Summer is almost gone and not a single post with hot sweaty bodies at the beach? That’s wrong and I’m fixing it today! Got a folder full with images of hot naked guys in the beach, swimming, sucking and fucking. Gotta bring some of those images here!

Gay Beach Ass

So let me start with pics of what I call “Gay Beach Ass”. Yes, it’s supposed to sound like gay bitch ass, just because.

We don’t go to nudist/naturist beaches a lot. Neither to gay beaches (just because we have our favourite ones that are not like these), so I can’t really tell how it is. But I imagine that there will be a lot of horny sweaty butts around. Wonder how long Rob could take without getting a boner in such a place 😉

Speaking of Rob, to make this post more fun, I will give him another Challenge. Here it goes:

Gay Beach Ass Challenge

Rob, I challenge you to imagine we were at a gay naturist beach. Let’s say it’s the end of summer and not so many guys are there. Only the next 10 that you can see in the pics. You fucked my hole all night long, so I’m sore and you can’t fuck me today. You are horny, of course, but tired from last night. So you only feel like fucking one ass today. Which one would you choose?

This one? With or without the hat?
I think this one wants you to fuck him against that fence…
A little bit of hair, just like you like!
Arms wide open to welcome your dick!
Are you more into a sporty and sweaty ass?
This ass you can drill while enjoying the view.
Would be such a romantic fuck at the sunset!
Enjoy his tan line?
A fuck in the sea?
This one is very inviting, isn’t he? You could pull his hair.

Will be waiting for your answer, Rob. I have a feeling I know which one you would choose…

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


  1. Robert

    You really know which one I’m gonna choose? Even I don’t have a clue hehe. I would love to fuck all of them, they all have fabulous butts. Maybe I would pick nr 9 to start 😉

    Did you guess well?

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