Challenge accepted :P

Well, I do not have much  time to write a story about why I find these guys attractive. Hope you understand when you see the photos. Have fun 🙂

Cheers , Robert

Mateus Verdelho - Brazilian Model
Mateus Verdelho – Brazilian Model
Paul Banks - Musician
Paul Banks – Musician
Declan John Geraghty - Model
Declan John Geraghty – Model
Ewan McGregor -Actor
Ewan McGregor -Actor
Jake Gyllenhaal - Actor
Jake Gyllenhaal – Actor
Jon Kortajarena - Model
Jon Kortajarena – Model
Matthieu Charneau - Model
Matthieu Charneau – Model


  1. hornytwoguys

    Most of them are not a complete surprise for me 🙂 I have to see more of Paul Banks (who the hell is he?). But what I’m shocked about is… EWAN MCGREGOR?! Really? Hahahaha I wasn’t expecting that. Not a bit! What do you like about him?


  2. hornytwoguys

    Paul Banks is not very cute, but i find this photo, the pose, the cigarette and his expression very attractive (he is Interpol’s vocalist, btw).

    McGregor has an unique style, he’s not the typical hot muscled hero, but he’s a very charming man. And he was on Trainspotting – what could be hotter than that ? 🙂

    • hornytwoguys

      Hmmmmm… I don’t agree but I don’t have too. I don’t think he’s ugly, it’s not that. Maybe I could change my opinion about him if I saw him live. And naked. Let’s make him an invitation? 😉


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