See that banner image? Isn’t it the best gay porn website banner image ever?! And that’s just a small part of the new Cockyboys’ website. I have wrote dozens of posts about Cockyboys, you all should already know how much I love them (as long as love is all about jerking off while watching them having awesome sex).

And I have explained why Cockyboys gives us the best gay porn out there. But for those who haven’t read it, I will summarise: because Cockyboys doesn’t just stick with the normal, with hiring hot hung guys, turn the camera on and let it roll. No, they hire the best guys, they make sure the guys have chemistry and will provide passionate and hot sex scenes and then they film it with mastery. Furthermore, Cockyboys go where no one else goes with the creation of their own more-than-porn mini-series.

Once upon a time, porn has led innovation in the digital/internet industry. Unfortunately, those days are over (thank you tube sites… or not!). Porn website have become boring, they are all the same and, let’s face it, with the exception of some niche websites, overall content has also been better.

But there’s hope again! Cockyboys is, once more, taking the lead and just presented us with a totally new website designed to deliver a more dynamic experience. And it’s such a pleasure. The great innovation is about how content is delivered through categories and curated content that stand out from other websites.

My favorite categories: “Love Always: Boyfriends & Romance” and “Jake Jaxson´s playlist“.


Well, that’s enough. Go to Cockyboys and explore it for yourself 😉

PS: no, I don’t own shares. I wish I owned some of their boys, though.

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