So here we are with the final post about our last foursome. As we wrote before, this foursome was quite unique as it included a couple with feet fetish and because I was restrained (tied) and kind of became a slave to the three guys.

But the best part was the one… Not going to make much suspense because you already got it from the title of this post: BUKAKE! I had my first bukake! Yes, Rob and the other guys came all over my face, one by one, rubbing and spreading their spunk with their cocks.

Bukake was a fantasy stuck in my head for a long time. But once what was stuck in my all over my head was the cum of Rob and the other two guys, I was a happy slut with a fulfilled fantasy. Just one problem though: I liked it so much that now I want more!

One thing about bukake is that might be hard to keep your eyes open… it’s a pity because I love to see so many cocks right in front of my face.
It looks like he’s not satisfied yet…
Oh boy, I remember smiling at the end of my bukake too…
Lucky boy, so many big dicks full of juice.
That feeling of having cum dripping down your face… and still more to cum!
One eye is still open, not bad!
“Now who’s gonna kiss me?”
That’s his playground. Such a happy slutty face!
Not sure how it feels to have all the guys coming at the same time, but what I enjoyed the most in our bukake was seeing the guys taking their time and coming one by one.
Rob, let’s repeat any time soon? Please!?
The bukake felt even better following the way they treated me during sex before: restraining and blinding me, making me submissive, etc.
They didn’t aim to my mouth, and I honestly prefer to feel the warm cum on my face, but this is also hot!
Tongues out? Damn, gonna do this in our next bukake. Guess the guys will love it.
Having a bukake with black guys? Love the idea. Except that Rob must be there too!
I wish I could have seen myself covered in cum. Gotta have the phone close by next time!

And that’s it guys and girls. Hope very soon we have new sexual adventures to tell you about. Wouldn’t mind writing about bukake again soon šŸ˜‰

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