Michele (on the right) and Leo (left) must be the hottest italian gay couple! If there’s another even hotter, please let us know!

An italian gay couple that we all must follow!

If you don’t do that already, of course. These two guys are pretty popular, I have come across their pictures (specially Leo’s) many times without knowing the source. But now I found it, and I’m so fucking happy to follow these guys!

They’re both so hot! Look at those perfect butts! I prefer Leo, I think it’s because he has more hair. But I guess that they work perfectly if we get them as a package.
Yeah, Michele, Leo’s butt must be a great pillow!
Amazingly beautiful picture. Sometimes it’s nice to look at pictures like this and know that they are two boyfriends who love each other and not just two porn actors with hot bodies. Even though I have nothing against that.


Leo aka BAHAMVT: hot legs, hot ass, hot bulge, this guy has got everything!

If you take a look at out last post “Gay Coffee” you will see Leo at the last two pictures. It was a reader of this blog, who asked for anonymity, that sent us Leo’s instagram’s account link. Thank you! I come across many different pictures of hot guys everyday, sometimes I look at some of them and know that I’ve seem other pictures of those guys before, but this is internet and finding the source is not always easy. So please, if you see yourself or other hot guy here and know the source just email it to We will be very pleased 🙂

Now, back to Leo, here’s how you can follow him and drool over his sexy underwear pics, among other stuff:

Instagram: leotakespix

Tumblr: bahamvt

Now… let’s talk about Leo’s bulge?

Best bulge pic!


Legs… Wow!


Sexy underwear, sad he shaved his legs for this one 🙁
Yeah, he looks much better with some hair on his legs!


Is this possibly the best male ass on instagram? If there was a competition on this, I would vote for him!


This italian guy is the type of guy who can turn anyone into a power top…


That tan line there is just perfect!


What do I need to do to have an ass like this?!


Wish he would take a pic fully naked… or maybe it’s even sexier like this.


Power butt!


So many dirty thoughts going through my mind right now…


This is not all about Leo’s body, even though it’s much about it. It’s also about him being very cute (I and Rob kind of disagree here, but this is my post).


Need a hand washing your back, Leo?


Again, shaved… 🙁 And thinner. If you look through Leo’s instagram posts through time you will check him getting more muscle, it’s actually very inspiring for those looking to do the same with their own bodies.


Before going to Michele’s pics, I have to note that Leo is a videogamer and a fan of Super Mario, just like me. Extra points for that, ragazzo!

Who wants to play games with Leo?


Leo and a friend as Mario and Luigi. If you take your eyes off their bulges you may actually see that.


Michele: the hot italian dancer

Michele is a dancer (not a go-go boy or anything like that, a real dancer), shaves is body (or is naturally hairless, I can never tell) which is a turn-off most of the times for us, but we still would… if you know what I mean.

Some of his instagram pics show a little bit more skin than Leo’s pics (i.e., a bit of his ass). He wears underwear as well as his boyfriend. Check his last summer photos when he had blond hair, quite hot.

Follow Michele’s instagram acccount:  mikelecascarano.

Where are you staring at: his abs or his bulge?


Perfect abs.


Michele’s got sexy armpits and he knows it! That nipple piercing is also so hot. My tongue would be so happy there.


Like this picture but totally disagree with it.


Here he is, showing a bit more of skin.


Mr. wet shirt!




I believe in Santa Klaus!


We are!


I’m wondering if all italian gay couples are like them… If so we may consider moving to Rome soon.

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