Raúl Castillo: the sexy hairy latino who plays sweet Richie on Looking.


Raúl Castillo is also straight 🙁

Sorry to bring it up like this, but I think it’s best to go straight to the point on this. Raúl Castillo is great at pretending he’s gay when he plays Richie on Looking, but that’s it. Girls, you got lucky on this. Boys, we’ll always have Russell Tovey.

Just a quick note: we haven’t watched the first episode of Looking’s 2nd season because I’m travelling this week and Rob and I want to watch it together. Because of Internet I already know that Raúl Castillo doesn’t appear and that Kevin bangs Patrick against a tree. But I don’t want to know more!

Being in bed with Raúl Castillo seems a funny thing to do 1
Being in bed with Raúl Castillo seems a funny thing to do 2

Raúl Castillo is the type of hairy latino guy that goes against most stereotypes of how a gay guy is (like, for example, shaven). Yeah, he’s straight – sorry for saying this twice in this post – but his character Richie is absolutely credible as a gay guy. And he’s so fucking sweet! Even though he’s sexy as hell, instead of wanting to bring him to bed to cum on that hairy chest, we want to bring him to bed to cuddle.

If you follow Raúl Castillo on Instagram you will have a very similar feeling towards him. I guess it’s because of his eyes, he has such a needy look that makes him adorable.

Adorable eyes.



Raúl Castillo with Looking creator Michael Lannan. Of course the guy behind the Tv show had to be sexy too!


Do you prefer a shaved or bearded Raúl Castillo ?


Raúl Castillo was born and raised in Texas and lives in NYC. Oh, and he’s also a play writer! So there’s much more to this guy than just being the sexy latino straight actor who pretends so well to be gay. Let’s keep an eye on Raúl Castillo and hope to hear and see much more in the future. Specially naked.


Can we buy you some coffee one of these days?
Meta selfie.


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