Gay couples inside the bathtub are sexy!

Because foam makes anyone sexy. Specially hot guys. And specially two hot guys together! Or more, if you’re a fan a foam parties or have a very big bathtub in your apartment.

My eyes can’t stop going from one´s ass and the other’s abs… Looks time I’m watching a tennis match.
Don´t let all that foam take away your sexy attitude!
It’s true that we prefer hairy butts… but who can resist such a nice shaved wet ass?

Gay couples inside the bathtub are happy! 

No wonder, wouldn’t you be happy sharing some naked quality time with any of these guys? I probably wouldn’t laugh much, though. Because, you know, it’s not easy to laugh with a dick in your mouth.

Funny how the water get’s to hide their dicks. Oh well, guess this is a not a cock post.
They are so cute!
Bromance is: hey, brother, wash my back!
Fucking adorable!

Gay couples inside the bathtub are serious!

No, they’re we’re not. But I like this pic and wanted to include it somewhere in this post.

Seriously in love, I guess.

Gay couples inside the bathtub are romantic!

Candle lights are ok, but not necessary to make the bathtub one of the most romantic places for any gay couple (or straight for all that matters). Oh, just fyi, we don’t have a bathtub in any of our apartments, but we try to find other places to be romantic.

Romantic moment or “there is something in your eye” moment?
B e a u t i f u l !
Taking a very romantic nap.
Empty bathtub? Great anyway!

Gay couples inside the bathtub are… sometimes only one because the bathtub is too small.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! These guys seem to do it anyway!

Man, put that dick in my mouth any time…
Let’s wash your ass first, baby….
Not a big fan of manbun but definitely a big fan of that dick!
A guy comes home from work and finds his man having a bath…
This pic is my favourite. So cute.

And, of course…

Gay couples inside the bathtub are horny!

Were you thinking I could make a post about gay couples in the bathtub without even one pic of some wet anal action?! Well, I can’t. And we all know that the guys in previous pics all ended up here.

Getting dirty where most of us get clean.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


  1. curiousborn

    Whew! Finally! (insert intoxicated giggly sighs here)
    A new fan here, twohornyguys. Been checking this site everyday for the past three weeks hoping for your next post.
    And you did not disappoint.
    Gay love inside a bathtub certainly is romantic, sweet, and helluva sexy!
    (Especially when you’re not alone. – Calm down, curiousborn. This is not about you.)
    Your choice of images and words are captivating and irresistible. It made me long to be in one warm, sexy time, in a bathtub, in a French Riviera hotel, overlooking the blue sea engulfed by the setting sun – with a partner, of course.

    Do know that this site is appreciated and loved.
    Until then 🙂

    • 2hornyguys

      awwwwwe, so nice to read your comment! We’ve been having very rough weeks at work, but I decided to commit more. Probably won’t be able to post daily, but at least 2 posts a week I will try to do 🙂 Thank you for the appreciation!

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