Snowballing: the ultimate way to show love?

Snowballing, as a verb, is a word I only learned today. Maybe some of you who are reading this also ignore this term. So let me clarify: snowballing is basically cum swapping. It’s when one guy has cum in his mouth and kisses another guy passing the cum to him.

Snowballing has always excited me. You know when you’re watching gay porn and there’s a specific scene happening that makes  you have to cum right away? Cum swapping, or snowballing, always does that to me!

Now when it comes to real life and real sex… must confess that I only tried snowballing once. About 2 years ago we had a threesome with a really nice guy and we were both sucking Rob’s cock when he came. The guy is one of those who love to eat cum and I love Rob’s cum.  So naturally we ended up kissing with our mouths full of Rob’s juice. It was awesome!

Snowballing: just you and your man…

Eating cum is a very intimate thing. I just eat Rob’s cum. And we never did snowballing because Rob is not that crazy about cum… I confess I would love to do it with him, swapping both mine and his cum. But I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon…

Kinky but romantic, don’t you think?
This one is just kinky!
Licking cum out of his beard? Mmmmmm….
Snowballing can also be used as part of domination, master/slave, etc.
Give him all your cum…
… then get it back!
Let me get you clean, honey…
Wait before you swallow!

… or is snowballing better at 3? 

Maybe because we are a couple and we love to have threesomes or group sex, the idea of snowballing to me is more exciting if it involves Rob and another guy. Maybe because, as I wrote before, Rob doesn’t like cum that much. So snowballing with another guy, possibly using Rob’s cum, is a much more feasible possibility to happen again. And I really want it to happen!

Sharing some juicy dick? Then don’t forget to share the juice.
This is so fucking hot!
Fuck, I wanna do this!
He’s got enough for both of them!
Hungry boys.
My favourite gif of snowballing!

What about you, guys? Have you ever tried snowballing? How does it feel?

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  1. Kevin

    Liked seeing your “snow” pix. I’ll see if I have any in my vast collections to send to U .
    Another term U might not know is ” Feltching “. It is very Hott ! Simular to snowballing –
    difference being Cum is fetched out of Clean Hole. Person who’s hole is used must be
    thoroughly cleaned ! After it gets cummed into another person rims his hole and gets the
    Cum to trade back N forth in a deep passionate kiss ! Very Hott and rauncy !

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