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Hot men in bath: we can’t see the man, but we can see the dick and looks hot.

20 hot men in bath …

+ 1 special one… Guess who that might be? Yes, the guy I’m lucky enough to suck whenever possible and to cuddle with at night, the one and only Rob! But I always save the best for last, so let’s first go through all the other 20 in the following order: those who don’t show their dicks, those who do and then Rob (showing his, of course).

Hot men in bath not showing their dicks

He’s too big for this bathtub … maybe he should join ours instead.
Foam and a cute hairy dude.
Foam is sexy but I hate when it covers what we really want to see.
Love wet underwear… specially white briefs.
Pure and hairy sexiness.
Hairy chest + beard … horny!
C’mon man, take your hands out of there.
Really? Can’t you put your left hand behind your head too?


Hot men in bath SHOWING their dicks

Just a little bit…
We can half of it man. And it looks promising!
You need more water. And some cum too.
Head out.
That’s a thick dick I’d like to sit in!
Looks so tasty…



Homo what?!
He’s waiting for a nice dick to fuck him in the bath. Oh yes he is!
Daddy’s waiting for you to wash his… back.
Floating boner.
Nice balls!


This picture was taken after a very hot session we had in the bathtub. We hadn’t seen each other for one week and met in this place we rented for the New Year’s Eve. The bathtub of the place was huge, so as soon as we got there we filled it with water, took our clothes off and stepped in. There was a lot of kissing, sucking, fingering and rimming in the bathtub and then we moved to the bed. But before I took the chance to take this picture of Rob and the cock that was about to cum in my mouth…


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



Gay couples inside the bathtub are sexy!

Because foam makes anyone sexy. Specially hot guys. And specially two hot guys together! Or more, if you’re a fan a foam parties or have a very big bathtub in your apartment.

My eyes can’t stop going from one´s ass and the other’s abs… Looks time I’m watching a tennis match.
Don´t let all that foam take away your sexy attitude!
It’s true that we prefer hairy butts… but who can resist such a nice shaved wet ass?

Gay couples inside the bathtub are happy! 

No wonder, wouldn’t you be happy sharing some naked quality time with any of these guys? I probably wouldn’t laugh much, though. Because, you know, it’s not easy to laugh with a dick in your mouth.

Funny how the water get’s to hide their dicks. Oh well, guess this is a not a cock post.
They are so cute!
Bromance is: hey, brother, wash my back!
Fucking adorable!

Gay couples inside the bathtub are serious!

No, they’re we’re not. But I like this pic and wanted to include it somewhere in this post.

Seriously in love, I guess.

Gay couples inside the bathtub are romantic!

Candle lights are ok, but not necessary to make the bathtub one of the most romantic places for any gay couple (or straight for all that matters). Oh, just fyi, we don’t have a bathtub in any of our apartments, but we try to find other places to be romantic.

Romantic moment or “there is something in your eye” moment?
B e a u t i f u l !
Taking a very romantic nap.
Empty bathtub? Great anyway!

Gay couples inside the bathtub are… sometimes only one because the bathtub is too small.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! These guys seem to do it anyway!

Man, put that dick in my mouth any time…
Let’s wash your ass first, baby….
Not a big fan of manbun but definitely a big fan of that dick!
A guy comes home from work and finds his man having a bath…
This pic is my favourite. So cute.

And, of course…

Gay couples inside the bathtub are horny!

Were you thinking I could make a post about gay couples in the bathtub without even one pic of some wet anal action?! Well, I can’t. And we all know that the guys in previous pics all ended up here.

Getting dirty where most of us get clean.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


You see these three walking and you know that something very horny is about to happen.

Gay prison porn: plenty of videos, few really good ones.

During my scarce visites on gay porn tube websites I noticed how many gay prison porn videos there are. Unfortunately, about 90% of them are quite “meh”. One advice to all gay porn filmmakers out there: just having two hunks fucking by some jail bars is not enough!

Gay prison sex is a complex fantasy that reunites a series of different sexual fantasies like submission, violence, rape, etc. Which reminds me to write a little disclaimer before continuing the rest of the post.

[Disclaimer: here at T(w)o Horny Guys we don’t promote or encourage violence or any kind of forced sexual activity. Sex is a healthy activity that must never include anyone who’s not willing to do it. Otherwise it’s not healthy and it’s a crime. This said, submission, violence, fantasies like being forced to have sex, etc, for some reason are a part of many people’s sexual fantasies. With your partner(s) you can find a way to bring those fantasies to your sexual life without any real harm to yourself or others. The same applies to the porn industry, that can give you these fantasies without necessarily promoting real violence. If we’re all grown ups to watch porn, we’re also grown ups to discern between fiction and real life]

Fortunately, I found a great example of gay prison porn movies! Let me share it with you and please, if you know any other gay prison sex movies, send it to us. Because this really fucking excites me.

Prison Shower“: this is how gay prison porn should always be!

Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar, inmates waiting for the guard to go away.

Prison shower” is a series of 4 movies by Drill My Hole, one of websites (we just signed up a few days ago and we’re amazed by the amount of hot movies they offer, you can literally spend 24/7 watching good quality gay porn here).

The star of “Prison Shower” is Johnny Rapid, who’s apparently one of the most famous gay porn stars, and you will understand why after reading this post! This guy’s ass should be named something like Super-Hole! His voice is a bit annoying, he’s just an average cute boy but – damn! – he takes all those big cocks with so much eagerness! There’s much to say about Johnny Rapid but I think I will save that for another post. For now let me just say that this is the same guy who recently offered Justin Bieber $2million to make a scene with him – a great marketing stunt by, sure. Oh, and just one more thing: Johnny Rapid is straight…

Verbal and physical violence on gay prison porn

Let’s face it, violence it’s a must have in any gay prison porn movie. Verbal sex is pretty common – and hot – in gay porn, but physical violence is usually not that good. I don’t blame the actors, this is something really difficult to pretend that you’re doing, specially without really hurting the other actors involved.

But in “Prison Shower“, specially the first part, Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar are quite amazing doing it! I confess that the first time I saw this video I even felt a little bid bad about it. I created these gifs for the post but I decided to draw a red line so the most violent parts are not here. But if you watch the trailer a little bit further you can see the part where Rafael Alencar grabs Johnny Rapid’s head and hits it agains the wall (notice that in fact he’s hitting his own hand, so Johnny doesn’t get hurt). A bit too much for me, but maybe some of you will enjoy it.

Let’s talk about Rafael Alencar’s cock? Man, that’s fucking huge!
I confess: I would to have Rafael Alencar doing this to me. Of course that he wouldn’t need to… I would volunteer to get his huge cock in my mouth!
We’re all wishing we could have that cock hitting our face, aren’t we?
This is fucking hot!


Can your ass handle a night stick and a huge thick cock? Johnny Rapid’s can!

Night sticks appear frequently in gay prison porn movies. But, once again, most of them just feature them as mere props with highly phallic associations. And this is where “Prison Shower” also show us how gay prison porn should be made: they’re not afraid to use the sticks to pound Johnny Rapid’s ass! And he can handle it. Oh yes, he can handle a night stick and Rafael Alencar’s huge dick… at the same time!

And this is a straight guy’s ass…
I’m not even sure if my ass could handle Rafael Alencar’s cock by itself…
Bottoms out there… learn!


Prison Shower“: the other 3 movies

As I already wrote, “Prison Shower” is a series with 4 movies, all featuring Johnny Rapid as the bottom guy, the poor undefended inmate who, for one reason or the other, gets his hole fucked by other inmates and also prison guards. Always in the shower.

My favourite gay prison porn movie is definitely the first one of this series, but all the other 3 are also great!

Prison Shower 2

Guess what: this time Johnny Rapid is gonna have to offer his ass to the prison guards.
Which is something he really doesn’t seem to mind very much.
In this one he doesn’t get a night stick inside his ass, but he get’s a dp from the guards!


Prison Shower 3

In Prison Shower 3 we’re fooled to thinking that Johnny Rapid is gonna get gang banged by his hot tattooed cellmates…
But no, it’s again sex between Johnny and the guards! And the sticks are back!
Did you know that one of my biggest fantasies is having Rob holding my head like that while I suck other guys?
Strong men = strong sex!
I told you the night stick was back!
Another stick, another cock. Can we consider this dp?


Prison Shower 4

In the last movie, Johnny Rapid has to convince the prison psychiatrist to qualify him for early release… And he can be pretty convincing!
Guess when you have a hole like Johnny Rapid’s just one dick is never enough!
Hey bro, we did it, we took care of this little criminal here!


Finally, take a look at “Prison Shower” first movie here. Whether you’re a fan of gay prison porn or not, I’m sure you will enjoy this! And go to Drill My Hole to see all the other hot gay porn movies they have there.




We like to do it in the shower. And “to do it” means lots of things. For example:

To kiss, specially with the water running over our heads.

horny_gay_shower_1 horny_gay_shower_2 horny_gay_shower_3


To lick the water from each other bodies.



And because the ass is perfectly clean, why not a wet rim job?



I like to get my ass soaped, and then fingered, and then fucked. Soap is a great lub!



We like to lean against the shower wall while the other one stroke our soaped cock from behind.



Or to feel the other cock hard while the water falls in our heads.



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