The combination of a scruffy beard with a wild hairy chest… so damn horny!

Two or three years ago the beard was an obvious trend. Now it’s no more, it’s already a thing! And I have to confess that I can’t remember if I used to enjoy looking at bearded men before all this hype. I’m pretty sure that, nowadays, social media plays a huge role in dictating these kind of trends and really has the power to change the way we see the world, including our taste in men (porn has been doing that for many years though). So we all now get our dick hard when a handsome bearded guy gets in front of us, even if he’s full clothed.

But I don’t like all types of beards… a guy who grooms his beard very well doesn’t really attract me. So let’s talk about the type of beard that makes me horny…

The Scruffy Beard!

I love when Rob allows his beard to grow for 2 to 3 weeks with minimum grooming – yes, because a minimum of care is always needed even for a scruffy beard. There’s something extremely manly in a scruffy beard. Like a statement of manhood and freedom: it’s the beard that shapes your face, not you who shape the beard. Something wild about it.

I think that it’s better to show you what I’m talking about instead of just writing about it.

A scruffy beard with a perfect face line – the minimum care I was talking about.
I confess this scruffy beard is a bit too much for me. Like I would totally have sex with him but not date him!
I like the combination of hairy face with hairy body, but seeing a smooth body matching a beautiful bearded face is also so horny!
He trims his body hair but lets his facial hair grow wild… We’re ok with that!
Bad boy look.
A blond scruffy beard… so damn hot! Specially with those pink lips.



Total summer look.
Do you have clear eyes and dark hair? Please let your beard grow! You’re going to look handsome like this guy.
Scruffy chest too.
I’m sure he would look as beautiful shaved, but there’s something in his beard that makes him so attractive.
Such a tease!
I can only think about that tongue in my ass… would that scruffy beard tickle?
Ok, I confess that right now I’m not looking at his face….
Love when a guy has more than one colour in his beard.
Winter looks.
This is a good example of how manly a scruffy beards makes you look like. Who doesn’t look at this pic and wishes to have this guy topping you?

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