As I wrote in the previous post, there’s a lot to tell about our last foursome. Here’s the second post about that sexual encounter and how I turned out to become submissive to Rob and the other two guys.

So basically Rob was the one chatting with the other couple on Grindr. He showed me their pictures, told me they were visiting and asked if I wanted to meet them the next night at their hotel. I said “ok”. Of course, I said ok!

When we got to their hotel I was pleased to find them both quite attractive. They were a bit younger than us, in their late 20’s I guess, both pretty and different from each other. One of them had dark short hair and pale skin, the other one was more latino with big hair and beard. Both hot!

We like to chat a bit before starting the party but, as usual, the conversation lasted more than it should because no one wants to give the first step. This time it was one of the guys who suddenly turned off the lights and we all got the hint and started to kiss. It was funny that while Rob and the short hair guy spent some time kissing, me and the long hair guy were naked and sucking each other off in just a minute.

Anyway, it all went really sexy and horny and maybe after 20 minutes or so both guys start being a bit more “rough” on me. Grabbing my hands behind my head while fucking my mouth, hitting my face with their hard dicks (oh man, the short hair guy had a fucking huge dick!), and looking at me with a very intense expression. They had a feet fetish and would lick and suck my feet from time to time. It always tickled and I would pull my feet away but they would grab my ankles and hold me still.

A couple more minutes and I see one of them bringing a restraint and placing it on my feet… It was then that I looked at Rob and realised what was going on: Rob planned this with them! He knows about my submissive fantasies and he always said he wanted to see me being submissive to other guys. So he made it come true and, smartly, didn’t tell me.

I will let your imagination tell you the details what happened next. But let me just say that at some point later I also had my eyes blinded and my hands tied with a rope. And this foursome also had a perfect ending, but that I will tell you in the next post!

Not sure I looked as sexy as this guy, but I felt really sexy in a slutty way.
I was so excited to be a “toy” for these three hot guys to play with.
They didn’t “put” me in this position, but maybe next time… It’s up to you, Rob!
“I’m a slave for you…”, suddenly Britney Spears came to my mind…
Sexy, man…
I can’t see you, but my hole can feel your thick cock!
My cock was hard as a rock all time!
Later Rob told me the guys bought the restraint specially for our foursome… so sweet. Hope they keep using it and making other guys happy!
Another thing that made me horny was to know that Rob was watching me like this.
We all know how a blowjob feels much better when we’re blindfolded, right?
This was me! Tasting dick without seeing them. So hot.
I kind of like the idea of having something like that in my mouth… but I prefer to keep it free to suck!
Oh man, feels so good to be fucked like this!
The restraint they put on my feet was sexy but the rope they used to tie my hands… way more erotic!
Handcuffs is also sexy. Want to arrest me, sir? I’ve been a bad boy…
I want to be restrained like this!
Or restrained like this… sexy position.
And next time I wanna be using my jockstraps!

How do you guys feel about being restrained? Ever tried it? And what about having your boyfriend restrained and “used” by you and other guys?

In case you feel like trying it after reading this post, and if you don’t have the restraints yet, get this cool one from Forttroff.


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