Challenge accepted!

Great challenge, Peter!

Firstly, I have to say that none of these asses compares to yours. I really mean it.
That said, I chose the most hairy one first followed by the submissive guy (great photos by the way), the shaved butt (is really asking for it), the skinny dude and the tattooed guy. I have to say I like tattoos, but that guy is not very attractive – too shaved, too white and too skinny for me :P.

Surprised, Peter?




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  1. 2hornyguys

    I’m not surprised because I honestly made no idea of how you would answer. I picked the hairy ass guy because I know that you don’t like shaved bodies but my guess would be that you would pick the skinny dude first because his ass is just a bit hairy. And even though you don’t like shaved guys I know you enjoy a shaved ass (at least you seem to like when I shave mine).


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