A couple of weeks ago we shared some of the gay porn videos we were jerking off to back then and you seemed to enjoy them. So we’ve decided to do it again 😉 This is what we’ve seen recently together in our bed while jerking each other’s dicks.

1 – Some boyfriend sharing!

There are plenty of straight videos out there of men sharing their girlfriends of wives but unfortunately it’s rare to see a gay porn video of a guy sharing his boyfriend. And that’s such a fucking hot fantasy! C’mon, gay porn studio people, if you’re reading this please take this idea into studio!

2) Threesome with fingering

This is one of the hottest threesome videos we’ve seen. We specially enjoyed when the guy is being fucked and the other one sticks a finger in! We have to try it…

3) Frat sex!

This is a kind of porn we discovered recently. And we’re loving the genre. Need to explore this better.

And that’s it! As you can see we are very eclectic and get turned on by a variety of gay porn. Enjoy!


As we’ve mentioned plenty of times, we prefer guys the natural way, i.e., hairy. But… that said, there is one particular area of the male body that we prefer, not necessarily to see, but to lick when it’s shaved: the testicles.

It’s a practical matter. We don’t mind feeling some hair in our tongue but licking shaved balls is much more pleasant and convenient. And yes, convenience is important because you don’t wanna stop servicing the guy because there’s a hair stuck in your teeth.

But let’s do this the way we usually do, with a nice summary of why we prefer shaved balls, supported by some hot pictures and gifs:

Shaved balls are more aesthetic

I mean, if they’re shaved then you can better perceive the shape of the nut sack, otherwise it’s just a bunch of hair.

Nice huge balls!
Such a rounded sack… yummi!
Gotta grab them by the shaved balls…
The skin around the testicles (aka scrotum) is so beautiful. Don’t you agree?
C’mon guys, how many of us aren’t thinking about licking his balls and gently go up until our tongue reaches his anus?
Thank you for taking your dick out of the way so we can all appreciate your hot shaved balls.
Which of your testicles is lower? Right or left?
If you shave your balls, there’s a bigger change they might accidentally slip out of your underwear… ups!


But shaved balls are even hotter if there’s some hair around

In some of the pictures above the guys have shaved more than their balls. That’s ok, even though we prefer hairy guys sometimes we like to lick some smooth skin too. But, if you shave your balls but have some hair around (ass, legs, pelvic area), then your shaved balls look even better. Why? Because then it’s obvious that you shaved your balls because you want them to be licked.

Love the hair coming from his ass and stopping at the balls. Also love the bearded guy there.
Bet his beard and moustache are tickling those balls!


Shaved balls are way better for licking

Of course some of you guys (and girls) will disagree and prefer to lick hairy balls. But let’s be honest, most of us prefer the other way around. We like our tongue to slide smoothly through that skin.

There’s no good blowjob without some balls getting licked.
After a bit of face-fucking he needed to let his bottom breath. And he can breath while licking his balls, right? Oxygen is important but it’s not time to take a rest. Not yet.
B e a u t i f u l
Damn hot!


And, finally, shaved balls are way easier to stuff inside your mouth!

I don’t like that other guys do this to me. But I love to suck Rob’s balls inside my mouth. Can only do it when they’re shaved though, otherwise it’s too much hair to handle with.

Can I lick his ass while you keep yourself busy with his balls?
Lick my balls and jerk me until I come!
So sexy!
Tea bag!
And what about when the guys wear cockrings? Have you experienced the effect on the balls? Well, I guess that needs another post.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.

A few super horny guys kissing.

We realised this blog is lacking some romance lately. It’s been all about dirty sex and fetishes lately. But this has always meant to be a space where a gay couple talks about not only their sex life and fantasies but also about the love, romanticism and joy of being a gay couple.

So I decided to make a post with lovely pictures of guys kissing. But instead, when I was selecting the images, I ended up selecting not so “lovely” pictures. But hey, is there anything better than kissing your man during sex?

How I love to lick Rob’s beard… and bite his chin! He doesn’t like that much when I bite though.
Two things I like to feel from behind: warm lips and a hard cock.
Wanna kiss them both, they’re so hot!
So much passion in there.
Fucking romantic!
Wild! Love this picture.
Oh boy, that guy could do anything to me from behind… I mean ANYTHING!
It’s not fun without a good dosage of tongue.
F U C K I N G H O T !
Man… enough to make me hard!
So beautiful, isn’t it?
Daddies like to kiss too 😉
They’re just getting started…
Legs wide open, lips very shut.
Anyone else gets instantly hard with a kiss or is it just me?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


The lyrics of Justin Bieber’s “Love yourself” are a bit out of context here. But as I was preparing this post I just reminded the excitement of a coworker the other day when she finally found out that basically the song is telling the other person to go fuck him/herself.

And that’s what this post is about: guys fucking themselves thanks to that wonderful invention that is the dildo. We don’t have a dildo – shame on us!!! – just a butt plug that I sometimes like to stick up my ass while sucking Rob. But I guess that, if I was single, I would probably have a collection of dildos with different sizes to keep me company in my lonely nights.

That said, watching pictures or videos of guys fucking themselves with a dildo makes me so damn horny! Check these out and see if you get turn on too.

It’s like this guy is asking us “please, come here and replace this dildo with a real dick”. Look at his face! So fuckable.
Socks, a hairy chest, cum… so many turn-ons that he really doesn’t need another man to make this picture hot.
Christmas gift! Love his relaxed expression as he shoves that huge dildo up his ass… like he’s used to it, no big deal.
Dildo + Jockstrap is probably like the peanut butter + jam of masturbation.
There’s always a sense of exhibitionism in these pictures or videos. Because the guys are playing alone, yes, but they know other pervs like us will be jerking off to their images later.
Hot position, dude!
Sit on my… dildo.
Watching it like this… I’d say it would be nice to be there and shoving that dildo up his ass myself… maybe we should buy one after all…
Oh, those IKEA short tables… now I know what they are for!
Look at that face… encouraging us to volunteer to replace that dildo.
He uses his dildo like a butt plug… guess it works!

Thinking about trying this at home? Find dildos, dongs, butt plugs and everything in between at Fort Troff.



This time of the year is so fucking stressful… one day is warm and sunny and the next day is dark and cold. You start wearing shorts but it’s still too early to spot hot dudes sunbathing topless in the park. You start to feel horny and ready for summer sex but it’s still spring.

Summer is our favourite season of all. It’s when we feel more aroused and also when we have more sexual adventures (aka group sex). It’s like everything around us is making us horny every day! It’s like the world is a big erotic place under the golden sun.

Let us give you some examples of what we find specially erotic about summer:

Sunbath naked (and specially watch others doing it!)

This one is obvious, right? Sure that the feasibility of doing this depends on where you live but if there’s no gay beach nearby you can always head there for the summer holidays.






Wearing (short) shorts!

One of the best sports to do in summer is “bulge spotting”.





We think that a guy eating fruit is so sexy!




Ice cream!

And what about a guy licking an ice-cream? We’ve all seen “straight” dudes doing it and thought “he would be such a nice cocksucker”, haven’t we?






Butts at the beach!

Love to watch bubble butts walking around at the beach.




Sailing away!

Boats are fucking erotic too! We never fucked in a boat but, note sure why, is one of those things we would really like to do.




What about you guys? Does summer make you feel horny as fuck too?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.

Porn for couples

We believe we share a lot in this blog. We talk about our sexual adventures, desires and fetishes, we share hot images we find online and also some of our favourite porn.

But we don’t post videos that often. One of reasons is because we usually share some professional/studio porn and we believe that those actors, directors, crew, etc, should be rewarded by their work and people should pay to watch those videos.

Now… does that mean we don’t watch “Free Gay Porn“? We absolutely do! Because there’s an awesome world out there of “home-made” or “amateur” gay porn, or however you wanna call it, that make us horny as fuck.

And, you know, sometimes laying in bed with the computer open and watching these videos can spice up our evening just as good as having a third guy in our bed.

Sharing the videos we watch on these websites might become a recurrent type of post in this blog now that we think about it… Well, we will see it later. But for now let us share the latest videos we saw!

1 – The definition of a pussy boy!

There are two big turn ons in this video: a total submissive guy and a fucking hot tattooed man. Makes you wanna wish that was your ass!


2) Real life couple

This video is totally the opposite of a normal porn video. You can’t see a dick, an ass or whatever. But you hear them and see their expressions while they fuck. Hot!


3) Normal people having normal sex

Sometimes it’s great just to watch something with “real” bodies. It’s tricky to express it like this because nowadays most of guys have muscular fit bodies that do not fall behind porn stars. But it’s good to see guys fucking who are not the typical gym-rat. They’re hot anyway!

Dudes, if you’re reading this and have an xtube channels with your hot videos drop us a mail at Let us have fun watching you 😉


Peter & Rob


So here we are with the final post about our last foursome. As we wrote before, this foursome was quite unique as it included a couple with feet fetish and because I was restrained (tied) and kind of became a slave to the three guys.

But the best part was the one… Not going to make much suspense because you already got it from the title of this post: BUKAKE! I had my first bukake! Yes, Rob and the other guys came all over my face, one by one, rubbing and spreading their spunk with their cocks.

Bukake was a fantasy stuck in my head for a long time. But once what was stuck in my all over my head was the cum of Rob and the other two guys, I was a happy slut with a fulfilled fantasy. Just one problem though: I liked it so much that now I want more!

One thing about bukake is that might be hard to keep your eyes open… it’s a pity because I love to see so many cocks right in front of my face.
It looks like he’s not satisfied yet…
Oh boy, I remember smiling at the end of my bukake too…
Lucky boy, so many big dicks full of juice.
That feeling of having cum dripping down your face… and still more to cum!
One eye is still open, not bad!
“Now who’s gonna kiss me?”
That’s his playground. Such a happy slutty face!
Not sure how it feels to have all the guys coming at the same time, but what I enjoyed the most in our bukake was seeing the guys taking their time and coming one by one.
Rob, let’s repeat any time soon? Please!?
The bukake felt even better following the way they treated me during sex before: restraining and blinding me, making me submissive, etc.
They didn’t aim to my mouth, and I honestly prefer to feel the warm cum on my face, but this is also hot!
Tongues out? Damn, gonna do this in our next bukake. Guess the guys will love it.
Having a bukake with black guys? Love the idea. Except that Rob must be there too!
I wish I could have seen myself covered in cum. Gotta have the phone close by next time!

And that’s it guys and girls. Hope very soon we have new sexual adventures to tell you about. Wouldn’t mind writing about bukake again soon 😉

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


As I wrote in the previous post, there’s a lot to tell about our last foursome. Here’s the second post about that sexual encounter and how I turned out to become submissive to Rob and the other two guys.

So basically Rob was the one chatting with the other couple on Grindr. He showed me their pictures, told me they were visiting and asked if I wanted to meet them the next night at their hotel. I said “ok”. Of course, I said ok!

When we got to their hotel I was pleased to find them both quite attractive. They were a bit younger than us, in their late 20’s I guess, both pretty and different from each other. One of them had dark short hair and pale skin, the other one was more latino with big hair and beard. Both hot!

We like to chat a bit before starting the party but, as usual, the conversation lasted more than it should because no one wants to give the first step. This time it was one of the guys who suddenly turned off the lights and we all got the hint and started to kiss. It was funny that while Rob and the short hair guy spent some time kissing, me and the long hair guy were naked and sucking each other off in just a minute.

Anyway, it all went really sexy and horny and maybe after 20 minutes or so both guys start being a bit more “rough” on me. Grabbing my hands behind my head while fucking my mouth, hitting my face with their hard dicks (oh man, the short hair guy had a fucking huge dick!), and looking at me with a very intense expression. They had a feet fetish and would lick and suck my feet from time to time. It always tickled and I would pull my feet away but they would grab my ankles and hold me still.

A couple more minutes and I see one of them bringing a restraint and placing it on my feet… It was then that I looked at Rob and realised what was going on: Rob planned this with them! He knows about my submissive fantasies and he always said he wanted to see me being submissive to other guys. So he made it come true and, smartly, didn’t tell me.

I will let your imagination tell you the details what happened next. But let me just say that at some point later I also had my eyes blinded and my hands tied with a rope. And this foursome also had a perfect ending, but that I will tell you in the next post!

Not sure I looked as sexy as this guy, but I felt really sexy in a slutty way.
I was so excited to be a “toy” for these three hot guys to play with.
They didn’t “put” me in this position, but maybe next time… It’s up to you, Rob!
“I’m a slave for you…”, suddenly Britney Spears came to my mind…
Sexy, man…
I can’t see you, but my hole can feel your thick cock!
My cock was hard as a rock all time!
Later Rob told me the guys bought the restraint specially for our foursome… so sweet. Hope they keep using it and making other guys happy!
Another thing that made me horny was to know that Rob was watching me like this.
We all know how a blowjob feels much better when we’re blindfolded, right?
This was me! Tasting dick without seeing them. So hot.
I kind of like the idea of having something like that in my mouth… but I prefer to keep it free to suck!
Oh man, feels so good to be fucked like this!
The restraint they put on my feet was sexy but the rope they used to tie my hands… way more erotic!
Handcuffs is also sexy. Want to arrest me, sir? I’ve been a bad boy…
I want to be restrained like this!
Or restrained like this… sexy position.
And next time I wanna be using my jockstraps!

How do you guys feel about being restrained? Ever tried it? And what about having your boyfriend restrained and “used” by you and other guys?

In case you feel like trying it after reading this post, and if you don’t have the restraints yet, get this cool one from Forttroff.


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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Guys (and girls and all in between), we haven’t been having many sexual adventures lately but we had a foursome about 3 weeks ago that deserves to be told! It’s too much to talk about in only one post so I will write at least 3 about it. The first one is about feet fetish!

It’s not “our thing” to be honest. I have licked and sucked Rob’s feet before, but none of us is finds feed a sexy part of a man’s body. Anyway, Rob engaged in a conversation with this other couple on Grindr who had a nice feet picture as their profile pic. That picture basically depicted their feet fetish.

Looking at this gif, I’d be horny if the guy told me to suck his feet while he jerked…
But honestly, while I think these feet are nice, I’d much rather focus m attention in his ass!
This is one of the asian guys from last post! Hot dude!
Oh… it tickles!!! (sweet, sweet image though)

After a couple of days chatting with them, Rob asked me if I wanted to go to their hotel (they were in town for work). We decided to go but I was a bit unsure because of this fetish… Would they be waiting for us to lick or suck their feet? Would they to that to my feet? Uuurgh, I don’t feel very comfortable with people touching my feet. Also I don’t think my feet are very beautiful…

I will tell you more about this foursome in other posts, but to the point of this post: it was actually nice to have some feet play with that couple!

Because we got some footjobs and it felt good! Maybe the guys were skilled with the way they use their feet. I’m not sure I can use my feet so gracious…

I actually remember doing this to Rob… in a bathtub. Anyway, I don’t think I’m very skilled with my feet…
And sure, I touch Rob’s cock with my feet a lot when we’re kissing in this position!

One of the guys licked my feet a lot! It tickled too much, so I can’t really tell I enjoyed it. But I laughed! The best part was that I was actually tied, so couldn’t take my feet away… (but about that I’ll tell you in another post!)

I get it if licking feet is associated with a form of submission… that’s hot!

They also sucked my feet and I got to suck theirs. I prefer to have my feet sucked because it doesn’t tickle. But to be honest, also doesn’t feel good. Or bad. Guess it’s not about how it physically, but mentally. Have to agree the image is hot!

Man, next time maybe they can suck my feet with their cock inside me?!
Really, put your dick inside of me and you can suck whatever you want.
Again, it’s hot as a form of submission.
“Suck my feet, bitch!”
Dude, you can do whatever you want to my feet! Or to any part of my body!
That’s a good pedicure…
Submission… fuck I want to be him!

In the end nobody came to nobody’s feet… it was much better! But that, I’ll tell you in another post 😉

Wanna lick my feet now?

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


Every month we are getting more and more emails from readers. And we love it! Many times it’s just someone saying that they’ve seen this blog and like it, other times people write long texts sharing their fantasies, some guys ask for sexual or relationship advices (specially other couples), and many people ask names of some of the guys that appear in this blog.

After nearly two months absence we’re taking some time to get back to all of them. But, hey, if you sent us an email we will get back to you! Be patient, please 🙂

One of the emails we got recently was from a reader who shared his love for boxers, more specifically for seeing a hard dick inside boxers. He even sent us a pic of his morning wood coming out in the open area of the front of this boxers. Won’t share the image but I can guarantee you that it is a delicious dick!

Anyway, his email reminded me how amazingly erotic is to see a boner coming out from a guy’s boxers…

Like when the boner is evident but the dick is still inside the boxers… love sneak peeks! 




Or when the guy wears some lose boxers and his hard dicks comes out sideways




Of when there’s no front opening but the boner just comes out from the top…




And finally, my favourite, a big cock coming out from the opening of the boxers… 






Don’t you just wanna suck these dicks without taking out the underwear? I think it’s so erotic…

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.