could take a picture of us today. So I decided to repost a picture we took a few months ago, right after waking up. And we added other pics showing other pairs of cocks. The last two cocks belong to us. Hope you enjoy them :p


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs



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Three nights ago we had our first orgy! Just like I wrote on the day before, I had no idea if it would be good. But now I can already tell you how it went.

First of all, I’m happy to have finally participated in an orgy and to have done it with Rob. Now… was it great? It was very good but it wasn’t great. I guess that next time we should be a pair number – we were 5 guys, which sometimes led to one guy staying out. For me that’s cool, I didn’t mind to be on the outside looking at Rob with the other guys, that makes me horny. But there is always some concern about making sure that everyone is “happy”, probably even more because I and Rob were hosting this orgy.

Also, I think that it’s very easy to find out what to do next in sex when you’re with one or two more guys, but it’s not so easy when there are more! I felt that sometimes we did not know what to do next.

And finally, it’s frequent to take an elbow or a knee right in your face! Haha. But that was more at the beginning, as time went by I think that we all got more conscious about occupying the space. Anyway, I was always remembering the “Twister” game.

And I want to have more orgies, with even more guys!


















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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



I’ve posted before about our difficulty to find another gay couple to have sex with. But I think I forgot to say a very important aspect that really makes this quest hard: the fact that we need both of the guys to be bottoms!

One doesn’t have to be a genius to know that double-bottom couples are a rarity… which actually makes sense. Even us, we are both versatile with each other, but we are only top with other guys. Hope that somewhere there’s a nice couple that works the opposite way!

Any of the next couples would be just fine…











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