I know it’s a bit pretentious to give you tips on how to lick ass. It sounds like I know more about rimming than you. Well, truth is that there are two things I know how to do very well: how to suck dick and how to lick ass. At least I had quite a few guys saying that… including Rob, of course.

My favourite ass to lick is Rob’s hairy ass. But when we have threesomes I always love to lick the other guy’s ass before Rob fucks him. There’s something really horny about shoving my tongue up an ass where I know Rob’s dick is gonna get in next. That’s why I have experienced rimming many types of ass: hairy, smooth, tight, etc. My goal is always to get them really really horny and ready to open themselves to our cocks.

Rimming is not an exact science, okay? I’m sharing some personal tips on how to lick ass but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. I’m sure there are way more…. But I hope the following can be useful to you guys anyway! Here we go.

1) Use your tongue first! 

Does it sound stupid? Then let me explain. When you begin to lick a guy’s ass refrain from going there with your entire mouth. Use your tongue first, specially the tip of your tongue. Make it wet and press it against the anus or the surroundings of the anus where most of the nerves are. There’s where he gets most pleasure and you want to tease him the best way you can.  Slowly you start to lick with more tongue and then go full with your lips and mouths.

Right there, around the anus. This boy knows how to lick ass!
Delicious, isn’t it?
Start slow but then go wild!

2) Bury your face like your life depends on it. 

After the teasing part you can go full with your lips and mouth. But never stop licking, ok? You tongue will always be the key part of a good rimjob. And please, when you’re there BE THERE! Just shove your face in that ass and dig your tongue as much as you can.

Fuck, I want this mouth in my ass!

3) Your hipster beard can be really useful!

We all have beards now, right? Well, I technically don’t but I never shave with a razor – but with a machine –  so I always have a short beard that itches. And that’s the goal! Remember what I wrote in the previous point about always working out your tongue? Well, you can actually forget a tongue for a few moments while you rub your bearded chin on his asshole. Trust me, this trick works!

Hairy face for a hairy ass!
Damn, I want to rub my face there!

4) Him on top works out very well

Now some tips about positions… I love to have a guy sitting on my face and feel the weight of his ass on my face. That said, it can be hard to lick an ass properly like that. But if the guy is not sitting on your face but just with his ass on top of your mouth then it’s a really nice position to rim.

Work that tongue, dude!
This position is great but gives you neck pain after a while.
Amazing butt!
Sitting on your face is great but not the best to lick ass.
Much better like this!

5) The same with the bottom at the bottom

It’s also great if you stay on top to lick that ass. Probably the most common position for a rimjob is with the bottom lying with his ass up (I’m assuming the guy who get’s licked is the bottom, but we know that’s not necessarily true). This position is best if you’re about to fuck the guy next because then he’s already positioned for your cock.

He’s so gonna fuck that hole!
We should have more images of black guys in this website, don’t you agree? So fucking hot!
Love to lick a guy in this position!
Is the guy sucking his dick on the other side? Hot!

6) Spread those butt cheeks!

This should actually be tip number 1 of how to lick ass. It’s basic but we sometimes are too occupied rubbing our own dicks to remember this. You should always have your two hands free to grip his butt cheeks and spread them. When you do that his anus get’s stretched and he will have much more pleasure when he feels your wet tongue around it.

Shit, I need an ass to lick now!

7) Be creative

What does this mean? It can mean anything. Use blindfolds, toys, new positions, do it in different places, outdoors maybe. This tip can be applied to anything when it comes to sex and I didn’t want to leave it out of our tips on how to lick ass.

Surprise your man and lick his ass when he’s making dinner, for example.


8) Take your tongue beyond the anus

Last but not the least, when your rimming a guy’s ass remember that it’s not all about the anus. Sure that’s where he feels most pleasure and that’s where you want to dig your tongue to begin with. And I know that many of you don’t want to lick an hairy ass. But imagine you have a smooth ass to lick, why not licking the butt cheeks too? And, most important of all, his balls! Just lick straight from his balls to his anus. You love, I know. And he will love it too.

Wow, such a smooth ass!
See guys, it’s fun!

What about you guys? Want to share some tips on how to lick ass? I’d love to learn from you!

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