There are plenty of reasons why I love threesomes: to see Rob with another guy, to get sucked at the same time I suck a cock, to rim an ass that Rob will fuck, etc. But what turns me on the most is by far the opportunity to double suck!

Double suck: sucking two cocks at the same time

I honestly have no idea if the term “double suck” is correct. I mean, it should be correct but I don’t know if it is used. I googled how to say when a guy (or a girl, it’s indifferent) sucks two cocks at the same time but couldn’t find a popular slang or term. Damn, so many terms for gay sex actions and none for one of my favourite?! It’s not fair.

I love to double suck and Rob knows it. I guess he can tell by how I moan when I have his and another guy’s cock at the same time inside my mouth. And I know, for sure, that both Rob and other guys love it too. Not only because Rob has told me so but also because I can feel their reaction, either by the way their moan or by feeling their cocks throbbing inside my mouth.

How good it feels to suck two cock heads at the same time!
And the vision of two big cocks just in front of your face!
When we have a threesome I can hardly wait to get on my knees and start sucking Rob’s and the other guy’s cock.
I guess I look like him, with that slutty face that says “I’m in heaven!”
Or like this guys, opening my mouth as much as I can and inviting the other guys to fuck my mouth together.
It’s such a tease to have one cock in your mouth and the other one just near your face, waiting for its’ turn.
I like to tease the guys by holding their dicks together and sucking one at the time before opening my mouth wider.
My tongue really loves to lick from one cock to the other.
Holding two cocks in your hand is so horny… have you tried?
I feel so lucky that Rob gets turned on by sharing my mouth. He loves to see me like this.
Yup, not easy. You won’t be able to stick two entire cocks up your mouth…


… but trust me, the guys will love to feel you trying.
Wouldn’t mind being on my knees in front of these two right now!


I never saw myself doing it, but this is exactly how I do: open my mouth as much as I can and push in their cocks with my hands.
Man… that feels good!
Such a pretty face and such pretty cocks!
Working hard on those two. Double suck, double the work!
And yeah, if you really really want to make me happy… please shoot both your loads into my face!
Double suck, double facial!

Posted by Peter.

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