What happens when Cockyboys put together one of the most “macho” tops and an unstoppable tireless power bottom? We get some amazing gay porn with Connor Maguire and Ricky Roman!

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If you ask me what’s the most important ingredient for a good gay porn video my answer is quite easy: ATTITUDE! Yeah, gay porn actors must be hot (and that can mean a lot of different things) and nice butts and big cocks are always a plus. But without some fucking horny attitude that’s nothing!

For example, let’s start with the way Ricky gives Connor a blowjob: he doesn’t just suck his dick, he grabs it and hits with it on his own tongue. This is his way of saying “I wanna your cock, I want it badly and want you to be rough!”.


Attitude should express your position (in terms of bottom/top). You may not agree with me on this, but I believe that defined sex roles help turning things more exciting (but I should explain my theory later in other post). Which does not mean that one has to be 100% top or bottom! Confused? For example, Connor Maguire never loses his “macho” top attitude even when it get’s his turn to suck Ricky Roman’s dick. Yeah, Connor is a good example of how a top guy can manage to give head without losing his dominant posture.

Connor Maguire playing with Ricky’s foreskin.




Butt… of course that the blowjob quickly turns into a rimjob…



 … and the rimjob into anal! These guys are perfect for each other: just notice the way Ricky grabs the tree and bends over to receive Connor’s cock up his ass!



And  the video keeps like that: Connor fucking Ricky, and they fuck, fuck, fuck… Usually I get easily bored with gay porn videos because of this repetition… but this one is different. Not only because they change positions a lot, but also because of… guess what: their attitude!

Not for a second this is just two bodies, one moving his hips and the other one being penetrated. No, it’s always more than that. Ricky’s always performing as a great power top asking for more and Connor’s always showing pleasure for fucking such a hot man hole.



Connor Maguire should be the star in some porn movie inspired by Hulk!



Love what Ricky does with his hand in this next scene.





Ricky Roman never gets tired!



Neither does Connor!



This is my favourite part! Rob, we gotta try this position!



Just two more notes on this video:

Cockyboys really get it right when they make outdoors porn; good lighting and sound work really make their videos much more exciting;

Ricky Roman cums while Connor Maguire is fucking him and this reminds me of when I’m fucking Rob (which doesn’t happen often) and his anus contracts while he’s coming … it feels so good!

And that’s it! Hope this video helps you all having a much better weekend 😉 We’ve already had some fun watching it…


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