Hey boys and girls,

Haven’t been posting here on the blog for the past couples of weeks and there’s a ( good) reason for that.

Two weeks ago I bought myself an iPad so that I could work more comfortably on this blog from anywhere. But just like Alannis sings, isn’t it ironic that I ended up not paying attention to the blog at all? That’s because I also got an Apple Pencil with my iPad and, of course, the first thing I did was to use the pencil to draw hot naked guys… I did it just for fun as I’m really bad at drawing…. but it turned out that the results were actually quite better than I’d ever thought! And I have so much fun drawing these things!!!

So, basically, I became addicted!

And made an Instagram account to publish these drawings. Please follow (or just check it out if you don’t want your friends to know you like this stuff) the Instagram IdrawGaylines.

Here are just a few of the drawings:

Do you like these? Let me know if you have anything hot that I can draw!

Besides the Instagram account I’m planning to have a website soon for this project. And maybe a tumblr account. That way I could add some more “porny” drawings that I’m afraid Instagram wouldn’t allow.

And I promise to post here again very soon!


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