Looking, HBO’s gay tv show, is coming back for a second season despite its first season not-so-good ratings. We took a while to watch this show because we thought it would be just a show made to cater a gay audience, with no good storyline, cast, or whatsoever. Our friends who watched the show told us that it was good at the beginning but turned boring by midseason. Until one rainy weekend, when all I and Rob wanted to do was to stay in bed watching tv shows and movies (and a bit of porn), and we decided to give it a try.

You know how it is when you got nothing important to do and you start to watch a tv show with an entire season online, you watch the first episode, then the second, then you take a break for a piss and you watch the third… and before dinner you have already watched the entire season! And it’s a great drama! Well written, with great actors, not boring at all! And not exactly “queer”, which is what we liked the most about Looking. Even though the stories spin around a group of gay friends, Looking doesn’t try to make any statement about being gay and that gives the writers space to tell a good story.

I can hardly wait for the new season to begin this next Sunday! And to show some support for it, because I want it to have good ratings so that a third season comes after, I will be doing a Looking countdown this week and post something about the tv show every day. And that something will be hot pictures of the actors, of course 😉


The dilemma: Kevin or Richie?


That’s what we all want to know in this 2nd season! Is Patrick (boring character but very well played by Jonathan Groff) going to choose to stay with Richie (hot latin boy Raúl Castillo) or with Kevin (seductive Russel Tovey)? I don’t think we’ll have the answer to this question very soon and we’ll probably have to wait until the end of the season to figure that out.

The tumblr Party of One wrote about this and I tend to agree with everything written there. So I’ll spare some words here and go straight to the point: I’m rooting for Kevin! He’s a manipulative bastard, but a sexy one. Richie surely deserves the best, he’s a sweet guy. But the story of Patrick and Kevin is much more vibrating. When I and Rob met we were both in relationships with other persons, and things worked out for us anyway. Maybe that’s the reason why I would like to see Kevin giving up his boyfriend for Patrick.

Patrick + Kevin

Their first kiss was so hot!








And their sex scene on the last episode was just WOW! Kevin was a bitch by calling Patrick to the office and then fucking him (and, as I remember, Patrick did not let Richie fuck him before). But we got to see Russel Tovey’s ass! We want more of it this second season!




Groff + Tovey

The chemistry of these two actors behind the cameras is awesome. I wonder if they take and publish these pics as part of a marketing strategy to promote Looking… But it doesn’t matter, it’s nice to see.




Patrick + Richie

Patrick and Richie shared more intime moments along the first season of Looking, rather than just a sex scene on the last episode. There were some funny moments and many hot ones. And there were moments that all of us gay guys got to identify with.





Groff + Castillo

These two also share some moments outside the set. But it’s not the same thing…



Tomorrow let’s see some hot pics of Russell Tovey. There’s more than just the ears 😉

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