For our first ebook “Horny Business: First Class Deal“, which was launched for Kindle yesterday, we got some kinky inspiration to spice up the sex scenes. We read a few (ok, quite a lot) of gay erotica ebooks before writing this one and have to confess that overall we missed some kinkiness. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of nice and horny gay erotica e-books out there with hot sex scenes. Many of them are written by women who make an incredible job at describing gay sex and gay love. But either you get a very specific story focused in one fetish which is deeply explored, or you get a nice love story with sex scenes that all become very similar and “normalised”.

Because this one was going to be written by two men, who are actually gay, we felt that we needed to add something in it that we don’t find in most books. In a certain way we are all defined by our kinks and fetishes and we all have quite a few. So we felt that these fetishes should also define our characters.

Plenty of sexual things happen in this ebook but we don’t want to reveal everything here. So let us just talk about a few of the kinky things that inspired us for “Horny Business”.

White briefs

“He pulled his pants down revealing a glorious hard-on underneath his tight white briefs. Damn, the image of his bulge spread along his hip line made my cock pulse!”

Plain and simple white briefs. Is there a sexier piece of underwear for men? Might not be super-kinky (in fact, nothing at all) but it’s definitely sexy!



Dirty underwear! 

“Without a word, I got up and began to dress. I was going to tease him a little more, so I put on my shirt first to let him keep looking at my ass, the piece of me that he didn’t have in this round of negotiation. When I grabbed my pants, he said, “Put your briefs on”.

My dirty briefs filled with both our spunk? Well… if that could give me some leverage in the next negotiation round, I was willing to do it.”

This is where we go from sexy to dirty and kinky!







And urinals…

“The first impression is key to achieve the level of trust that later will make it easier for the client to accept to pay a high and often exorbitant amount of money. For example, meeting your client for the first time while you’re holding your dick in a urinal is not a good way of getting his trust. But that’s exactly how this story starts…”

Most of the book takes place during a flight in the First Class deck. But the steamy part of the story actually starts in an urinal where our main character Jason has the pleasure to meet his client for the first time. 


What other type of stuff would like to read in a gay erotic book? Tell us, maybe you can inspire us for the next one 😉

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It’s fucking on! Our first gay erotic e-book “Horny Business: First Class Deal” is now available on Kindle!

We will be offering 5 ebooks (Amazon/Kindle only) to the first 5 readers of this blog who send an email to hornytwoguys@gmail.com with the subject “I want Horny Business” and include their email address.

Please feel free to add whatever you want in the body of the email, but make sure you get the subject right and that you include your kindle email address so we can gift it to you.

You can access the book page here to know more about it.


After reading it, please drop us a note in the comments here or write an email with your feedback!




Our first gay erotic e-book is finally ready and available for Kindle through Amazon store! I write “our” because even though I wrote it Rob helped a lot with revision and ideas and designed the cover.

Horny Business: First Class Deal” is a gay billionaire erotica novel  with around 15000 words and I don’t intend to win the Nobel with it (cheers to Bob Dylan, by the way!). This book is not about great literature but about giving readers an opportunity to sit down and have a nice moment with themselves.

The synopsis goes like this:

Jason is a gemstone trader about to close the business of a lifetime. What he doesn’t know is that he will have a tough negotiation during a first class flight with Amar, a sexy and dominant billionaire. How far is Jason willing to go to close this deal?
“Horny Business – First Class Deal” is a gay erotic novel that takes place in the first class of a long flight. It includes long steamy sex scenes – M/M and threesomes -, explicit language, underwear fetish, interracial sex, etc.

Inspiration for the main characters

The main characters are described in the book just enough to help the readers understand the type of men they are, but I don’t go much into detail because I think readers will like to imagine themselves how these guys look like. That’s one of the differences between gay erotica and gay porn, right?

Here are some of the pictures that helped me imagining the three main characters and some quotes from the book about their physical features. The images are just inspirational so they don’t exactly match with the characters descriptions.

Jason Smith: the gemstone dealer



Amar Said: the client

“The vision of him was glorious: he was sweating all over, his chest moving up and down following his breath, his cock still hard as a rock. A drip of cum was forming at the tip of his cock and getting ready to fall on the floor. I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I?”







Amar’s cock

“It was a gorgeous, thick, caramel, uncut dick that he was rubbing gently, covering and uncovering his big crown with the foreskin. Damn, being a cut guy I always felt attracted to uncut cocks. That was one of those monster cocks I used to see a lot in porn videos but very little in real life.”





Flight attendant Mike

“He was a blond twink with a lean body and pale smooth skin – not a single hair in that body! And without his uniform I could now confirm that he had the most amazing bubble butt!”



What do you guys (and girls!) think about it? Did I get good inspiration? You can check where this inspiration got us by getting the ebook here.

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This post is just to share our happiness for being about to put our backpacks on go travel for the next week. Sorry for the short text but we have to run to the airport. Good news is that my computer is going in my backpack this time, not for work but to finish revising the ebook which is almost finished. Maybe we also share some pics of our trip 😉

Have a nice week! We definitely will 🙂


gay_backpackers_2 gay_backpackers_3 gay_backpackers_4 gay_backpackers_5gay_backpackers_6 gay_backpackers_7 gay_backpackers_8 gay_backpackers_9 gay_backpackers_10 gay_backpackers_11gay_backpackers_12gay_backpackers_13gay_backpackers_14gay_backpackers_15gay_backpackers_17gay_backpackers_16

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


I know it’s a bit pretentious to give you tips on how to lick ass. It sounds like I know more about rimming than you. Well, truth is that there are two things I know how to do very well: how to suck dick and how to lick ass. At least I had quite a few guys saying that… including Rob, of course.

My favourite ass to lick is Rob’s hairy ass. But when we have threesomes I always love to lick the other guy’s ass before Rob fucks him. There’s something really horny about shoving my tongue up an ass where I know Rob’s dick is gonna get in next. That’s why I have experienced rimming many types of ass: hairy, smooth, tight, etc. My goal is always to get them really really horny and ready to open themselves to our cocks.

Rimming is not an exact science, okay? I’m sharing some personal tips on how to lick ass but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. I’m sure there are way more…. But I hope the following can be useful to you guys anyway! Here we go.

1) Use your tongue first! 

Does it sound stupid? Then let me explain. When you begin to lick a guy’s ass refrain from going there with your entire mouth. Use your tongue first, specially the tip of your tongue. Make it wet and press it against the anus or the surroundings of the anus where most of the nerves are. There’s where he gets most pleasure and you want to tease him the best way you can.  Slowly you start to lick with more tongue and then go full with your lips and mouths.

Right there, around the anus. This boy knows how to lick ass!
Delicious, isn’t it?
Start slow but then go wild!

2) Bury your face like your life depends on it. 

After the teasing part you can go full with your lips and mouth. But never stop licking, ok? You tongue will always be the key part of a good rimjob. And please, when you’re there BE THERE! Just shove your face in that ass and dig your tongue as much as you can.

Fuck, I want this mouth in my ass!

3) Your hipster beard can be really useful!

We all have beards now, right? Well, I technically don’t but I never shave with a razor – but with a machine –  so I always have a short beard that itches. And that’s the goal! Remember what I wrote in the previous point about always working out your tongue? Well, you can actually forget a tongue for a few moments while you rub your bearded chin on his asshole. Trust me, this trick works!

Hairy face for a hairy ass!
Damn, I want to rub my face there!

4) Him on top works out very well

Now some tips about positions… I love to have a guy sitting on my face and feel the weight of his ass on my face. That said, it can be hard to lick an ass properly like that. But if the guy is not sitting on your face but just with his ass on top of your mouth then it’s a really nice position to rim.

Work that tongue, dude!
This position is great but gives you neck pain after a while.
Amazing butt!
Sitting on your face is great but not the best to lick ass.
Much better like this!

5) The same with the bottom at the bottom

It’s also great if you stay on top to lick that ass. Probably the most common position for a rimjob is with the bottom lying with his ass up (I’m assuming the guy who get’s licked is the bottom, but we know that’s not necessarily true). This position is best if you’re about to fuck the guy next because then he’s already positioned for your cock.

He’s so gonna fuck that hole!
We should have more images of black guys in this website, don’t you agree? So fucking hot!
Love to lick a guy in this position!
Is the guy sucking his dick on the other side? Hot!

6) Spread those butt cheeks!

This should actually be tip number 1 of how to lick ass. It’s basic but we sometimes are too occupied rubbing our own dicks to remember this. You should always have your two hands free to grip his butt cheeks and spread them. When you do that his anus get’s stretched and he will have much more pleasure when he feels your wet tongue around it.

Shit, I need an ass to lick now!

7) Be creative

What does this mean? It can mean anything. Use blindfolds, toys, new positions, do it in different places, outdoors maybe. This tip can be applied to anything when it comes to sex and I didn’t want to leave it out of our tips on how to lick ass.

Surprise your man and lick his ass when he’s making dinner, for example.


8) Take your tongue beyond the anus

Last but not the least, when your rimming a guy’s ass remember that it’s not all about the anus. Sure that’s where he feels most pleasure and that’s where you want to dig your tongue to begin with. And I know that many of you don’t want to lick an hairy ass. But imagine you have a smooth ass to lick, why not licking the butt cheeks too? And, most important of all, his balls! Just lick straight from his balls to his anus. You love, I know. And he will love it too.

Wow, such a smooth ass!
See guys, it’s fun!

What about you guys? Want to share some tips on how to lick ass? I’d love to learn from you!

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Guys and gals, boys and girls, gentlemen and ladies… we are about to launch our first gay erotic ebook! It’s a novellete (bigger than a short story but not big enough for a novella) full of steamy erotic scenes. Quite explicite to be honest.

But more than just sex, it is telling the story of when Jordan, the main character, took a first class flight to close a millionaire deal but things quickly got out of control during the flight… or in other words, things got really horny up there!

Rob designed 3 different cover options for this eBook and we’re having difficulties choosing one. We don’t think that the cover needs to unveil a lot about the story or be very direct about the content of the book. But at the same time we don’t want to just have a random muscled body in the cover like most gay erotic ebooks do (man, most of them are so ugly!)

So, can you please help us making a decision by telling us which is your favourite cover? You can send a quick email to hornytwoguys@gmail.com or comment in this post.

If you’re a kindle user – first platform where we will launch – tell us that so maybe we can offer you the book later 🙂

Horny Business book cover 1
Cover A
Horny Business book cover 2
Cover B
Horny Business book cover 3
Cover C


Thank you! =D


Men kissing might just be the most powerful turn-on there will ever be. We love rough porn, gang bangs, glory holes and all that stuff that we post in this blog. But to be very honest, if there’s no men kissing then half of the fun is not there.

This relates closely to our real life sexual experiences. I remember that when we started opening our relation – meaning having other guys joining us in bed – we had this rule of no kissing. Of course we had fun the first three or four times even without kisses. But soon we figured out that both of us felt the desire to kiss the other guys we were with and we erased that rule.

And you know what? I found out that I love to jerk off watching other two men kissing. And more… I get really horny watching Rob kissing another guy!

It’s beyond just love. Two men kissing can be about passion too. Or chemistry. When we have sex with other guys we don’t feel love for them or not even passion. But when there’s chemistry the kisses are great and the sex is much better. What’s better than kissing the mouth of the guy who just sucked your dick, hum?

Men Kissing Gifs

men_kissing_1 men_kissing_2 men_kissing_3men_kissing_4 men_kissing_5 men_kissing_6 men_kissing_7men_kissing_8men_kissing_9men_kissing_10men_kissing_11men_kissing_12men_kissing_13men_kissing_14men_kissing_15men_kissing_16men_kissing_17men_kissing_19

What do you thing guys (and girls)? I know that some fetishes, like glory holes for example, require non-kissing. But don’t you think sex is much better with kisses? And do you get off watching other men kissing?

Share your thoughts via email or comment here. I know we don’t always have time to reply but be sure we read everything you write!

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We’ve been in orgies before. Well, once we were 5… Many times we were 4 but we consider that a foursome. Above 5 we think it’s ok to call it an orgy. But not enough to say it was a gay orgy party. A party requires more men than you can count, maybe music, drinks, etc.

To be honest, I have no idea on how to go to a gay orgy party. We’ve never been invited to one, just some invitations through Grindr that didn’t sound that exciting. Where and how to these parties happen? Are they real or just gay porn fantasy? Should we just stop waiting and just organise our own gay orgy party? Maybe that’s not a bad idea. But would need to find a venue first, don’t wanna have to clean all the mess in the end.

Gay Orgy Party Pictures

Can count at least 7 in this picture. So yes, it’s a gay orgy party!
Damn, was “tattoo” the dress code for this party?
I’d so be licking the ass of this guy if I was there!
This was a stand up gay orgy party!
Can I be one of those guys laying on the floor, please?
Seems such a well organised gay orgy party… hope things get a bit more messy later on.
Would love to take Rob to a gay orgy party and get a bunch of guys to dedicate our attention all to him.
Look how they close their eyes… delicious, right boys?
Oh, those crazy summer parties… where are they?!
No hole is to be left unfilled!
Fuck, no small dicks in this orgy!
Would love to go to a swimming pool orgy!
This is amazing! I could do this, I cum a lot!
See that guy getting a cumshot in his mouth? I would be that guy in a gay orgy party!
I also like these gangbang parties that we see in gay porn. Guess they need a lot of actors to participate, right? Where can I apply?
A party in the shower? Sounds like a great idea. At least it would be easier to clean.
A gay orgy picnic? Adorable!
I’d lick them all!
Yeah! This is what I’m talking about. A real gay orgy party and I imagine it to be!
Oh those vintage swimming pool days…
This staircase is perfect for this! I love it.

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Nipple play is by far one of the best ways to get me started. Rob knows that very well so whenever he wants some fun he just needs to bring his fingers – or his mouth – to my nipples and get an instant boner.

But for me nipple play is much more than just getting my nipples pinched or sucked. I also love to play with another guy’s nipples, feel them hard in my fingertips or biting and licking them.

And there are so many wonderful things you can do with yours – or another guy’s – nipples…

Self Nipple play

Exactly. Who hasn’t touched his own nipples while masturbating, hum? Well, I know there are some guys out there who are not sensitive – sorry for you, man – but everyone else has done it, I’m sure!

You don’t even need to point… I know where to put my mouth.
Pinch… pinch… pinch…
Nice hairy chest!


Nipple Play as foreplay

Well… is it still foreplay once you get to pinch the other guy’s nipples? I guess it depends on what else it’s going. But let’s assume dicks haven’t been rubbed, sucked or whatever yet. Then yes, nipple play is foreplay.

Pushing the right buttons.
Damn, love a good hairy chest being framed by an open shirt.
Just friends foolin’ around…
Handcuffs… naughty! (oh, and such nice nipples!)
Fucking hot!


Nipple play as an add-on to something else

Like for example…

When you pinch his nipples while he jerks off.
When you play with his nipple while he cums and during the aftermath.
When he’s just in the right position to be fucked and you just need to tease him a little more.
When you kiss.

And, of course, the classic nipple suck! 

I can’t imagine sex without some nipple sucking. Unless it’s a situation that requires that not to happen – for example, a glory hole where the nipples are out of reach – I can’t stop myself from nibbling and sucking on a guy’s nipples. Much less on Rob’s nipples… they are amazing. Really!

Man.. the feeling of two guys sucking both your nipples at the same time it’s just amazing!
Cumming at the same time you have your nipples sucked is just PERFECT!
Who doesn’t enjoy to suck on daddy’s nipples?
You can bite… just be careful!
Damn, he’s hungry!
Love this position.


PS: while writing this post I remembered to check on any nice toys to enhance nipple play. And found out these Nip Tuggers on Fort Troff…. Fuck! Will order now. Can’t wait to see how it feels and to see how I would look with my nipples pierced. Oh, and Rob is gonna be so hot with them on!


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Glory hole sluts are those guys who, on a saturday or sunday, decide to spend their day on their knees by a glory hole waiting for countless cocks to pop out and then suck them dry. I could very well be one of these glory hole sluts.

Well, we only had one glory hole experience, and it wasn’t like I got there on my knees the entire day. But it was amazing and since then I watch glory hole porn movies often and they get me excited as hell. I never imagine myself in the place of the guy who sticks his dick inside the glory hole, but rather in the place of one of those glory hole sluts who welcome their dicks in their mouth.

So, even though I cannot consider myself a glory hole slut, because willing is not enough and one needs the experience too, I’m glad to enumerate some of the qualities of glory hole sluts that I believe I could strongly possess (just tell me where there’s a fucking glory hole place near our house):

1) Glory hole sluts wait patiently

And so would I! If you tell me to sit and a nice cock will pop-out I will sit there waiting for as long as it takes…

He even got a nice chair to sit and wait.
I guess this hungry guy is willing to give more than his mouth in these glory holes…

2) Glory hole sluts know how to hold a dick

I’m the master of holding dicks! Actually, I’m good at anything that has to do it dicks…

Hungry boy…
Damn, that’s a nice dick!
Those boots were made for staying and sucking.


3) Glory hole sluts know how to tease

Just ask Rob how good I am at teasing him…

Hmmm…. I love to lick a cock head like this!
Oh boy, you better open that mouth really well!
Nice cock head sucking.
Not sure where he’s looking at, but it’s such a tease!


4) But glory hole sluts also know how to keep their mouthes full! 

And I can do much better than any of these following guys…

You can go deeper, boy. Let your nose hit the wall!
Nice image!

5) And glory hole sluts know how to take it all the way… 

Talking about it, I didn’t have my daily dose of cum today. Rob, where are you?!

Slutty! Delicious too.
A glory hole slut is always happy to give you some relief after a hard day at work.


6) Some glory hole sluts actually need more than one cock to be satisfied

Even though Rob’s cock is more than enough for me, I never say no to another one joining in.

Let me start with the smallest one first…
Blowjob, handjob. And his father still complains he ain’t got a job!


7) Other glory hole sluts like to have company on their side of the wall too

I’m all in for getting my head pushed by one guy while I suck another!

I envy him…
Lucky boy!
And lucky man!

8) And finally, some some glory hole sluts the more the better!

This is kind of my dream, actually…

I like how he pretends to be shocked… 😉
Why so bored? Jesus… get out of there and let me replace you!

Should we just move to some city with a nice glory hole place so that I could spend my weekends there? I really think I could make many guys happy!

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