To make us horny, a guy must have much more than just a good cock. I can even say that if all the rest is great, he can even have a medium cock. And I’m talking about much more than just a good body: to be horny, a guy must have a good attitude, be nice, have a nice smile, be able so have a conversation, and so on.

But… I proudly admite that I crave cock a lot. I just love to suck, what can I do? So I often think that I wouldn’t mind to try more glory holes, which makes everything to be about a cock and my mouth!

I wrote before about our first and only experience with Glory Holes. I have no idea when I am going to try them again, but the idea gets me so horny!
















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Posted by Peter.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


  1. Kevin

    Hey Guys,
    I am also a fan of GloryHoles ! Some of my first Gay Sex was in bathrooms. Later, in College
    I really tracked-down shady T-rooms & GloryHoles. Today, they are especially hard to find due to Gas Stations trying to have nice restrooms for families ! My advise to you & your readers seeking these exciting places – look at sites like Squirt.org for criusy places that sometimes include GHs.

    • Justin

      Omg I sucked my first cock through a glory hole about 6 months ago it was amazing! I have a adult book store right by my house, it was so fucking hot I’m sitting in this filthy cum covered booth waiting nervously , where the door doesn’t even lock properly and this cock comes through the hole, my heart starts pumping and I instantly without question drop right to my knees and just suck the literal cum out of this strangers cock! Part of me wanted someone to open the booth door and watch me just gagging on this guy’s cock! I wanted everyone to know what a fucking slut I was! That unfortunately didn’t happen, but god did I wish it did! It didn’t take him to long to cum either it was less than 3-4 minutes, I was so proud of my new skills and unfortunately I was in between stroking his cock and sucking it and he came mid stroke, I tried to catch it in my mouth but couldn’t, now I wanna know when the next guy will cum so I can jack his load on my tongue and in my mouth and swallow every bit, OMG so hard thinking about this! Near Toms River nj, anyone interested!

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