Our first gay erotic e-book is finally ready and available for Kindle through Amazon store! I write “our” because even though I wrote it Rob helped a lot with revision and ideas and designed the cover.

Horny Business: First Class Deal” is a gay billionaire erotica novel  with around 15000 words and I don’t intend to win the Nobel with it (cheers to Bob Dylan, by the way!). This book is not about great literature but about giving readers an opportunity to sit down and have a nice moment with themselves.

The synopsis goes like this:

Jason is a gemstone trader about to close the business of a lifetime. What he doesn’t know is that he will have a tough negotiation during a first class flight with Amar, a sexy and dominant billionaire. How far is Jason willing to go to close this deal?
“Horny Business – First Class Deal” is a gay erotic novel that takes place in the first class of a long flight. It includes long steamy sex scenes – M/M and threesomes -, explicit language, underwear fetish, interracial sex, etc.

Inspiration for the main characters

The main characters are described in the book just enough to help the readers understand the type of men they are, but I don’t go much into detail because I think readers will like to imagine themselves how these guys look like. That’s one of the differences between gay erotica and gay porn, right?

Here are some of the pictures that helped me imagining the three main characters and some quotes from the book about their physical features. The images are just inspirational so they don’t exactly match with the characters descriptions.

Jason Smith: the gemstone dealer



Amar Said: the client

“The vision of him was glorious: he was sweating all over, his chest moving up and down following his breath, his cock still hard as a rock. A drip of cum was forming at the tip of his cock and getting ready to fall on the floor. I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I?”







Amar’s cock

“It was a gorgeous, thick, caramel, uncut dick that he was rubbing gently, covering and uncovering his big crown with the foreskin. Damn, being a cut guy I always felt attracted to uncut cocks. That was one of those monster cocks I used to see a lot in porn videos but very little in real life.”





Flight attendant Mike

“He was a blond twink with a lean body and pale smooth skin – not a single hair in that body! And without his uniform I could now confirm that he had the most amazing bubble butt!”



What do you guys (and girls!) think about it? Did I get good inspiration? You can check where this inspiration got us by getting the ebook here.

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