Hot guy: Eric Paul Leue

A few weeks ago, a hot guy grabbed my attention at Grateful Grapefuit, in a post with pictures from the photographic work “Tuff Boy Fun” by Donovan Vriens-McGrath. But the name of the model was not written in the post, so I didn’t search more of him until yesterday, when I found out that this hot guy’s name is Eric Paul Leue. Unfortunately, google doesn’t give me much info about him, just lots of websites with these pictures (from “Tuff Boy Fun”), an almost inactive Twitter account and a niceĀ instagram account.

I know that almost no one is reading this blog yet, but if you read this and know where I can see more pictures of Eric Paul Leue, please tell me!

And you, Rob? I’d like to know if you find him hot or not!

Eric_Paul_Leue_1 Eric_Paul_Leue_3 Eric_Paul_Leue_2 Eric_Paul_Leue_4 Eric_Paul_Leue_5 Eric_Paul_Leue_7 Eric_Paul_Leue_8 Eric_Paul_Leue_9 Eric_Paul_Leue_10 Eric_Paul_Leue_11 Eric_Paul_Leue_12 Eric_Paul_Leue_13


Posted by Peter.


  1. 2hornyguys

    Great choice, Peter. He’s not too muscled and fit, that gives him a healthy natural look. He must be a fun guy with a great attitude and charm. Can we ask him to spend a night with us?

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