It’s been a while since I told you about our sex adventures. Not that we’ve been having many threesomes lately, but we’ve had some. The last of them happened on Saturday night and that’s the one I’m gonna tell you about.

We were having dinner and I opened Grindr while we were waiting for the food. And this cute guy, who was very near, came to chat with us. We weren’t planning to have a threesome, but the guy was hot, so we asked “you wanna join us for a drink so that we can meet first?”. And his answer was “Honestly, no”. So as I asked him “so what’s your mind”. And he replied “unlocked door“.

I confess, I had no idea that he meant with that! And Rob thought he was trying to tell us that he was open to suggestions. But no, it wasn’t that. “Unlocked door” is basically a hot sex fantasy: you get naked inside your house/room and you leave the door unlocked so that your sex partner can come inside without knocking.

I immediately remembered this hot video from Cockyboys in which Anthony Romero turns this fantasy into reality by unlocking his door to Gabriel Clark.

Click the image to see the video of when Gabriel Clark entered the unlocked door of Anthony Romero.
Anthony Romero (what an ass!) waiting for Gabriel Clark to open the door. Click the image to see the video.
Gabriel Clark getting the taste of Anthony Romero’s ass! Click the image to see the video.



We weren’t horny before, but as soon as I realised what “unlocked door” meant I was on fire! The truth is that I get horny thinking about myself laying naked on the bed, with my ass up – just like Anthony Romero – and some guy (or maybe two) entering the room.

Here I was on the other side of the door, but it was a horny situation anyway. Both Rob and I love to turn other guy’s sex fantasies into reality, so we decided to go. We are not the kind of men who would play the “badass” guys that get into your room and talk dirty to you and all of that… but we’d figure out a way to adapt to his fantasy.

“Hey guys, I was waiting for you!”

After some stupid Grindr crashes and lost messages – why, oh why, Grindr?! – we got to his place. The apartment door was unlocked, just as the bedroom door.

Tip: if you’re doing this, make sure you know how to find your way once you’re inside the apartment. We had 3 or 4 doors that we could open there, the guy did not tell us which one was his bedroom!

But we were lucky and opened his bedroom door first. What followed was not the best threesome of our lives. But it wasn’t bad either.

Surprise, surprise! What a nice cock to play!

When you have these sex fantasies you imagine things in a certain way. But reality is never like that. I was expecting to find a horny guy inside the bedroom, with his ass up – just like Anthony Romero – waiting to be fucked. But instead we just had a guy under his sheets (!!!) who told us “hey guys!”. WTF! “Hey guys”? The guy who didn’t want to have a drink with us because he wanted “unlocked door” is saying hello?

Moving on, we undressed and joined him beneath the sheets. I quickly uncovered him to check his body and we had a nice surprise: this guy had a huge cock! Probably the biggest cock we’ve ever had before. Not bad, not bad.

We didn’t do any anal sex because no one had condoms. But I licked his nice shaved ass for a long time, everybody sucked everybody, there was lots of kissing, etc.

One of the best moments of this threesome was when Rob and I were both on each side of the guy and were licking his nipples and armpits. The guy was moaning with so much pleasure!
His butthole was delicious. We didn’t got to fuck it but our fingers and my tongue explored it well.
I suck you, you suck him.
It’s always good to get a dick in your mouth and a mouth in your dick.
We care, so we share. And we shared this boy’s mouth for a while.
I like to suck Rob while Rob kisses another guy. Or kiss Rob while the other guy sucks him. Or kiss the other guy while Rob suck me. Or… well, you know what I mean.
We did this. I and Rob relaxed and kissing while the guy sucked our cocks.
Those who read this blog know that this is something I love to do, to suck a cock with another guy. This guy’s cock was so big that I wish I would have shared it with Rob, but that didn’t happen. I got to suck Rob with the guy, though. Not for a long time, but we did it.


This how this threesome ended, with me and Rob cumming on his chest.

That was it! It’s always nice to help other guys making their sex fantasies come true. This threesome wasn’t great but that was because overall there was no chemistry between us and the guy. The fantasy was good, his cock and ass were great, so I guess it was a matter of chemistry.

Hope we have another chance to try this “unlocked door” thing again in a near future. Who knows, I’ll be the one inside the bedroom, waiting for Rob to come in with another guy! That would be awesome!

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