Next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. Yup, we are moving. And moving means a lot of work! But also there’s some excitement about it. Though experience tell us that looking for a new apartment might be extremely exhausting, specially in a new city that we don’t know that well, it’s also awesome to look for the “perfect” apartment. And that’s the apartment where we feel that soon we can call home.

Two things are extremely important for us. First, the neighbourhood. We need to be able to step out and feel immediately good, to have nice shops, restaurants, coffee places and grocery stores around home. Second, the apartment itself. Sometimes we might feel like not going out at all, so we must feel really happy and comfortable inside.

Here are a few things that would make our next apartment perfect!

LIGHT! I like to see Rob’s naked body at the light of day. At least the living room and bedroom must have a lot of natural light.
Maybe with a good light in our bedroom we would take more pictures of ourselves to publish here šŸ˜‰
Enough space. And that means not too small but also not too big. We like it cosy. See this guys, their bed cannot even fit in the bedroom straight. But they seem happy about it!
Creative furniture. Or creative whatever. We don’t like to feel like we live inside an IKEA catalogue page.
Wallpaper? Well, confess we hate this one. Just using the image because the guys are hot! haha
A large and comfortable sofa! Because there’s nothing better then taking a nap in the sofa. Or other things…
… like laying like this with Rob!
Carpets? We’re not big fans but these guys totally convinced us to get one!
A terrace? Well, at least a balcony.
A modern kitchen, or at least a well equipped one to see if we cook more at home.
A window in the bathroom. Then maybe we can show off a little bit to the neighbours.
A bathtub! Oh yes, please!
A shower right next to the bed? Only for kinky purposes.. but hell yeah!

Wish us luck, guys! We’ll keep you posted. And, who knows, show you our new home as soon as we move in!

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