As we’ve mentioned plenty of times, we prefer guys the natural way, i.e., hairy. But… that said, there is one particular area of the male body that we prefer, not necessarily to see, but to lick when it’s shaved: the testicles.

It’s a practical matter. We don’t mind feeling some hair in our tongue but licking shaved balls is much more pleasant and convenient. And yes, convenience is important because you don’t wanna stop servicing the guy because there’s a hair stuck in your teeth.

But let’s do this the way we usually do, with a nice summary of why we prefer shaved balls, supported by some hot pictures and gifs:

Shaved balls are more aesthetic

I mean, if they’re shaved then you can better perceive the shape of the nut sack, otherwise it’s just a bunch of hair.

Nice huge balls!
Such a rounded sack… yummi!
Gotta grab them by the shaved balls…
The skin around the testicles (aka scrotum) is so beautiful. Don’t you agree?
C’mon guys, how many of us aren’t thinking about licking his balls and gently go up until our tongue reaches his anus?
Thank you for taking your dick out of the way so we can all appreciate your hot shaved balls.
Which of your testicles is lower? Right or left?
If you shave your balls, there’s a bigger change they might accidentally slip out of your underwear… ups!


But shaved balls are even hotter if there’s some hair around

In some of the pictures above the guys have shaved more than their balls. That’s ok, even though we prefer hairy guys sometimes we like to lick some smooth skin too. But, if you shave your balls but have some hair around (ass, legs, pelvic area), then your shaved balls look even better. Why? Because then it’s obvious that you shaved your balls because you want them to be licked.

Love the hair coming from his ass and stopping at the balls. Also love the bearded guy there.
Bet his beard and moustache are tickling those balls!


Shaved balls are way better for licking

Of course some of you guys (and girls) will disagree and prefer to lick hairy balls. But let’s be honest, most of us prefer the other way around. We like our tongue to slide smoothly through that skin.

There’s no good blowjob without some balls getting licked.
After a bit of face-fucking he needed to let his bottom breath. And he can breath while licking his balls, right? Oxygen is important but it’s not time to take a rest. Not yet.
B e a u t i f u l
Damn hot!


And, finally, shaved balls are way easier to stuff inside your mouth!

I don’t like that other guys do this to me. But I love to suck Rob’s balls inside my mouth. Can only do it when they’re shaved though, otherwise it’s too much hair to handle with.

Can I lick his ass while you keep yourself busy with his balls?
Lick my balls and jerk me until I come!
So sexy!
Tea bag!
And what about when the guys wear cockrings? Have you experienced the effect on the balls? Well, I guess that needs another post.

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