Gay 3some: it’s all about the complicity

Gay 3somes: why do we do it?

Sometimes people ask us why we do it and if we bring another guy to our bed because we are not sexually satisfied with each other. We don’t get annoyed with it because we can still remember when we thought exactly like that: that couples who would often enrol in 3some would do it because they wouldn’t be 100% satisfied together.

It it’s true that we started to try something new, it’s also true that with time having a gay 3some is not new anymore even though there’s always the newness of meting a different guy. But with time we found out that having a gay 3some means that we have the chance to “explore” another man together. To seduce him, to give him pleasure together, to let him give us both pleasure at the same time.

There are other reasons why we look to have 3somes, but this is the main one: the complicity that we achieve when we’re with another guy. Let me try to explain with a few pics.

Gay 3some: the foreplay

Usually, the other guy is very excited about going to bed with two guys which makes everything easier. Still, there is always an amount of seduction that’s needed to make sure chemistry will happen and sex will be not good but great.

All that game, which sometimes takes hours of chatting over drinks, makes us very horny. We have the chance to see each other flirting and seducing another guy without any feeling of betrayal. And, oh boy, how I get horny when Rob starts to go straight to the point and becomes more sexual in his talk…

Then, it’s time to undress… Now, I know Rob’s body and he know’s mine. But through the other guy’s eyes, it’s like I’m rediscovering Rob’s body for the first time. And that’s amazing.

If this were us, Rob’s hands would be all over the other guy’s ass (possibly fingering him already) while mine would be stroking his dick. It’s almost always like that.

And there’s the kissing. Something that took us some time to do in our 3somes since in the beginning we had a no-kissing rule. But now I get really, really, really horny watching Rob kissing another man.



Gay 3some: the ass discovery

Since both Rob and I are more top than bottom, it’s normal that we mostly bring bottom guys to our bed. I love to suck, it’s a fact. To be honest, I like more to suck than to fuck. But I always want Rob to have his moment of ass drilling during our 3somes, so I make a point in playing with the other guy’s ass and make it horny and wet to welcome Rob’s cock.

Gay 3somes: the “other” guy loves to be the center of our attention.
I’m more willing to rim a guy than Rob is, so usually it’s me licking his ass while he sucks Rob. But the idea of us both rimming his hole is so hot!
This is fucking horny!
Gay 3somes: it’s about sharing a nice piece of ass!
Do you understand what we mean about complicity?


Gay 3some: the kissing

Now, this kissing I’m talking about is when Rob and I kiss during a 3some. Besides the complicity of these kisses, there’s the pleasure of having, at the same time, the other guy doing something to us (or us to him). It’s so fucking good…

Have you tried kissing while another guy sucks your dick?
Love to kiss Rob while our dicks get sucked.
Or kiss him while he fucks the guy. Better if the guy is sucking my dick at the same time.
Rob gets so much pleasure fucking a tight ass, love to kiss him in those moments.

Gay 3some: it’s teamwork!

Yup, somehow there’s a sense of working as a team when we fuck another guy. Whether because we feel that we’re working together to give him pleasure or, in wilder days, we feel that it’s our job to wreck his butt hole, it’s something we accomplish together. We share it with another guy, but when he leaves it’s Rob and I who stay together to talk about it, to share what each one liked the most, etc.

Gay 3some: Let’s wreck his butt hole together?
Gay 3some is Team work!

We are happy having sex just the two of us. It’s great actually and it’s surprising how after all these years we constantly find new ways of giving pleasure to each other and new things to do in bed. Having a 3some is a different thing.

Posted by Rob.

PS: Maverick Men are a good example of what I’m trying to say in this post. If you don’t know them yet, they are a gay couple who makes porn out of their threesomes with hot guys. Their complicity in doing this is wonderful. Click on the image bellow and have some fun! 



  1. Tom

    Hi I’m 18, wanted to say i really love to read your blog. It’s amazing and must admit that your writing makes me even more horny than all the pictures.
    Thanks and pls post more often.
    Greetings love ya <3

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