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today we have a request for you! Following the writing of “Horny Business: First Class Deal“, which gave us a lot of pleasure to write, we want to write more e-books. And you can help us making the next one even better.

We are still in a very premature phase of the book and don’t want to reveal a lot (because everything might change) but one thing is certain: the books revolves around the fetish for glory holes.

So how can you help? By sharing with us your real experiences with glory holes. We had only one experience so far, which we shared a bit here. We’d love to hear from you good or bad, exciting or boring, funny or dramatic experiences that you had in glory holes, either as the cock sucker or the other one. Just leave your comment here or write an email to

Hope to hear from you guys!





















Best Male Blogs

Posted by Peter.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


  1. Richard M.

    I went to an adult bookstore with an arcade in the back with a friend. He paid my way into it and we entered a booth together. The dude we saw go into the next booth wss fucking hot and hungry. He sucked us both and swallowed our loads. While he was sucking me, my friend rimmed me and then I fucked my friend while he got sucked! First and only experience with gh!

  2. Caleb

    I was visiting my parents, and staying much longer than usual. I was sleeping in their study which offered almost no privacy. After the first week there I woke up early one morning after having a really sexy dream that made me cum in my shorts. I hadn’t had a wet dream since I was 12! The room reeked of cum all morning, and I’m sure my parents had to know I’d jizzed in there. I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen again so I found an adult bookstore on the other side of town and drove over the next afternoon. This place had booths where you insert dollar bills into the machine and can pick between a bunch of different porn movies. Each side of the booth had a glory hole in the wall connecting it to the next booth. I was only in there a few moments before I noticed a finger poking through at me from the glory hole on the left side. I bent over and took a peek through the hole, and saw a guy’s mouth with his tongue licking his lips. I unzipped and pulled the front of my boxer briefs down. As I moved my cock close to the hole, the guy eagerly put a few fingers through the hole and guided my cock through the hole. His mouth was instantly on my cock and I felt warm and wet. He started working my cock with his mouth, and I grew hard in his mouth. When I was at full attention, he proceeded to take my full 7 1/2 inches all the way down to my balls. I slipped easily down his throat. I expected he would pull back and go back to a regular blow job, but he was a total pro. He kept my cock deep in his throat, and began doing something that felt like he was milking the head of my cock. The feeling was completely amazing. It was both intense and gentle at the same time. I remained in this guys throat for an eternity on the verge of cumming but never quiet going over the edge. I tested my face on the cool wall seperating us and let my eyes roll back in my head. When my orgasm finally arrived i shot with incredible force deep down his throat. He kept me buried in his throat until I went soft. I was completely spent and just dropped into the folding chair they had in the corner of the booth. I returned to the shop almost everyday that visit. He repeated the whole thing each time.
    The last day I went there he was not around. I waited as long as I could for him to show up, but he must have had other plans. I ended up settling for a mediocre blow job from a woman while the guy she was with fucked her from behind in the next booth.

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