Gay men in suits,

here is something I have to confess I never paid much attention to. When I crawl through tube porn thumbnails to check what I’m gonna watch (I hate myself for spending more time choosing the videos than jerking off) I never stop at porn videos featuring gay men in suits.

But, not so long ago, Rob was approached by this guy on Grindr who had a suit fetish (is there any specific name for this?). Judging by his profile pic, where he was wearing a suit, he seemed really hot. Rob sent me the pic and told me about their talk and the guy’s fetish. I asked him if the guy would want to be in a suit or want us to be wearing it. Rob didn’t know, but I guess the idea would be for all of us to be wearing a nice suit.

Nothing happened, at least yet. But got me thinking that this could be a nice theme for a post. I’m pretty sure many of you out there will have this fetish!

Gay men in suits … with their hot cocks out!

Would suck this cock, no matter what he’s wearing.
White colar men work so hard, they deserve a good blowjob to relax.
Oh boy… (and let’s ignore that blond girl who has been cropped), this is gay men in suits, not straight boys.
That tie goes well with his dick.


It’s photoshop but it’s damn hot!


By the way, that guy on Grindr reminded me one great fuck Rob and I had a few years ago. Only us, we were not into threesomes at the time. We were out of our town for a party and staying at a friend’s house who wasn’t there at the moment. We had to wear suits for the party. And when we got back to our friend’s place we were so fucking horny that we couldn’t wait. Couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, so we fucked (Rob fucked me) right in the hole. Couldn’t wait to take of our clothes so we just unzipped our suit pants. Couldn’t wait to lay down so I got fucked standing against the wall. Damn, it was great!

Looking at these two guys I remember that hall where Rob fucked me and can only wish these two they may have such a nice time as we did.
Classic underwear for a classic suit.


Gay men in suits… sucking dick!

Never break the eye contact rule, not even wearing a suit.
“Sorry for missing the deadline, boss. What can I do to compensate you?”
Now I start to get the suit fetish. Ok.. this guy would make me get any fetish!

Gay men in suits… getting it done!

I like to lick a cock from outside the underwear. But this is a new level. Interesting, though.
It was something like this when Rob fucked me in a suit. Except there were no urinals (which is another fetish I don’t get… I get golden shower or water sports, but fucking against a urinal… nope!).

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