Hello everyone! Here is a post with 13 days of delay… it was supposed to have been published on Valentines Day… But we’ve been away from due to circumstances that we could not control. I wish I could write that our valentines day was so wild that we took all this time to recover from it. But unfortunately that wouldn’t be true.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be a celebration of gay love. And you know what? Why the fuck leave that for Valentines day? Gay love should be celebrated any day! Maybe today, after Moonlight getting the Oscar for best movie, is a great day to say it loud: GAY LOVE is beautiful!

Don’t you agree?

Gay love is to spend the afternoon in the couch binge watching tv shows. (Not only Glee. But also Glee.)
Gay love to kiss your man’s body (until you can’t resist anymore and swallow his dick).
Gay love is to have in him your best pillow (and bite the pillow sometimes).
Gay love is this hug (and feeling his crouch touching your ass when he hugs you from behind).
Gay love is to touch your man while he sleeps (though that can be a bit creepy too).
Gay love is to give your man flowers. And then fuck him.
Gay love is to watch cartoons together (and probably have a third person in the room to snap a picture showing the perfect bubble butts you and your man have).
Gay love is to carry your man into a safe place (where you can finally get laid).
Gay love is to fall asleep together every night (after exhausting and steamy sex).
Gay love is to make him coffee every morning (right after giving him a good morning blowjob).
Gay love is when you laugh together (specially when you’re naked).
Gay love is to hold hands (or hold his hands against the bed).
Gay love is to take a walk by the sea (searching for a nice hidden spot between the rocks).
Gay love is to have a nice romantic dinner with red wine (because drunk sex is awesome!).

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