Guys and gals, boys and girls, gentlemen and ladies… we are about to launch our first gay erotic ebook! It’s a novellete (bigger than a short story but not big enough for a novella) full of steamy erotic scenes. Quite explicite to be honest.

But more than just sex, it is telling the story of when Jordan, the main character, took a first class flight to close a millionaire deal but things quickly got out of control during the flight… or in other words, things got really horny up there!

Rob designed 3 different cover options for this eBook and we’re having difficulties choosing one. We don’t think that the cover needs to unveil a lot about the story or be very direct about the content of the book. But at the same time we don’t want to just have a random muscled body in the cover like most gay erotic ebooks do (man, most of them are so ugly!)

So, can you please help us making a decision by telling us which is your favourite cover? You can send a quick email to or comment in this post.

If you’re a kindle user – first platform where we will launch – tell us that so maybe we can offer you the book later 🙂

Horny Business book cover 1
Cover A
Horny Business book cover 2
Cover B
Horny Business book cover 3
Cover C


Thank you! =D


  1. Richard

    I like cover c. The guy is dressed for business and its a business deal, right? Looking forward to learning more about the book.

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