Guys and girls, we’re alive! After more than a month without posting, replying to emails and even, believe it or not, watching any porn, we are back. We have been moving apartment, travelling and also having sex. Well, it was just a foursome actually, but one that we will have to write about! Soon, we promise.

Today we want to show some sexy asian guys and comment on them. Did you know that the asian population account for 60% of the world’s total population? Well, I just googled it and will trust wikipedia on this. But when we’re scrolling down our twitter feed or tumblr dashboard, how many hot asian men do we see? I’d guess not even 10%. And we follow a lot of different people with different tastes on men.

We’re not judging if that’s right or wrong. It doesn’t even make sense to judge it like that. What we want to say: why so few pictures of sexy asian guys when there are so many hot asian dudes out there?! WE WANT MORE!

Here’s a sexy asian couple we wouldn’t mind having a foursome with!
Handsome guy! Would love to get down on my knees and set that cock free.


Twin dicks!
Is it a thing to hear music on the toilet in Asia?
Tight underwear, so fucking sexy!
You know we prefer hairy butts… but this is smooth ass is so yummy!
Oh boy, tell us what’s the best place to surf in Asia!
Surfer butt!
Who wants to lick some asian pits? We do!
Damn, wanna roll those soft balls in my tongue…
Nice thick… legs…
Let me suck on those nipples… and on that cock!
“Now it’s time to wash that dick properly”.
Always found playing with Lego so exciting!
See what I mean about the need of more pictures of sexy asian guys? Don’t you guys wanna see more of this?

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Next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. Yup, we are moving. And moving means a lot of work! But also there’s some excitement about it. Though experience tell us that looking for a new apartment might be extremely exhausting, specially in a new city that we don’t know that well, it’s also awesome to look for the “perfect” apartment. And that’s the apartment where we feel that soon we can call home.

Two things are extremely important for us. First, the neighbourhood. We need to be able to step out and feel immediately good, to have nice shops, restaurants, coffee places and grocery stores around home. Second, the apartment itself. Sometimes we might feel like not going out at all, so we must feel really happy and comfortable inside.

Here are a few things that would make our next apartment perfect!

LIGHT! I like to see Rob’s naked body at the light of day. At least the living room and bedroom must have a lot of natural light.
Maybe with a good light in our bedroom we would take more pictures of ourselves to publish here 😉
Enough space. And that means not too small but also not too big. We like it cosy. See this guys, their bed cannot even fit in the bedroom straight. But they seem happy about it!
Creative furniture. Or creative whatever. We don’t like to feel like we live inside an IKEA catalogue page.
Wallpaper? Well, confess we hate this one. Just using the image because the guys are hot! haha
A large and comfortable sofa! Because there’s nothing better then taking a nap in the sofa. Or other things…
… like laying like this with Rob!
Carpets? We’re not big fans but these guys totally convinced us to get one!
A terrace? Well, at least a balcony.
A modern kitchen, or at least a well equipped one to see if we cook more at home.
A window in the bathroom. Then maybe we can show off a little bit to the neighbours.
A bathtub! Oh yes, please!
A shower right next to the bed? Only for kinky purposes.. but hell yeah!

Wish us luck, guys! We’ll keep you posted. And, who knows, show you our new home as soon as we move in!

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Hello everyone! Here is a post with 13 days of delay… it was supposed to have been published on Valentines Day… But we’ve been away from due to circumstances that we could not control. I wish I could write that our valentines day was so wild that we took all this time to recover from it. But unfortunately that wouldn’t be true.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be a celebration of gay love. And you know what? Why the fuck leave that for Valentines day? Gay love should be celebrated any day! Maybe today, after Moonlight getting the Oscar for best movie, is a great day to say it loud: GAY LOVE is beautiful!

Don’t you agree?

Gay love is to spend the afternoon in the couch binge watching tv shows. (Not only Glee. But also Glee.)
Gay love to kiss your man’s body (until you can’t resist anymore and swallow his dick).
Gay love is to have in him your best pillow (and bite the pillow sometimes).
Gay love is this hug (and feeling his crouch touching your ass when he hugs you from behind).
Gay love is to touch your man while he sleeps (though that can be a bit creepy too).
Gay love is to give your man flowers. And then fuck him.
Gay love is to watch cartoons together (and probably have a third person in the room to snap a picture showing the perfect bubble butts you and your man have).
Gay love is to carry your man into a safe place (where you can finally get laid).
Gay love is to fall asleep together every night (after exhausting and steamy sex).
Gay love is to make him coffee every morning (right after giving him a good morning blowjob).
Gay love is when you laugh together (specially when you’re naked).
Gay love is to hold hands (or hold his hands against the bed).
Gay love is to take a walk by the sea (searching for a nice hidden spot between the rocks).
Gay love is to have a nice romantic dinner with red wine (because drunk sex is awesome!).

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Despite the pun in the title, we’re not showing you 50 different hairy chests in this post. That would be way too many. We just got 24 for you. But we promise each of them is hot as hell!

We prefer hairy guys as we’ve mentioned countless times here. Of course we won’t say not to hot smooth or shaved stud, specially if we have the opportunity to lick a nice hairless ass. But in general we are much more attracted by guys with body hair. So… “how much hair?”, you ask. Well, that depends. Too much hair can definitely be a turn-off for us. And some guys are better trimmed while other are hot exactly because they are all natural.

But then, it also depends on which part(s) of the body we are talking about. Pubes are one thing, hairy ass is another, etc. So let us starting to be more specific here. And today we talk a bit about the chest… the hairy chest! No place for shaved/smooth chests in this post (maybe in another one, who knows) but we will try to grade them from the less hairy chest to the most hairy chest. Hope the title makes more sense now!

1) That chest with some hair between the pectorals

Wanna know why I love this type of hairy chest so much? Easy: because Rob’s chest is like this. It looks really well in guys who have their chest just a little bit muscled. Don’t you think?

Also love that very few hair around his nipples.
C’mon, we’re not talking about this pubes. Take your eyes out of there!
Really like the kind of triangle his hairy chest forms. Oh, and his huge dick of course. Love it.

2) That hairy chest that’s followed by a smooth stomach

Hair trails are sexy. Not only the one leading to a guy’s cock area, but also the one between the chest and the stomach. That said, a guy with a well worked out chest and smooth belly can be so damn sexy!

Just see how the hair helps defining even more his chest. Doesn’t make you wanna suck his nipples?
Would love to pass my hand over his chest. And stomach. And dick.

3) That blond lightly hairy chest

Ok guys, I only have one example of this type of hairy chest for this post. But is it the best example of what?!

Fucking great gif!


4) That hairy guy with naturally hairy chest

Those guys who are hairy but not excessively so they just to all natural. And natural is good 😉

Damn, those pits!
A big fat cock goes very well with hairy guys (it goes well with any type of guy, actually!)
Handsome body. I know this post is about hairy chests but I cannot stop looking at this armpits.
Oh boy, those nipples!
Nice beard, man!
Funny how the hair on his chest covers his tattoo. Most of the guys with tattoos shave.
Pity that we won’t be able to see your hot chest when we fuck you in that position…


5) That guy who likes to be hairy but smartly trims 

We love hairy men but we’re all in for trimming too. Sometimes when it’s too much hair it is better to take care of it. These are good examples of that.

Still a sexy hairy hunk, right? Actually I cannot be 100% sure he’s not naturally like that, but guess that he trims his hairy chest.
Hey, sexy…


6) Those hairy guys 

Men who are proud of their hair! We are!

Fuck… isn’t this a gorgeous body?
Dude.. with that big dick I don’t care if you’re hairy, if you shave… anything goes with that!
If you look closely you will notice his nipple piercings… hot!


7) And finally, those really really hairy guys! 

They’re hot but we confess that it’s a problem when too much hair starts to get inside our mouths.

Not sure if I’d like to lick his nipples because of all the hair. But he’s damn hot!
Wet hairy chest! Love it.
Would need a closer look to check how hairy it is. From here looks like a pretty hairy chest. But really would like to have a much closer look.
Cannot write anything else other than… F U C K !


8) One more: that hairy chest in a white shirt

This is a completely different category and would even deserve a post of its own: guys with hairy chests and white shirts! Won’t write much more about it, I think the following image is pretty explanatory.


What about you guys? How’s your chest and which type do you prefer?

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Hey guys (and girls!),

I’m so excited with this post! First because it features my very favourite Colby Keller, but also because I could make this post thanks to a reader who told me about this amazing video. If you check our previous post you will see this picture of Colby getting rimmed in a amazing position. I had no idea of where that image came from (shame on me that I don’t know all of Colby Keller’s videos yet!) but a reader named Richard “Dick” Brown commented with a hint that the guy licking his ass was Paul Wagner. Just a quick search and I found this great video on

And, oh man…so happy to watch this!

Last Call – Part 2 – Colby Keller and Paul Wagner




I’m usually not into super muscled guys but Colby Keller is an exception for that… gotta love that muscled big body! Makes me wish I could feel all of his weight on top of me.




Damn… guys, really, look at that body! Isn’t it perfect?


So envy of Paul Wagner when I watch this video… wish that was me rimming Colby’s ass!


Click here if you want to see the full video at Enjoy it as much as I did! 😉

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Hello beloved kinky-horny-pervert readers of this wonderful NSFW blog. Today we’re going to talk about rimjobs (or rim jobs, or rim-jobs, have no clue how to write this properly). Because who doesn’t love to lick a sweet ass before sticking your cock inside of it? Those who don’t love this will probably be the ones who pretty much enjoy the feeling or a wet warm tongue playing around their horny hole. So everyone loves a good rimjob!

Now, my favourite way to lick ass – but also to be licked – is with the bottom laying on his chest, legs and ass wide open, his waist slightly lifted (let’s assume the person who gets licked is the bottom, even though that’s totally inaccurate as many tops also like to get rimmed).

And let’s be honest here, this is how most of the times we do rimjobs, isn’t that right? Butt… let me tell you one thing: having the bottom on top when you’re rimming/getting rimmed is amazing! And there are so many ways you can actually do it! To give you some examples, I divided the next examples into different areas: hallway, living room, bedroom and wherever. Hope it inspires you to try rimming with the bottom on top!

1)  Hallway

“Why the fuck are you starting with the hallway?”, you ask. Well, let’s simply say that the hallway here is just a reference for any place where there’s no comfy couch or bed to fuck on. It might really be the hallway when you’re so desperate to have sex that you can’t even wait to move to another room, or might be any other place just because you have no other option.

This is the type of place where actually it’s much better for the bottom to be on top, meaning that he should be standing while the other guy gets on his knees and reaches with his tongue in between his buttocks. Easy and tasty, hun?

This positions allows the bottom to stroke his own dick while feeling the pleasures of a warm tongue in is ass.
Or place your hand on the wall (for support) and reach to his head with the other hand. You know, to push it further into your ass!
Who says hallways also says porches…
Damn, with that long cock he better moist that hole before fucking it!

2)  Sofa

When it comes to sex, the advantages of a sofa compared to a bed are obviously in the fact that it’s easy to take advantage of different parts of the sofa, like the back and the arms, in a comfortable way. So it’s kind of the perfect place to be when the bottoms want to be on top!

Just check how Levi Karter uses the back of the sofa to open up his ass and sit on that face! Delicious for sure.

More on Levi Karter here.

Perfect position if your sofa is agains the wall. You get rimmed and jerked at the same time. Ready to cum?
The top on the floor and bottom on top using the sofa as his support. Nice for the bottom to control how deep he wants that tongue up his ass!
Oh yeah, shove his face against you ass! Fucking amazing!
Now if you want it licked nice and slowly, let your top relax on the couch and just sit like this on top of him.

3)  Bed

The bed is by nature the sacred place of sex. Good whether for bottoms on the bottom or bottoms on top. It’s comfy and big enough (well, most of times) for whatever you want to do.

Great position for the guy who rims. He gets to lay comfortable while you sit your ass on his face.
Best way to wake up your man?
Beds agains windows… oh yeah! Nice way to use the bed!
Classic rimjob position. And a great one!
Squatting over your man’s face is one of the best ways for the bottom to stay on top. Gotta workout those legs though if you want to enjoy it for a while.
I like this one. Standing on the side, with one foot over his chest. Hot!


4)  Wherever!

Bottoms on top where? Wherever! Use your imagination. Not only to get a nice rimjob done, but for everything sex related.

Nice example of a creative use of stairs! He seems to be really comfortable while getting his ass licked.
Chairs are for sitting… on his face!
Forget the sofa, let’s do it on the floor!
Carpeted floors are such an invitation to have sex there. Spread those buttcheeks!
Have no clue where this is taking place but… it’s fucking Colby Keller and it’s and AWESOME RIMJOB position!

(more on Colby Keller here)

Pretty sure you guys have tried most of this positions whether to rim or get rimmed. But anyway, hopeful there is something new here for you to try later! 🙂

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Cities covered with snow are beautiful, spending a day naked by the fireplace drinking wine with your man is lovely. But let’s face it: it’s hell to walk on the icy sidewalks and most of us don’t have a fireplace. Winter has it’s charms but we all can’t wait for those warmer sunshine days to be here. So while spring doesn’t awake from her beauty sleep, here are some kinky tips on how to keep warm this winter while enjoying the outdoors (and the beautiful snow).

1. Wear tight white briefs.

They will keep your dick warm and cozy. And they match the snow in the background. You can’t see how this will keep you warm? Well, I can’t either. But while you may be freezing all your friends will think you’re hot!


2. Eat ice cream.

This actually makes some sense. While it feels good to drink and eat hot stuff to feel warm, ice creams taste wonderfully in winter and keep your inner temperature more balanced with the outside temperature. This results in making you feel better.


3. Have a threesome.

While you don’t really believe that the previous points can help you, this third one you know exactly how it will keep you warm! Well, it works. Trust us on this one. We’re experts.


4. Wear good boots.

Specially when walking in the snow, keeping your feet warm is extremely important. This guy is a good example. Actually, he seems we only care about his feet. Wish more guys would follow his example. We’d leave the house much more often in winter.


5. Be hot.

Be like them. They’re hot so they don’t seem to mind the cold. Wonder if one of them is willing to come here and warm us up a little bit… We might even need both.



6. Work hard with a shovel.

Don’t let anyone do this job for you. It will keep you warm and grow some nice biceps.


7. Go for a walk.

Go out! Walk, enjoy the beauty of winter. Leave your pants at home please.


8. Jacuzzi!

A classic, right? Don’t have a jacuzzi at home? Well, find someone who has one on Grindr. I’m sure he would enjoy some company.


9. Keep your head warm.

For example, by letting your hair grow. Look at him, it seems to be enough to keep him warm.


10. Keep the blood flowing.

You know how to keep the blood flowing, right? Just go through our blog and that should help!



11. Go have fun in the snow with your friends.

Take pictures like this. It’s fun. Don’t forget to send us afterwards (to


12. Have sex in the snow.!

Have we tried it? Are we telling that having sex in the snow will keep you warm based in our own experience? Well… no. We never tried it and I’m not quite sure we ever will. But hey, these two seem to be doing quiet ok!




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Whether today you feel a bit down because of:

a) hungover (maybe you should have stopped drinking when you first said you would, right?)

b) lunch with the family and that family member who always says unpleasant things (specially now with all these miserable politics going on)

c) you’re already thinking that you have to go to work tomorrow

d) you actually work on Sundays.

Whatever the reason might me, remember… besides all the crap going on the world is still a nice place. Even because it might be the only place where we can actually breath. So cheer up! To help you, we bring some nice pictures of puppies today. And bulges.

Smart puppy!
Puppies and jockstraps… what a lovely Sunday!
Grab’em by the bulge!
I’m not sure I could fall asleep with my head that close to his dick…
Sweet 🙂

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!

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Please not the preposition. It’s not cum in my ass. That’s right. What I’m asking here is for you to point your heavy cock to my butt and cum to my ass. Don’t get me wrong, I love when Rob cums inside of me, to feel his throbbing cock in my tight ass while he bursts all his semen (Rob was the only guy to cum inside me so far, not that I dislike the idea of being a cum dump for others, but you know, I like to play safe).

But what’s really turns me on is to feel a warm load of cum hitting straight on the outside of my ass. To feel it dripping around my hole. When I watch gay porn this is the part I’m waiting for to release myself.

So… if we ever get the pleasure to meet, now you know where to point your guns at.

Damn, can only think that if that was Rob’s cum I would love to lick it! 
That dick how to hit the target!
Missed the target but that jizz sits well on those hairy buttocks!
See what I mean when I say I wanna feel it dripping?
Oh yeah baby, cum to my ass and then rub that dick and spread it all over.
See boys, that’s why Yoga is good for you.
Fuck! Would love to be that ass!
Come to my ass, boys. The more the merrier! And…
… you’re welcome to come in after that!
Nice view!
Cum to my ass and don’t worry, boyfriend will clean it afterwards.
Nothing like a rounded hairy ass stained with jizz!
Damn… am I the only one thinking about going there and cleaning all that mess?

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I love to worship Rob’s armpits. And to be honest, I love to worship any hot (hairy!) armpit! And by worship I mean smell, sniff, lick, rub my face on them!

You don´t? Well, if not then I hope these next pics will change your mind about it!

Don’t we all want to be him with one guy licking his armpit and another sucking his nipple? Well, I wouldn’t mind but I I’d be happy being one of the other guys too.
I could spend hours licking those hairy armpits!
Beautiful blond hair.
Damn cute!
This pose is so “fake” but so sexy! Besides his armpit I also like his hair trail…
“Silence is a prayer”. So let me get down on my knees and pray in silence…
Fuck I wanna bury my nose there!
Same guy as previous picture… so hot!
Less hairy but fucking hot armpit! The nipple showing up only adds more sexiness here.
Not sure I want to lick his armpits or suck his dick first. But I definitely want both.
Amazing hairy body!
That could be me… Slurp!
Smells nice, huh?
Sweaty armpits… hot!
Let’s all worship his armpits before he wakes up!
Oh boy…
Trimmed armpit.. sexy enough!
He’s really begging for someone to go there and lick them.
Real blondie!
Don’t let his big cock distract you from his hairy armpits!

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