Gay ass: hairy or shaved – this battle is going on inside of many gay men’s minds, right?

A perfectly hairless smooth ass…


A manly furry butt!

If you’re gay – you’re reading this blog, so you probably are – you know that this is not a minor issue for us. The male gay ass plays a crucial role in our sex life, and our sex life plays a crucial in our happiness, therefore we should spend some time thinking about this. We gotta figure out what to do with our butt’s hair the same way we think about it when going to the hairdresser. Because in the end, it all ends up with anal sex! So it‘s up to you to decide wether there should be some hair around your anus or not.

But first things first: who are we talking about here? About gay guys of course. Not that straight guys shouldn’t think about getting their ass sexy for their girlfriends… But are we talking about bottom guys only? Nope.  We can perspective this in two different ways:

1) I’m a bottom guy and want may ass to scream “fuck me!”

Then you’ll probably choose to shave your ass and make it more “inviting” to your top men.

2) I’m a top guy and want my ass to express my “macho man” attitude.

In this case you maybe want to let your butt hair grow.

Shaved Gay Ass: the smooth way.

Most gay boys – let’s say under 25 years – will be perfectly okay with their ass shaved. It is my opinion, of course, and I’m generalising here. But youth rhymes with smooth. Also, when you’re young you have more time and patient to take care of this. Yes, because there is a big con of shaving your ass: it’s hard work!

Such a yummi ass! But don’t think he gets this easily…

The pic above shows a perfectly shaved gay ass. It’s white, seems soft and we are all thinking about burying our face in there. Maybe there’s some photoshop here, I can’t tell. But the truth is that even a hairy butt has some skin marks, skin rash and all of that. (Let’s remember that our ass is kept underneath two layers of cloths most of the time, and all the friction we cause to it while sitting). So, how is it possible to have such a smooth and perfect ass skin when shaving your butt? What about all the skin rash caused by shaving products, razors, and what about ingrown hair?

You can see some skin rash here. But it’s still ok. More than ok! Great ass.

I’m not saying that most of these shaved ass pictures have photoshop. I believe that there are a very few bottoms out there who are lucky to be hairless back there. And other guys can work their way out through shaving and keeping their ass perfectly smooth by using good depilatory products and exfoliating and moisturising their butts a lot (I will study more about how to keep your ass smooth and I promise to write an instructive post about it).

Goose bumps on a shaved ass! So fucking hot!
I personally think that jockstraps look better on shaved butts.
“Drill me”, screams his shaved ass hole!
Tan lines: a perfect addition to a shaved ass.
5 good examples of hot shaved butts!




Smooth and white.

Hairy Gay ass: keep it natural, keep it hot!

We like natural a lot more than shaved. Good ass licking implies getting some hair in your tongue? We say yes, but understand why most of you probably would say no.

Now, let’s pay attention to this: just because you think your precious gay ass looks good hairy doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it! Sometimes trimming becomes necessary. It will always depend on how much hair you have. And also you gotta see the all picture, i.e., how much butt hair makes you sexy. Some guys just can stand a few hair, some are sexy with lot’s of it.

Hairy but not too much. Perfect!
I consider this sexy, but I wouldn’t have much pleasure rimming this ass. Trimming could be good here.
Hot example of a well trimmed ass! You can see the hair has been cut.
He got his balls shaved but not his ass. Good option, I would say. And good example of a sexy hairy gay ass bottom.


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  2. Bart

    Thanks for these beautiful pictures guys! I must say the older I get the more I like hairy men, hairy asses,… They’re just so… manly! 🙂 I’m also happy to see that it’s more and more ok to be hairy. Ten years back almost all porn was with super shaved guys… as if hairy guys didn’t exist. Luckily they do! A big turn on for me. 🙂

  3. Eddie

    Hello there, my but cheeks arenot hairy but when you open them up and spread them my Anus and surrounding areas are real hairy should I shave my Anus or leave it be

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