About a month ago Rob showed me these two guys on Grindr who wanted to have a foursome with us. We are always eager to have foursomes with other couples, so I said “let’s do it!”. They only sent face pics which showed they were quite cute, central european blond type of guys. They didn’t want to talk much and were very straightforward (I love to use the word straight here) saying that they don’t do anal with other guys. We were close to their place so we had a quick shower and went there.

Foursome but not foreplay

We liked what we saw once we got there: two tall cute guys. They were wearing shorts and shirt so we could see they had nice muscled (qb) bodies. To be honest, we like to have a drink and chat to gain some chemistry before taking our pants out. And they offered beer, but after the first sip one of the guys was already showing us the way to the bedroom.

We also like to start kissing and touching while slowly undressing. It’s a bit of a turn-off to just go into the bedroom and take off your clothes to jump into bed and then start (unless the guy’s already naked once you get there, but that’s a different story). But that was exactly what the guys did.

Foreplay is always nice, even in a foursome. Unfortunately there was no foreplay at all here.
We will all be naked, right? So what’s the hurry?


Four naked bodies

So there we were: four naked men in one bed. Not a huge king size bed but small double bed. Even though it’s very sexy to imagine the scene as in the next foursome pictures, the real situation was a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning. Still it feels really good to see 3 beautiful men naked in front of you, gently touching their dicks as they start to get hard.

Both of the other guys had hairless white bodies. While we prefer hairy men, we like their bodies because it’s not like they would shave or anything, their bodies were naturally smooth. Oh, and their dicks were not huge but quite ok.





Jerking off

It’s not like this lasted for a long time, maybe about a minute or so, but we had this moment when we were just four guys jerking off, looking at each others while getting our cocks hard. I think that we were all waiting for the next move and no one wanted to be the first doing that move. I mean, I wanted to suck them all, but where to start? Should I start with Rob, my own boyfriend? No, his dick I can suck any day. So which one of the other two should I pick first? And would the other one be offended or thinking that his dick wasn’t so good looking? These are stupid questions, I admit it. But at the time that’s what was going on through my mind while I jerked off and watched the other three doing the same.

Damn, any of these dicks is so yummi!




We always wanted to have a foursome to do this!

Once Rob told me about something he would enjoy doing in a foursome: to have us both sucked the dicks of the other guys at the same time, side by side. “Serving” them together. And that’s how we broke the jerk off circle that was setting in. It was hot to hear the guys moaning, to know that Rob and I were both sucking dicks and giving them the same pleasure at the same time. Finally, after a rough start, this foursome was becoming good!


From there we went on doing different things, mostly kissing, licking, sucking each others dicks, fingering too… but no anal. Most of the times we would be playing in two different groups side by side. I guess while that cannot happen in a threesome, it’s natural to happen in a foursome. And I enjoyed it a lot, watching Rob with another guy turns me on. Now imagine sucking a cock while watching Rob being sucked!



Foursome = multiple opportunities

Won’t make an exhaustive list of everything else that happened because it was a lot. The more the merrier, and with 4 guys you have a multiplicity of things you can do. These two were not very keen to kiss or even suck us though, which was a pity. Specially because at some point one of them sucked me and kissed me briefly and, oh my, he sucked and kissed really good!

In the end we all came exactly at the same time, which was kind of funny. Everyone jerking off and cumming on his own body. Unfortunately didn’t have my bukake yet.

This kind of happened, of course. I could I be in a foursome and not fill my mouth with 3 different dicks?


There was nipple playing, ass rimming and cock sucking. A lot!



Funny how we really enjoy the idea of a foursome but so far no foursome has left us super satisfied yet.

Overall, I believe the experience could have been better. My feeling is that these two guys must have started to have threesomes/foursomes very recently and are still very restricted in what they do with other guys. Totally get it, we were once like that. Takes time until you feel comfortable to suck another guy’s dick in front of your boyfriend. Even more to kiss a guy!

Maybe we will contact them one day later to go back. Who knows we will even be able to fuck one of them =D (by the way, really good butts they have, loved to liked their holes).

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