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I think I’ve told you before about my horny feelings towards Colby Keller, my favourite gay porn star. But the thing is that he’s much more than just a cute and hot porn star: he’s not only a love maker, he’s a very intelligent art lover too. If you don’t follow his blog Big Shoes Diaries yet, you should start right now!

But why I am talking about this today? Because Colby is ready to embark in a new adventure and he needs our help. He has given away everything he owns and he will buy a van, a mattress and a camera and start travelling all over America do to porn and art!

He needs funding to do this, of course, and he’s raising it at indiegogo. Contributions start at 2USD and goes all up to 11.000USD.

We’re running out of money right now, so we’ll just support him with 5$, which will give us a tweet from Colby, but if we were rich we would definetly go with the 1.000$ to get a personal visit from him! Anyway, there all always nice perks, no matter how much you can give.

Oh, and you can always support him by talking to your friends about #ColbyDoesAmerica, posting about it on your blog, tumblr, whatever. Any effort will be worth it as soon as you start jerking off to the wonderful videos that Colby will make in this roadtrip! We’re anxious to see the result of this adventure.


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