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Happy Valentine’s gay, everyone! No matter if you’re married, have a boyfriend or if you’re single, let us celebrate love today. And here we celebrate love by sharing with you some of our favourite real boyfriends in gay porn! Yesterday we already showed you Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, and today we’re gonna talk about:

 Ricky Roman and Michael Milano

[Click the images or here to watch the trailer for this video]

Ricky Roman and Michael Milano
Ricky Roman (left) and Michael Milano (right)

Ricky Roman is not a stranger to most of gay porn fans, and we have already made a post with him before entitled “Sex Attitude” (promising title, right?). The first amazing thing about this next porn video we are going to show you is that it is the first time that Michael Milano makes porn. Yes, his first porn movie is/was – not sure he’s done more – with the man he loves. There’s something beautiful about this, don’t you agree?

Well, let’s be fair, Michael was a cam-boy, so he was used “perform” on camera. But that’s different. And I’m glad that not only he did his first porn with his boyfriend, but also with Cockyboys, which is a guarantee of quality and good taste.

Before the action starts, Ricky and Michael open up to us, the viewers, about their relationship. It’s very beautiful as they share how they deal with a long distance relationship and how hard it was when Michael moved to LA (Ricky Roman cries some tears and I must confess I almost did too…). They also share some images of their skype talks which is really sweet.

All of this happens in the forest, by the lake, but as Ricky points out, not too far from the road. These boys like to do it outdoors and the sensation of being caught up at any moment! Or as Michael puts it:

“I’m very classical, I like bedroom and candles.. but he’s OPENING me up.”

The OPENING in caps was just me playing with words…

But now, let’s go to the forest!

boyfriends of porn gif 20
Michael is so sweet… And they are both so cute together, moaning all the time.
boyfriends of porn gif 22
Jerking off each other… because even boyfriends do some warm up.
boyfriends of porn gif 23
Michael starts by doing a great blowjob to Ricky.
boyfriends of porn gif 21
Ricky Roman tasting his own dick on Michael’s mouth. I love this!
boyfriends of porn gif 24
Please look at me while I dick slap you!
boyfriends of porn gif 25
Now it’s time for Ricky to repay the blowjob to Michael. Look at that ass! At this point we understand who the bottom is. It’s always the one who points his ass up like that while sucking dick.
boyfriends of porn gif 26
Ricky Roman takes it like a man and moans like a boy who’s being fucked by his lover.
boyfriends of porn gif 27
Who’s there? Oh, it’s Ricky Roman!
boyfriends of porn gif 28
I love this part when Ricky slides Michael’s dick up his ass.
boyfriends of porn gif 29
They are unstoppable!
boyfriends of porn gif 30
Third position…
boyfriends of porn gif 31
My favourite shot of this video is this close up of Ricky Roman’s dick dropping amounts of precum on the grass!
boyfriends of porn gif 33
Classical cumshot with a romantic kiss.
boyfriends of porn gif 34
Oh boy, Michael uses his own cum to jerk Ricky’s dick… Rob, we need to try this tonight!
boyfriends of porn gif 35
Ricky’s cumshot on his own tattoo is so hot.
boyfriends of porn gif 36
And the cherry in the top of the cake: cumswapping!

We want more of these two! A threesome with another hot guy would be amazing. Please Cockyboys, please, please, please.

Hope these gifs have given you some ideas for Valentine’s night… Meanwhile, catch up with Ricky Roman on his Twitter page.

Along the week more boyfriends of gay porn will come!

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It’s that time of the year: Valentines day! Or, as I like to call it, Valentine’s Gay. As a couple, we don’t pay much attention to this day. We prefer to focus our romantic celebrations in other occasions like anniversaries. But if everybody is celebrating love, we want to celebrate it too and that’s what we will do here at T(w)o Horny Guys. In the best way we can: by showing you real boyfriends of gay porn… in action! So let’s start…

Meet Colby and Mickey, our first boyfriends of gay porn

[click on the images/gifs to see the trailer of their video for Cockyboys]

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox
Mickey Knox (left) twisting Colby Chamber’s nipple (right). How cute is this?

Colby and Mickey met around 7 years ago when they were working at the same restaurant. Back there, Mickey was not out and lacking in confidence as normal of a country side boy who has troubles coming to terms with his sexuality. Colby´s confidence encouraged Mickey to be who he really was – I think this is a very common story within gay couples, when one helps the other to feel confident and comfortable with his sexuality.

The story of how Mickey told Colby he was gay (well, bisexual according to his own words) is so funny. Mickey tell us about it in this Cockyboys’ video:

“At the time I was so scared that the way I told him I was bisexual, was I had to write it down on a piece of paper and I left it on a table that he was gonna clean, and he picked it up and it was a website. And when he went home and looked it up it was gay porn.”

But only when Colby decided to leave the job at the restaurant, Mickey realised that he couldn’t miss the chance to see how things could go with them… so one night before Colby left he followed him to the restroom and stand at the urinal next to him… and they hook up right there. Damn, urinals can be romantic after all!

But do real boyfriends make better gay porn? Let´s check it out.

Better is a very relative concept. But one thing I’m sure: best gay porn is done when there’s chemistry between the porn stars. Therefore, real boyfriends of gay porn never fail to give us what we want! And Colby and Mickey are the perfect example of that.

To start, Mickey takes his time teasing and exploring Colby’s dick. After all, he knows that cock very well and is not eager to take it out to see it.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 1
Mickey unveiling Colby’s cock. Such a tease!
boyfriends of gay porn gif 2
This is love: worshipping your man’s dick as if it was the first time you saw it.

Sure, soon Colby decides it’s time to start being a bit rough and starts pushing Mickey’s head while he sucks his dick.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 3
“C’mon boy, go deeper, you can do it”

Now, this a video of two boyfriends making love/having sex. But it’s still a porn video, so it’s made for us! And this is one of my favourite parts: when Mickey sucks Colby with his ass turned to the camera (to us!). I can always relate to this because I instantly imagine that the guy is sucking Rob and giving me his ass to lick.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 4
Micky Knox, what an amazing ass!

In no time, Colby is rimming his boyfriend’s horny ass. You’re so lucky, Colby!

boyfriends of gay porn gif 5
I have to repeat myself here: what an amazing ass!
boyfriends of gay porn gif 6
Some light spanking… that butt was asking for it!

At this point we are all very clear about their roles in bed and we know we will see Colby drilling his boyfriend’s hole. But before that, Colby pushes Mickey and give him a wonderful blowjob.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 7
This is so fucking sexy.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 8
I like those moves.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 9
That must feel good…

Then we have Colby banging Mickey for a long time, in different positions, always with passion and dominance. It’s really horny to see these real boyfriends of gay porn in action, because you can easily see that what’s going on there can only be possible with two guys who are intimate and know each other very well. But at the same time, Colby is rough and hard on Mickey, fucking his ass merciless as he would do to any other strange guy. That mix is what makes this awesome!

boyfriends of gay porn gif 10
Let’s get it started?
boyfriends of gay porn gif 11
Kiss and fuck.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 12
Love how Mickey gets submissive here.
boyfriends of gay porn gif 13
Mickey is enjoying that dick up his ass. Look at his face!

I love to watch porn where guys do things with cum, I really do. But when it comes to “real life” sex, I can only play with Rob’s cum. I think swallowing or even just having cum in your mouth is such an intimate thing… I don’t know if Colby and Mickey play with other guy’s cum, but I love what Mickey does here when he cums on Colby’s chest and then goes there and lick it…

boyfriends of gay porn gif 14
Mickey cumming on Colby’s chest…
boyfriends of gay porn gif 15
… and then licking his own cum from… damn!

How do you know your bottom really loves you? When he offers his ass to you once more even after he cums! That’s exactly what Mickey does, letting Colby fuck him a bit more… lovely, right?

boyfriends of gay porn gif 16
Such a lovely bottom.

To finish, I have to show you something that really fascinated me about this video… Colby’s face/body reaction when he explodes just outside of Mickey’s ass. Hard to put in words, so here’s some gifs and a close up on his face.

boyfriends of gay porn gif 17

boyfriends of gay porn gif 18

boyfriends of gay porn gif 19

For more on these amazing boyfriends of gay porn visit their twitter pages: Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox.

And we will be back to show you more real boyfriends of gay porn as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I hope these two can inspire you to have fun on Valentine’s day!

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From now on I’ll be starting a new category called “Horny Guys to Follow“. I think the name says it all, right? Basically it’s a suggestion of a hot guy to follow on some social network, like Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The are millions of hot guys out there, so there’s plenty to choose 😀

Rob, do you know why I picked this guy? Because he remembers me the guy we met (and had fun with) in Tokyo. And it’s funny because this one is also Japanese Brazilian, like the other guy was! But they’re not the same person.

Anyway, he’s hairybrjp on instagram. So go and follow him!








PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs
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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



A few time ago we I made a post called Food Porn Sunday that included this hot image:


And today I was very happy to find out that this horny dude is called Freddy Krave and has a tumblr of his own, with lots of hot pictures of him and many more taken by him (featuring other hot men!).

Here you have a few examples to see how sexy and cute Freddy Krave is. For more go to his tumblr: Kraviation.










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When we started this blog, only a few months ago, we did not have a clear idea of what it would be. And we still don’t ! There are too many gay blogs, tumblrs and other stuff out there, but not so many featuring a gay couple, so we have very few references.

Yesterday I found a cute gay couple who “share” a bit of their lives online: Larrend & Karl. They are two young guys living in Australia. Larrend is a management student and Karl is a clothing designer. They have separated blogs and a Flickr account with pictures of them both, together in many of them. Those picture are lovely, but also quite horny sometimes!

Their blogs are very different from this one, sure. They don’t go into pornography, neither they share their sex life with us. Which I found very interesting in both their blogs is the balance between what I think we can call a “fashion blog” with the sharing of some personal stuff, mostly the love that they feel for each other.

Go ahead and visit them:
Ninthsheep (Larrend)
Inkarlcerating (Karl)
Larrend & Karl (Flickr)

And here they are! (aren’t they lovely?)











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Camara Lenta is Alexis Zambrano, a Venezuelan architecture student. He’s one of my favourite guys to follow online, not only because he’s very cute, looks adorable and has a very sexy body, but also because his pictures are great and very sensual.

It was difficult to pick a few pictures from him to post! The criteria is always to chose horny pics, and that became really hard because all of them are! I like his smooth white skin, I like his cute smile, I like his beard, his armpits, his nipples and specially his smooth butt!

Camara Lenta means something like “slow motion” and for me that has to do with his pictures in a way that they are all very beautiful and have a sense of peacefulness that’s associated with his body – the white smooth skin and the gentleness of his face. Also the colours are very light and the way he uses the natural light make it seem like time has stopped.

But check his pages to see more pics of him and pics taken by him. It’s worth it!

Flickr | Tumblr | Twitter | 8tracks | Facebook











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I heard somewhere someone saying that Internet was made for Porn. I disagree. But I say: Tumblr was made for porn! (check our Tumblr here!).

It’s a never ending world of gay porn out there on Tumblr. One can spend entires days going from one to another. Maybe must of them suck, that’s truth. Among so many tumblrs, many of them lack creativity and good taste. But when you spend some time tumblring (does this word exists?) you always end up finding some great ones. My favourites are Tumblrs that belong to hot guys who like to photograph and expose themselves there.

And this is one of them. This guy runs a Tumblr called Blorft where he mostly posts horny pictures of him. I find him very cute and hot: he has a nice body (but not a gym fanatic), a cute face, a good looking cock, nice balls and an ass hole that seems to say “fuck me, fuck me!”.

Don’t you agree, Rob?











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